Mildly Amusing Sonic Slot Car Racing

Mildly Amusing Sonic Slot Car Racing


The dudes over at Emerald Coast have a review up of the latest Sonic merchandise from Impact Innovations, “The Super Sonic Racing System.”  Impact Innovations’ products have been featured on this site before, as they have been responsible for some sweet backpacks and plushes over the past year.  Is “FOUR FOOT OF ACTION” enough for your £10?  Emerald Coast says “not really.”

Once the nostalgia of the classic figures wears off, this slot car set is pretty unremarkable due to its short track length, slow speed, and technical issues (such as Sonic’s car always flying off the track).  Emerald Coast strictly recommends this set to be for the kids and the hardcore collectors.

[via Emerald Coast]

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  1. Whoa, they’re a bit late aren’t they? I posted a review of this on SSMB well over a year ago! Also it only cost me £6! It’s not very good, very cheap and the prototype shots shown two years ago were vastly superior.

  2. I have this and i would say its ok for the occational 10 minuets of racing with a mate. Could better though. Atleast you can actually buy it in a shop!

  3. I got one of these for Christmas last year. It actually did not work at all. And the characters themselves were very shoddy and cheap. They looked badly machine-painted, and were out of proportion. Avoid it.

  4. Aw geez. Impact can do SO much better than this…this isn’t something I’d ever touch. In fact I’d melt the track pieces and the figures, then make an interesting sculpture out of it.

  5. My ex got me this the first christmas when we were dating. God it made me love her that she would even think to get me something like this :3


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