Rumour: Leaked Document Reveals ‘Sonic Anniversary’

Rumour: Leaked Document Reveals ‘Sonic Anniversary’

megatonMany different news sources are reporting that a SEGA America FTP bungle has resulted in a communication with Sony Computer Entertainment America being leaked on the Internet. The document, appearing to be notes from a meeting dated 5th August, include mention of special console-specific DLC characters for Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing, a new ‘Sonic Anniversary’ title to arrive on PS3 and multiple ways of SEGA offering exclusive content to Sony’s home console – including an introduction of classic Dreamcast titles on the PlayStation Network.

Of most note to Sonic fans, the ‘Sonic Anniversary’ project appears to be a new title – either in development or consideration – that aims to collect “all Sonic games on one BD [Blu-Ray Disc] disc”. The document ponders a retail price point of $99, which may be reasonable depending on whether it really is an entire collection of Sonic titles. Most intriguing is a note that says: “SCEA would love PSN exclusive power ups/different game modes (like Castlevania’s flip it over/backwards)” – raising hopes that such a collection would be in the vein of Sonic Jam more than simple emulations like Sonic Mega Collection. Spin Dash in Sonic 1 once again?

Speaking on Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing, special non-SEGA characters could make an appearance in the form of DLC with the following note; “Open to DLC to differentiate PS3 SKU – not ratchet and clank but other characters… maybe characters from Rare or Fable universes”. The latter two franchises suggest that the same sort of DLC is planned for the Xbox 360 version too, although who would we see? Kameo? Joanna Dark? The dog from Fable? A shame that Ratchet and Clank is ruled out (probably something Sony said), as it sounds like a good fit for the game.

According to the document, Sony also has intentions to sell PS2 games on the PlayStation Network, referencing an unnamed Sonic game and GTA Vice City as examples. SEGA also muses the possibility of Dreamcast digital titles, stating a possible exclusivity deal with Sony; “If we provide a list of DC titles SCEA will let us know which ones they’re interested in having exclusively… If we give them a long period of exclusivity they’ll give us more marketing support.”

If true, it all seems to be very exciting news for both SEGA fans and Sony PS3 owners alike. It also means that this is the latest in several incidents where SEGA America’s FTP team has leaked documents by uploading them publicly by accident. You can see the entire thing at Sonic Retro.

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  1. But I just bought a 360!!! Why SEGA Why???

    No seriously. I am still yet to play Sonic Adventure (I own it on PC but cant get the bloody thing to load…disc swap..after disc swap), and am itching to play some version of it. PS3 is the only console I havent got my hands on (and wont ever…not with the pricing the way it is, and my wallet) and they choose that for special DLC. Grr! Sega! Grr!

  2. I highly doubt it, Sega wouldn’t offer all that so Sony while not giving any of the others consoles the same kind of treatment. There’s also NO need for another re-re-re-re-remake collection, everyone already owns Sonic 1 on 4 – 5 different formats.
    I can see the DLC characters happening and maybe the Dreamcast titles (thats what all the Sonic Adventure remake info would point to).

  3. $99 for a game disc every Sonic games that exists is nuts. But getting a Sony product for that? For killing DC off, I’ll say NO.

  4. Is it just me, or is the PS3 getting cooler every day? 🙂
    Let’s wait and see if all this turns out to be true.

    I hope I have a chance to get one soon. There are other consoles I want. It’s hard to set priorities between them.

  5. @Indigo Rush: I used to think the PS2 muscled in on the Dreamcast too, and in a way it sort of did. But I think the damage was already done in the minds of consumers from the Mega CD, 32X and Saturn. The fact that everyone was waiting for the PS2 to drop doesn’t really make it Sony’s fault or the PS2’s aside from the fact that it merely existed.

  6. Get a load of this, I think I got some solid evidence to back up this Sonic Anniversary project thing.

    Sonic 1 was released June 23rd, 1991, in a little more than a year and a half it’ll be June 23rd, 2011, i.e. the 20th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. Of course SEGA would want to do something for that event, anniversaries are always a marketing bonanza, and what with Project Needlemouse rearing it’s face right around the corner, we got ourselves a true turnaround for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, a 360 (and a moonwalk) if you will. Now my theory doesn’t prove ANYTHING at all, but it does make this little rumor seem a little more realistic.

  7. I want to see a 3D Sonic game that goes back to the Adventure days, without the fishing or treasure hunting. Just Sonic in 3D. Tails and Knuckles can come too. Shadow if he behaves himself.

