UPDATE: GAME & Gamestation Reveal M&S Pre-order Gifts

UPDATE: GAME & Gamestation Reveal M&S Pre-order Gifts

UPDATE 2: My copies of both versions have arrived from HMV via Royal Mail with 2 of the t-shirts and both are size Small. Reports have come in of people getting otehr sizes delivered. It seems HMV are just sending out random sizes. Awful way of doing things but even if you dont get your size they still make good collectors items.

UPDATE: TSS has learnt that HMV accept orders outside of the UK and ship via air mail so if you live overseas and fancy HMV’s exclusive t-shirt then get your pre-orders in. Remember though, Wii’s are region locked so PAL copies won’t work on U.S. consoles. The DS is region-free though.
HMV delivery info page UPDATE end.

M&S2 t-shirt better pic
Above: Thanks AAUK over at the Sonic City Blognik

M&S2 T-Shirt

If HMV’s free M&S t-shirt shown above wasn’t enough to encourage you to pre-order Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games then maybe GAME and Gamestation can tempt you.

PSP Pics 022

If you pre-order either version of the game at Gamestation you can take home some Official Charms as seen in the photo I took earlier today shown above. Five charms are included, one with the games logo, one with Sonic’s emblem, one with Amy’s emblem, one with Mario’s emblem and one with Yoshi’s emblem.

PSP Pics 023

If your looking for something more on the cuddly side GAME are offering a Sonic beanie toy with pre-orders of either version but unfortunately it is the same beanie they’ve already been selling for ages.

HMV t-shirt offer available online only.

GAME Sonic beanie offer only available in-store.

Gamestation Wii
Gamestation DS
Gamestation charms offer available in-store only.

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  1. This Is Bunk!

    I mean, it’s cool you guys can get that cool stuff when ya pre-order the game, but how the hell is it that GameStop over here in the States don’t offer up that cool Sonic swag with a reserve of the game?!


    Still, I can’t wait for the game to come out. It’s gonna be so cool.

  2. Now I know I’m not buying the game here in the states unless I get something cool.
    You poms are soooo lucky >..<
    What are charms.. like keyrings?

  3. If anyone overseas is interested in the HMV t-shirt, I’m pretty sure HMV take overseas orders.

  4. I already made sure to post and credit your Blognik post AAUK in the article under your photo 😉

  5. Oh yeah, cos you guys in America have barely ANY Sonic swag *CoughMetalSonicVinylcoughAndthelistgoesoncough*

  6. @ Will:
    Again, you get Summer of Sonic, and on a similar note, there’s a bigger percentage of you (Sonic fans) to relate to while here in the states you get shot down for ANYTHING.

    It’s cool that there shipping overseas, but I have a difficult time ordering anything off the internet and I’m still only 80% sure I’m going to get it. *twitchtwitch*

  7. Just remember NOT to order the Wii version of the game from HMV.. cus it won’t work on your US Wiis

  8. @STULF the 20X6 Hedgedog

    I know we have SOS, but that’s usaully about the ONLY thing we get in the UK. You guys in America get all the videogame soundtracks, the Jazwars figures (whatever the company is called), the Archie Comics (Though I’m lucky enough to live near a store that supplies American comics, while others have to search the internet) the freakin vinyl figures, SONIC PASTA FOR CRAP SAKE.

    And what do we get in the UK besides SOS? The games, the classic Sonic plushies, and if your lucky enough, the classic Sonic statues, and the Black Knight figure, (And you can only find those last two in the American comic shops i mentioned above). Meh, maybe I’m just grouchy cos I’m never able to attend SOS… -_-

    Face it, America gets all the good stuff, end of story…

  9. Yay, they finally updated the official site. They finally added Wario, Waluigi, Robotnik and Vector to the characters and you can download icons of a hand full of characters too. *smiles*

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