Emulation Nation: Sonic CD on PSPgo

Emulation Nation: Sonic CD on PSPgo


A team of hackers known as “Team Typhoon” have apparently enabled homebrew on the new PSPgo.  The video above showcases a Genesis emulator running Sonic CD, which is super cool.  Even if you were one of the few who purchased the new handheld, however, Team Typhoon will never be releasing their custom firmware.  In a silly disclaimer, Team Typhoon says:

This video is for bragging rights ONLY (since it’s very cool nowadays) and shows our Proof of Concept 6.10 Custom Firmware running on the PSPgo. This will never be released to the general public or anyone else at all whether you are a dev or not, this is Team Typhoon internal material, we have no reason whatsoever to waste a perfectly good exploit.

What douchebags.

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  1. Team Typhoon: YAY! Aren’t we clever! We found an exploit here is the video of it working! Woo…

    Rest of the world: Why should we give a fuck when you don’t plan on releasing it?

    Team Typhoon: We’re gonna have a better video next week to show how clever we are!!

    Rest of the wold: Sorry we’re too busy playing Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2 to care!

  2. Fair enough!
    I mean they went to the trouble to get it to work, why should they give it away?
    In a world where people take credit for work that isn’t theres online, its good to hear a bunch of people taking the opposite approach 🙂

  3. Well, there’s a way to go about keeping your sources. As somebody who also keeps sources close to him, I wouldn’t openly brag about the achievement like these guys have.

    Plus, hell, my roommate would kill for some Sonic CD on his PSPgo.

  4. The reason why they won’t release it is because their last exploit was intended to be used for homebrew purposes but people used it to download and play ISO files. I wrote this on a PSP forum. I’ll just copy it and paste it here.:

    I do not pirate. The only reason why I am interested in [custom firmware] is simply the ability to make screenshots as well as the ability to rip ISOs so I only have to carry a MemoryStick with me instead of a bunch of UMDs. Yet I don’t judge other people for what they do. Who am I to consider myself high and mighty for a personal opinion?

    Now this Davee guy [head of Team Typhoon] can go ahead and have his stance on certain issues like piracy and even refuse to release his own work over it, but he should remain consistent. I mean it’s a huge joke for him to make the argument that he’s “homebrew only” yet run a SEGA CD emulator (which is homebrew, sure) that is running an ISO file (Whoops). Hypocritical much? Even in the possibility that he owns a copy of Sonic CD (and assuming that he owns the same localized version as the ISO he is running), it has never been licensed to be run on a PSP, only a SEGA MegaDrive/Genesis.

    So on behalf of everyone running ISO files–including me who actually own the physical copies–I hope he enjoys his couple of days of fame. Someone else is going to figure this out. Meanwhile he can enjoy calling everyone else out on something that is seen in the same light by the gaming corporations as what he does.

  5. Well, those of us with PSPs that already have custom firmware on them can play Sonic CD with no trouble. All you need is Picodrive PSP, the BIOS, and your ISO/MP3s. That’s it.

  6. Well, I have a PSP Slim and Lite(2000) so I don’t care. And there will be some other people who do they same thing as this team, but they will realease it.
    So no worry.

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