Super Sexy Sonic Top For Sale

Super Sexy Sonic Top For Sale

It’s not escaped my attention in the short amount of time I’ve been writing for the Stadium that we seem to have a lot of female readers. So it’s just for you I spied this awesome piece of custom Sonic clothing by way of UK:Resistance who I’m sure have no female readers.

The top is a one of a kind custom creation by Poppy who runs Poppy’s Wicked Garden on handmade trading website Etsy and can be yours for the sum of $36 plus postage. But because there’s only one if you like it I’d get buying it quick sharp.

If you’re not quick enough then don’t despair as Poppy has a load of other equally interesting custom clothes ranging from Star Wars, Tru Blood, Naruto, Harry Potter and everything in-between. There’s sure to be a unique piece of clothing to meet your geek needs.

Oh, and the alternative girl in the photo? Sorry boys, she’s just a model and there’s no indication that she’s a hardcore Sonic fan.

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  1. I saw a man’s version of that top a while back; if I had the cash, I would have bought it then and there!

  2. It’s mine! I was looking for a sonic top for women that’s actually nice, and this one is great. ^^

  3. lol, if it’s not too cheeky to ask can we expect a picture when it arrives? All in the name of journalism you understand, as a follow up piece ^_^ ?

  4. Of course, heh. Nah I don’t mind sending in a picture, but I don’t photograph very well, I warn you now.

  5. 0_0 woow! that’s one neat t-shirt.anyone know were i can find some sonic t shirts?^_^ that is a really cool sonic t shirt.

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