Sonic Relief 2010 Ideas Wanted, Apply Within

Sonic Relief 2010 Ideas Wanted, Apply Within


There’s currently a great idea brewing on the SSMB that I just felt the need to share. For one reason or another it’s having trouble gathering momentum but hopefully this will draw more attention towards it. SSMB member MK Skillz is the man with the plan and he’s sent me the following message to relay to everyone:

“Some of you may remember the Sonic Relief 2009 campaign that was run earlier this year which was an unexpected success and raised over £100 for UK charity Comic Relief. Well the two people behind the campaign – MK Skillz and Shadzter – want to bring Sonic Relief back. But before we do so, we want to hear some ideas from you.

Suggestions are wanted from you guys regarding what changes or improvements you would make to Sonic Relief. This doesn’t necessarily mean suggestions for activities for a future Sonic Relief (though by all means share your ideas!), it primarily means suggestions on how to change the Sonic Relief formula itself in terms of donations and submissions, etc. After all, it’d be you guys who’d be participating in the campaign, so we want to make it as workable as possible for you.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the Suggestions Topic on SSMB!

In other news, Twitter users can now follow @SonicReliefUK to share their ideas and keep up to date with all the latest Sonic Relief news. MK Skillz and Shadzter thank you in advance for your suggestions.”

I realise everywhere is feeling the pinch of recession at the moment but this is a great opportunity to have the community pull together and make something truly special. So get your thinking caps on and send in your ideas. You can aso get a feel for what kinds of things went down earlier this year by taking a look at the Sonic Relief 2009 topic on the SSMB

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