Winter Olympics Sells Over 250,000 In The UK

Winter Olympics Sells Over 250,000 In The UK

mario-and-sonic-at-the-olympic-winter-games-artworkSEGA has announced that Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games has already sold 250,000 copies in the UK, with a 24% sales increase last week on the back of a new marketing push, outlined below.

Since launching on the 16th October, the game has held fast in the Top 10 and currently ranks #7 in the Chart Track Official UK Game Charts. SEGA’s Marketing Director John Clark said to MCV that the mascot mashup is a good contender for Christmas #1.

Just like the Summer Olympics before it, SEGA is going for a huge marketing push in the UK to advertise Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The blitz will be the company’s biggest ever ad campaign, covering prime time and children’s TV, cinema exposure and physical presence in public spaces.

Hyde Park will receive the most of SEGA’s goodwill, sponsoring the Winter Wonderland that is currently taking place at the venue. A Mario and Sonic branded ice rink will be established and an area to play the game will be nearby to capture passing consumers. Open until 4th January 2010, Hyde Park alone is expected to drive a total of two million visitors to skate and play the game.

Elsewhere, Mario and Sonic will be sponsoring ITV’s breakfast programming bloc, GMTV, and its children’s weekend counterpart, Toonatik, until 10th January 2010. M&S adverts will feature in between these shows, as well as prime time ITV programmes such as The X Factor, Coronation Street and I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! Thirty second spots continue to appear in cinemas for moviegoers watching Where The Wild Things Are as well.

If that wasn’t enough, SEGA is splashing out on shopping mall marketing as well – this will run up to Christmas and will include posters and HD screens (most likely showcasing game footage).

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  1. Wow, its a good thing they arent hyping PNM…whenever they hype a Canon game it sells well, but gets shite reviews

  2. Marketing, smarketing…
    Look at how well the first sold without all that mumbo jumbo advertising.
    You cant put a price on the 2 most well known video game characters

  3. ^Actually the first game did have quite a significant amount of marketing. Especially in the UK moreso than other Sonic games released around that time.

  4. The Sonic All Star Racing Game is a cheap copy of Mario Kart. I prefer Mario & Sonic Winter Games… why SEGA sucks in racing games? because SEGA always try to copy Mario Kart… Sonic Riders is different but All Star racing have the same MARIO KART ITEM STYLE. In winter games, we have creative minigames and reference of some great games of the plumber and the blue hedgehog. SEGA is EXCELENTE in sports games… Nintendo not….. Nintendo SUCKS in sports games…. since SEGA GENESIS.

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