Easily the Best Sonic Music Mash-Up

Easily the Best Sonic Music Mash-Up


YouTube user, n00neimp0rtant, has uploaded an incredible mash-up of Sonic music to the site that incorporates Sonic music from the Genesis-era all the way to today’s games.  This labor of Sonic love, which took him a week and a half to complete, is really cool.  Listen to it, knuckleheads.

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  1. Proof that if there’s one thing that will remain consistently good throughout the series, it’s the music.

  2. HOLAS: ™

    *watches video*

    *head blows up*

    It would be even more awesome if there would be a massive credits screen displaying the names of all the people who made all the sonic games…. (well, the most important ones, after all, it’s just 9 minutes)

    *drools all the place during the part with “Huge Crisis”, “Open Your Heart” and “Sonic 2 gg boss theme”*

  3. Wow….just….just WOW man…I mean this is just….this is just….*eyes pop out of head* ZOMGHE’SGOTADIRECTDOWNLOADLINKOFTHESONG?!?! *happily downloads* Most epic. Most epic indeed

  4. It was really good! But I think 9 minutes for something like this is too much. I would like it more if he made it 5 minutes and maybe a second one that is 5 minutes or something like that long.

  5. That was freaken amazing. This must have been a nightmare to make, considering it feels like it has true build up, middle and ending to it. I like how even some of the sub-par music can be improved immensly by remixing it with other songs.

  6. A great mix, but there is a slight gripe: at some points in the mix, the percussion beats for the different songs just don’t go well together. It sounds like two drummers out of sync at times. If there was any way to fix, then it would make it that much better.

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