GameSpot Asks For Needlemouse Info, SEGA Replies

GameSpot Asks For Needlemouse Info, SEGA Replies

We’ve previously reported on GameSpot’s trip to SEGA’s Japan Headquarters and have only so far seen pictures.  Now, we get to the questions.  Oh, yes… the questions.  I know what I want to know.  Give me some Project effin’ Needlemouse information.  Come on… let me have it.

GameSpot readers: Can you give us more details about Project Needlemouse?

Ah, yes.  Awesome question, GameSpot.  I like you again.  SEGA, the floor is yours.  Dish some dirt…

Darren Macbeth: More information on this project will be revealed in the new year.


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  2. Sega makes the fans wait….increasing anticipation to the point that fans start getting ulcers…..then when they FINALLY come out with stuff, the fans are SO overjoyed and cumming in their pants that the game can never live up to the hype.

    That seems like the basic formula.

  3. that was obvious …
    still i hope they give us something soon
    ‘ waits for project needlemouse infos

  4. We must send ninjas to Sega’s headquaters to swipe information from the Needlemouse vault.

    It would probs reveal that they haven’t started development yet…

  5. If nothing happens on New Years day…..I will go to Japan….and show them the BIGGEST shotgun they will have ever seen and MAKE them give information.

    Ok that was all a joke, but in all seriousness, it is actually the first time SEGA have actually not “Accidentally” leaked info on a a game. This I believe to be a good sign for things to come…

  6. @ Stan : Pretty much, include intentionally leaked info and you got it.

    We know they want to accomplish something this time.. with the hopes and dreams of fans riding on this big one..I think I can finally say “Sonic’s last chance”.
    If they don’t revive the original formula of a fantastic Sonic game now, they never will.

    *Every time someone says Sonic Adventure 2 was good, all Sonic players worldwide are disconnected from their online Smash Bros Brawl game*

  7. @ Stan: Pfft, yeah right.

    When you consider the fact that people work pretty much backwards nowadays, this’ll backfire on Sega. Rather than be so excited about it when ti comes out, chances are since Sega took too long to give out anything, by the time the game or any info comes out, nobody will even care anymore. ¦D

  8. My main gripe against Project Needlemouse is if Sonic Team even remembers how to MAKE a good 2D Sonic game in the first place. Judging by how the games in recent years have been focusing more on his speed rather than the actual platforming (excluding some rare parts in Sonic Unleashed), we could end up with a game only focusing on one part of what made the 2D games so great. Which would end up not being the full Sonic game we want in the long run. Which is bad.

    I always thought the speed in the original games came from how fast you could get through the platforming levels, and finding the fastest route to get through it with. In my book, this game would need this precious balance to truely make it a great game.

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