More Sonic Classic Collection U.S. Details And Box Art

More Sonic Classic Collection U.S. Details And Box Art

Sonic Classic Collection U.S. Box ArtBox Art

SEGA of America have revealed more on the U.S. version of Sonic Classic Collection on the game’s product page including the U.S. box art which contains a very different background compared with the European artwork. Also on the website is the game’s ESRB rating of E for Everyone and the release date that has been updated from Spring, 2010 to March, 2010 which means the game will hit the U.S. the same month as Europe.

U.S. Press Release
U.S. product page

So, which box art do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. The second on seems more like the cover used for Sonic Mega Collection Plus. The first one has more of that retro look to it, so, I’d have to go with the first cover. Though if Sega wants to relate this to Mega Collection Plus as some sort of Sonic Collection series then the second one is just fine.

  2. I actually prefer the first one over the second. Just more colorful and inviting compared to the darker one. Plus I love the Green Hill background.

  3. Well, the top one, I like, ’cause it has the Green Hill background which gives it that nostalgia feel.

    However, the bottom one reminds me of Sonic Advance & the Mega Collection.

    All & all, I can’t wait for this to come out. I’m curious to know how these games will play on the DS…

  4. I like the first one…more color, looks brighter and such while the second reminds me of Mega Collection by a lot.

  5. remind me why they need different box art between regions in the first place . . . . . . . .

    (like U.S. better by the way)

  6. …And its kind of been bothering me after i read a particular forum… but why not just make some sort of port of Sonic Jam for DS? Not a direct emulation cuz im pretty sure thats not possible… but rework it and build it from the ground up so its basically the same content specifically tailored for DS hardware. Sonic Jam had stuff this collection more than likely wont even dream of having… besides the save feature for 1 and 2 (yea, SEGA, you trolled your own Game Info section: that wasn’t a first) but besides that: Sonic World (and the 50 billion things it offered)? Redesigned levels based on difficulty? Time attack for normal AND special stages? Game manuals? Custom settings like Sonic 1 spindash (they actually might do that… did it in the advance version)? But I mean im sure itd take some work… but an elaborate port that utilized DS hardware would go a long way for the fans… and newcomers. especially with a Sonic World variation… that would open up so many possibilities… Just my two cents during my late night rant (sorry for the double post)

  7. I think they should remove the “4 games in one thingy cuz it just makes it look like those real crappy games and instead they should talk about having all the genesis games in it.

  8. @ cubix: the thing with that is, this generation isn’t all that familiar with Genesis and the humble beginnings

  9. MegaRed: Lock-on is confirmed, so Sonic 2&K and Sonic 3&K is a certainty. Sonic CD on a DS; are you kidding me? 😛

    Anyway, I do like the US box art, but I can’t get over the garish colours. It’s like someone at SoA turned up the colour saturation to about 11. x_x I’m sure that’s just how the thumbnail’s come out on their site though. If Sonic’s as dull as the EU cover, then I’d say hands down the US box. But the colours… wargh.

  10. Why are they both different anyway?
    The U.S version is better though, its more colourful and has a Green Hill background.

  11. I like the US cover better. Why is Sonic a different shade of blue, though? EU cover gets points for using the right shade of blue on Sonic.

  12. Me, I like both boxarts. I’m glad we’re finally seeing them. 😀
    Since the DS games are not region-locked, I’ll probably be able to choose better later. I think I would go with the one with the Green Hill Zone on the back.

    I’m not too fond of Sonic’s artwork. It’s cool he’s coming out of a ring, and it has the SA-Style, but his hand looks weird. They could have drawn his finger fully lifted. Anyway, I’m just being picky.

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