Gamespot Want Your Questions For SEGA

Gamespot Want Your Questions For SEGA

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Gamespot have a nice treat lined up for SEGA fans this Christmas/New Year period as they are visiting SEGA HQ in Japan and interviewing some of their top developers about what they have planned for 2010.

Gamestop aren’t stopping there though, they want to get the fans involved so their asking for you to send in your questions to put to Sega’s head of consumer business and the developers of 4 of their biggest games they have lined up for 2010 with one of the developers being the producer for Sonic Unleashed namely Toshihiro Nagoshi.

Gamespots one rule is –
Remember: We want clear and intuitive questions that will translate well and give other readers an insight into the development process and the games.

The interview line-up is as follows –
Game: Yakuza 3
Platform: PlayStation 3
Developer Interview: Toshihiro Nagoshi

Game: Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll
Platform: Wii
Developer Interview: Yasuhito Baba

Game: Resonance of Fate
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Developer Interview: Tri-Ace Studios

Game: Valkyria Chronicles 2
Platform: PSP
Developer Interview: Sega

Sega head of consumer business: Naoya Tsurumi

Gamespot will also be having an exclusive chat with Naoya Tsurumi, former CEO of Sega America and now head of consumer business for the publisher.

No date is given as to when Gamespot will stop taking questions but they explain when some of the answers will be posted –
Make sure you check back here the week starting December 21 to see some of your questions answered. Finally, stay tuned for all the Sega coverage, including previews and video interviews launching on GameSpot on December 28!

So best to start sending your questions in now rather than later. Another piece of confusion is where do fans submit their questions? Well Gamespot forgot to mention that too so it’s to be assumed their to be posted in the comments section of the article so you’ll have to sign up on their website which is free to do.

Now what question should I submit? Hmm…

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  1. This isnt going to end well.*grabs telescope*I SEE NIGHTS FANS ON THE HORIZON.OMG THIS IS BAD.God I hope they put Nights in the SAR or GAME OVER MAN.WERE SCREWED D: RUN!!!!

  2. Yes, N!GHTS fans will overrun ASR with questions regarding N!GHTS involvement in the game

    The big winner will, naturally, be Project Needlemouse. There will be Tens of Millions of questions on that subject, to which SEGA will likely NOT respond to (Why might you ask, because in the past, every game they have hyped, has turned out to be poorly recieved, they don’t wanna take any chances, hopefully)

  3. If they dont want to answer Needlemouse questions, thats fine.. apart from ” where’s Shenmue 3 ” its the only question worth asking

    *Every time someone says Sonic Adventure 2 was good, all Sonic players worldwide are disconnected from their online Smash Bros Brawl game*

  4. I get the chance, I’m going to ask Sega if they plan on porting Sonic Adventure 2 to the iPhone/iPod Touch. That’s one game that I’m sure would sell even better than Sonic 1!

  5. Excuse me SEGA I have a sniper aiming for your heads and bombs placed at every SEGA headquarters.You will get out alive if you answer these questions about needlemouse project πŸ˜›

  6. I know that I’ll get shot for this, but I would ask them if there is any possibility of Sega teaming up with Konami to make a DDR game for Sonic. I think Sonic should deserve a DDR title, I mean hey look at Mario mix.

  7. *puts on helmet*
    And here come the physco-crazy fans wanting to know more of Project you-know-what. To the bomb shelter!!!

    But I would ask,

    Will they make a remake of SA1 and SA2?
    What characters can we look forward to seeing in the future?

  8. If questions are still taken in, here are mine ^^ :
    Dear SEGA, are you planning to continue Sonic games with book series? If so, what kind of literatures are you thinking of?

  9. 1ΒΊ- Will Sega return to console busineed? if so will Sega return alone or together with other company (ex: Microsoft, Sony, Ninentdo…?)

    2ΒΊ-Why does not Sega/SonicTeam make a DreamCast game collection for the Xbox360/Ps3 just like they made with the Mega Drive Collection? or just remake athe SONIC ADVENTURE series for those concoles?

    3ΒΊ-When are SONIC TEAM/SEGA planning ti show us (hardcore fans πŸ˜› ) some needlemouse screen shots πŸ˜› (In my opinion they are doing the right thing not to show us Needlemouse, if so they should starting (when almost complete) starting to make some trailer just like nintendo did with “new super mario bros” (I don’t like mario, his games suck, but this one is pretty good actually, so Project Needlemouse should be as AWSOME as hell, just like all SONIC GAMES IN HISTORY ARE πŸ˜€ AWSOME…

    thank you Sonic Stadium and thank you gamespot (k)

  10. i bet christmas day well get a present from sega like when brawl was coming sega told us on xmas day that sonic was in it well might get creens and a trailer on the 25th or some big news about sonic and sega all star

  11. If i ask question about the developement of a game it will probably be about Sonic Chronicles 2
    Bioware need a second chance to try to do a great sonic RPG game

  12. What I want to know is , why are SO many people on youtube thinking that SEGA will release the RingEdge/RingWide as a console. Its financially unviable to do so, because its alread a saturated market. And besides, if they were doing this, why in the name of all thats holy, would they release their best selling Sonic 2D games on the Nintendo VC and Xbox Live marketplace…..its literally saying…”Hey we have a new console, come play all the old classinc games here, even though we have a BILLION collections and ports of them already. Also we will only be releasing Sonic for this new HD console, so all of you Sonic fans will have to fork out a SIZABLE chunk of money if you want to play…”

    Also, yeah, I wanna know what they are planning with the Dreamcast PSN thing, and about whether they will be enhancing SA1 and SA2 an rereleasing them…

  13. @Scartillery

    I hope they’ll enhance them, give us all those packs from the past like christmas costumes for all the characters and such, seeing as the gamecube counterparts didn’t have the online component.
    hehe, im getting all excited now

  14. None of the games theyre going to be talking about are gonna have to do with sonic. how is gamespot going to thrown in a question about project needlemouse

  15. I agree, I still have my DDR pads from the Mario version. I would love to dust them off for a Sonic dance party. I mean Sonic showed us he could shake it in Samba De Amigo wii. Then in that Japanese music video we saw that Shadow is a pretty good dancer too. A Sonic DDR would be awesome.

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