Beatmania + Sonic 2 SFX = Hella Tight

Beatmania + Sonic 2 SFX = Hella Tight


For Beatmania fans out there, this one is for you.  A remix by SoleSnake on YouTube combines Beatmania’s “Red Zone” and  the sound effects from Sonic 2.  I vote that the spring sound makes for the best instrument.  Boing, yo.

Thanks again to Silva for linking us to another cool Sonic-related happening.

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  1. Just amazing, the quality is just great. I love red zone, and it kills me that I don’t own a copy IIDX Red. Well at least I can play the song on the premium hits disk of Empress.

  2. @ Knuxthechao: well there’s always DDR/Stepmania. It’s a New Bemani crossovers in DDR SuperNova.

  3. Hehe, the red Sonic sprite looks like Amy.

    @bmhedgehog: “Now we definatly need a DDR Sonic Mix!”
    YEEAH!!! :O

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