SEGA Pulls ASR Box Art. Could This Be This Weeks Special Anouncement?

SEGA Pulls ASR Box Art. Could This Be This Weeks Special Anouncement?

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Look’s liek someone over at SEGA clicked the submit button early. The above box art’s we just reported about SEGA posting on their website have now been PULLED from their website.

Could the boxarts and confirmation of Banjo & Kazooie in the Xbox 360 version be the special announcement due this week that Steve Lycett of Sumo Digital was talking about?

We’ll keep you up to date when we know more on this story.

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  1. It might just be a regional thing, Shad–the box art links appear to still work just fine here in the States.

    Do I expect that to last long? Prolly not.


  2. @Tristan
    It’s not a regional thing, SEGA’s site doesn’t work like that. You can change the region of the site by changing the flag at the top right of every page on the site. The box art isn’t there on any region of the site.

  3. Stupid sticker on the Xbox case. This is not a family game. If my mom or dad try to play this game (when they visit), I will slap the controller from their hands and say “Sega fans only!”

  4. Apologies–I need to clarify. The direct links I have that are still on Sega’s servers work. Are they off plain public view by now? Yeah.

  5. @Barry the Nomad: Yeah I hate that they try to keep things family friendly all the time. They won’t even let you use without an adult account. I mean com’on! Every teenager at my school has at least used Twitter, Facebook, and once! And unless Microsoft hasn’t noticed some of us are more advanced and capable of handling adult content like Bayonetta. Sheesh they need to lighten up!

    Anyways, I could accept this as the announcement of the week! I mean Banjo & Kazooie in a SEGA game? That’s announcment of the year!

  6. While I know some will moan about non-Sega characters being in a Sega game, it’s about time it happened! I was getting tired of Sega stars being the “special guest”.

  7. Um, why is Banjo-Kazooie on the front cover (and even in the title) of the Xbox 360 version, yet there’s no sign of console exclusive characters in the other versions? I’m a little worried here.

  8. @Barry:

    Indeed. However, I do wish they’d pull some special cards out of their hats and give us one of the following characters:

    Sketch Turner

    And shockingly enough, SEGA went with the classic Banjo & Kazooie designs? Someone pinch me… I must be dreaming.

  9. There goes SEGA again… intentionally leaking images or videos in the hope of sparking more interest..seems to be the standard with soon to be released Sonic games.

    *Every time someone says Sonic Adventure 2 was good, all Sonic players worldwide are disconnected from their online Smash Bros Brawl game*

  10. It’s not that I don’t like Banjoo being in the game but why is his name on the cover? It’s not like Nintendo had to add the words “Soild Snake and Sonic” to Smash Bros Brawl…

  11. Tristan: Interesting, if your direct links aren’t working either. Did your links show the same box art as the ones in our article above (sorry, haven’t been paying attention. XD)? If so, smells like cover up!

  12. Interesting. I can’t help but feel like either Sega has some extremely poor reigns on who has access to what and when, or that this is deliberate to lead fans around by their noses. Revealing box art early not once but TWICE?! I don’t know how I feel about that, especially if that was their “special announcement” this week. In any case, it’s a bit disconcerting to see that, if those box arts are accurate, that the 360 is the super-special edition with that extra in the title. Either Micro-Rare paid a lot of money for that kind of showcasing or there’s just nothing special about the other versions, maybe?

    Color me confused. Still waiting for you-know-who, though.

  13. I like that they keep things family friendly. I’ve been playing Sonic since I was 7 back in 1991. Now that I have a family of my own, I’d like to share the games I love with my kids without having to worry about useless violence and swearing. “Shadow the Hedgehog (game)” was kind of embarrassing.

  14. Thing is, this isn’t a total Sonic game, it could feature adult Sega characters like any AM2 babe or more violent types like MadWorld, but slapping a family label hinders what it could have been. Ryo won’t be cussing in this one, unfortunately.

    Remember, Sega ain’t Nintendo.

  15. No way in HELL, that Mario is going in ASR, I mean, he has Mario Kart, its like a Ferrari having a Porsche steering wheel.
    I hope either Ratchet ‘n’ Clank OR Sackboy are in the PS3 version, that would be amazing…Wii and DS could have…ummm KIRVY, Thats it, yeah Kirby….

  16. Oh hell no. Could we please make sure we cover all the SEGA CHARACTERS first?! If they want to place Banjo and Kazooie as a console special, ok fine whatever, but like, as a DLC, not pasted on the effing box. Dammit to hell.

  17. I’d rather have Jak & Daxter as PS3 exclusive racers. They have experience in racing games like Mario & Banjo do.

  18. PS3 should have Crash Bandicoot. Sure he’s not the playstation mascot anymore, but he would fit just fine, and he has racing experience like chaosmaster8753 likes.

    I want Mario for the Wii version. That would be Mario and Sonic’s 4th crossover. If you count all the DS versions it would be theie sixth and seventh crossover. Just another step closer to an adventure game.

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