BlueTube: Help Me Un-Watch This Video

BlueTube: Help Me Un-Watch This Video


I just got linked to this about an hour ago.  Nothing says “YouTube Disaster” more than Sonic cosplay.

Basically, the premise here is that Sonic is down on his luck because all of his games have sucked.  He has no job, no money, no credit… no nothing.  Then he gets mocked by kids on a playground.  How can you save him?  Well, since this video was made a little over a year ago, you were supposed to buy an “actual good game,” Sonic Unleashed.  Sonic is still stuck in that playground.

I had a good laugh at its craptacularness (and the TV with a ring taped on it… but mostly its craptacularness).

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  1. Aww, hell guys, I was thinking this video would never make it on this site at all…now, after a year, I’m totally touched. I was totally shocked to see it today too. Glad you thought this disaster was funny!

  2. Don’t worry Sonic, I still <3 you! You made Smash Bros Brawl playable 🙂

    Great job on the Ring TV + popping sound effect 😀

  3. Alright then. Lets just say that my tastes are a little different from yours, and leave it at that.

  4. Can we nominate Landlord #1 for an Oscar? I felt he really played the part of quite a complex character, torn apart by his love for videogames and his career housing mute schizophrenic cosplayers.

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