ASR: At Least 4 Characters Left To Be Revealed

ASR: At Least 4 Characters Left To Be Revealed

Steve Lycett from Sumo Digital has just revealed over at the SSMB that there are at least 4 more characters left to be revealed in Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing with some being very old school. This means we could possibly be seeing more than the 20 character total listed on retailer websites product pages and this also 100% confirms Banjo-Kazooie, Avatar’s and Mii’s are excluded from this character count.

Steve also inform’s us that the now revealed Crazy Taxi character BD Joe is the reason why he visited AM3.

That Pirate Ship stage isn’t Skies of Arcadia, it’s our take on Monkey Target – mixed up with a whole heap of pirates from Monkey Ball 3.

I know you guys are super enthusiastic, but remember that we have constraints when making these games. 24 tracks are a HUGE undertaking, especially when you have to consider I also need to make versions for next-gen, Wii and DS. That’s really 72 tracks. Not to mention the optimised versions for splitscreen (so it’s nearly an extra two thirds on top of that again!).

As such, we do need to be careful we don’t stretch too far – so yep – we’ve got 3 Monkey Ball levels, but even then, they’re all based on different themes. It’s not easy making totally new designs even when you’re basing them on existing ideas


I guess now they’re out there – I can confirm that it was indeed BD Joe that we asked AM3 for! And yes, finally Ulala is officially confirmed, even if Nintendo Power and the ESRB kind of let the cat out of the bag. Plus believe me, on the ones that are still secret, there are some surprises still – some are definately old school fan pleasers – there are at least 4 characters that haven’t even been hinted at


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  1. Hope will see Ristar or Vectorman, and a GENESIS based stage.
    Hope will too, see future downloable characters, 20 VS almost 30 (mario kart) is a shame, even the tracks 20 VS 32 (mario kart) too, hope to see in future, more characters and more stages.

  2. mario kart had a lot of useless character like baby luigi and toadette.
    also the have only 16 new tracks and 16 old and here you have 24 new

  3. Ristar and Vectorman all the way…

    As for old school characters, besides Ristar and Vectorman, I would love to see Space Harrier.

  4. Ristar please!!!!!!! ….. wouldnt mind vectorman but how weird would he look with todays graphics? Actually i bet he would look awesome 🙂

  5. That little ship from Fantasy Zone, and a GENESIS stage would be awesome, complete with Phil Collins on vocals (lol I r funny)

  6. I know that NiGHTS can make it in ASR. There’s no way that she be out by Sega. I loved her since the original game from Saturn. I don’t mind Ristar as long as NiGHTS joins the race.

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