Sonic Rivals 2 and SEGA Mega Drive Collection Hit European PlayStation Store

Sonic Rivals 2 and SEGA Mega Drive Collection Hit European PlayStation Store


A week after the U.S. received them SEGA Europe have released Sonic Rivals 2 and SEGA Mega Drive Collection to the PlayStation Store for you to buy and download to your PSP. However, unlike the U.S. SEGA Europe haven’t released the first Sonic Rivals game alongside the second. We’ll check back next week and update you if it gets released.

Sonic Rivals 2 is priced at a fair £11.99 and SEGA Mega Drive Collection that contains Sonic 1 and 2 can also be purchased for the cheap price of £11.99. SEGA fans might also want to check out Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars which is also priced at £11.99.

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  1. Same reason you couldn’t play GBA games on GameCube…..
    oh, wait a sec, you could!

    Wonder whats up with the no Sonic Rivals (1) business…is it selling well or something?

  2. does anyone know where i can find the Sonic Rivals 2 artwork for metal Sonic and Rouge? I can find the other 6 characters artwork everywhere.

  3. Humble Fellow:Is it just me, or have Sonic games been better on hand-helds than on home consoles?

    Nope, it’s not just you. According to GameRankings:

    Sonic Advance (Game Boy Advance): 83.42%
    Sonic Advance 2 (Game Boy Advance): 85.47%
    Sonic Advance 3 (Game Boy Advance): 81.29%
    Sonic Rush (Nintendo DS): 82.79%
    Sonic Rush Adventure (Nintendo DS): 80.15%

  4. @ N. Harmonik:
    I don’t trust many reviews for the reason that it’s not fact, but the opinion of the reviewer. It’s also funny how they rated what’s considered the most boring of the advance series (2) the highest, which seems to prove that, again, it’s more of the opinion of the reviewer. Another idea to consider is that after a while, the same sort of side scrolling adventure mechanics can bore someone after a while, so sequels can get lower scores because the reviewer has played one of the earlier games and is somewhat bored of them. However, as a reviewer, they must keep that in mind and give the game its score accordingly. Again, I just don’t like reviews.

  5. @ STULF the 20X6 Hedgedog:
    Yeah but GameRankings doesn’t use just one review per game, it takes reviews from other websites and magazines.

  6. @ N, Harmonic:
    Then it’s a collection of opinions, I still find it better to decide myself if I(‘ll) like something or not. It’s fine to go by reviews, but take a look at something you liked that got a bad review.

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