    THAT would be a good 20th. Classic Sonic, 3D Sonic, and a Sonic collection.

  8. @Indigo Rush: Don’t worry, Shadow’s gotten over the guns thing (let’s face it though; even if he was the ultimate lifeform, it was the friggin’ world army, an alien race, Doctor Eggman and Sonic if you were feeling funny that day, plus there was the whole ‘isn’t it ironic the humans who used guns on Maria now eat my lead, bitchez?’ angle) since ShtH finished, though he’s still not completely adverse to nicking a bike (for the cool factor, remember, and chicks dig biker dudes). Plus, after Sonic Battle canonically he -stopped- getting hung up over Maria and over 2006 really improved into the confidant person he used to be seen as (but nobody noticed as they concentrated on everything else that was wrong, plus hated on Silver who didn’t really deserve it).

    Plus, he’s a furry’s dream (if you’re that kind of furry). So putting him in is just fanservice. Crazy, crazy, fanservice, what with tan and the dark fur and the pretty garnet eyes and fluffy white chest and the holy-those-are-nice-shoes-where-did-you-get-them-I-want-a-pair-like-right-now. 😀

    Though I really think what you’re looking for exactly was what 2006 was going to evolve into if Microsoft hadn’t made them hurry to release the game (unfortunately, in beta form) before the PS3 came out.

    …Anyway, I feel sorry for people with dollars. Ninety-nine!? Yikes.

  9. A compilation with all the Sonic games?… impossible. The Sonic Rush Series can’t be on there because of the dual screen, probably the story book series wouldn’t be included either or the Olympic Games series. My guess is it would include all the genesis titles, Game Gear titles, DC titles, sonic CD, Sonic the Fighters, Sonic R and then hopefully Sonic Arcade and Knuckles Chaotix. Maybe the Sonic Rivals series and Sonic advance series, but I doubt it.

    But the real question is, who is going to guest star in the Wii and DS versions of All star Racing? Mario? most likely. What if its someone random like Birdo, Star Fox or Baby Daisy. That’d be weird.

    Anyway, I hope PS doesn’t get exclusive rights to DC titles. I want them on my wii virtual console.

  10. Whoops, so I just read it on Sonic Retro and it says all the “Old” sonic Games. So that could mean up to before Sonic Adventure (wouldn’t be a suprise if they stop there, then they’d make you buy Sonic Adventure on the network). It could also mean up to the end of SEGA’s console career which would include the 3 DC games. That is unlikely because then they’d make less money from the PSN. lousy SONY.

  11. Looks like Sega is Pretty mad at Nintendo :\
    Oh and yeah Nintendo is going to be so crushed if they release all sonic games that were made in one CD (even the Wii and DS ones) specially the secret rings with better controls.

    that also explains how the oflc Site said that Sega might be planing to remake sonic adventure again. interesting
    I don’t have X360 , PS3 or PSP.

    I don’t think their would be XBOX360 Version of this CD…

  12. If Sony gets DC games, I want Saturn games for my Wii! You hear that Sega?
    Burning Rangers and Guardian Heroes pl0x

  13. In the words of Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw: “Luckily I’m white enough to afford all three consoles”

  14. yeah i hope they make it for 360 too, they could use more than 1 disc if needed too.. that’s what something like final fantasy viii did.
    if it’ll be only ps3, then it sucks.. cos i got 360.. and ps3 costs too much.. i got 360 too just cos it was way way cheaper. ps3 was 500€ at the time, 360 was just 200€… ps3 is getting cheaper now.. but yea.. im not getting it.. :c

  15. Wow….not interested at all. I feel sorry for the parents of those kids who are going to once again want a compilation of MORE old Sonic crap. Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles and CD were good…..but who honestly gives a flying fuck about any of the others? It really isn’t worth it. It would be cheaper to go out and buy every original game and every old console you need to play them. Genesis is five bucks at the flea market. lol

    And the idea that the PS3 would exclusively receive anything the fans haven’t already seen sounds like bull-crap to me. DLC are hardly worth it, and anything more sounds iffy to me….we’ll see what happens.

  16. This could explain that article about Sonic Adventure several weeks ago.

    Umiyuri: *applauds* Well said. But the fanservice part weirded me out slightly… O_o

  17. Let’s see what how much memory the games all take up. If they fill up more than a daul-layer DVD disc, it’ll never get on the 360 and Wii.

  18. @Humble Fellow: Well, fanservice is fanservice. Shadow, in particular, oozes it. He might embody what half of the fanbase hate, but he also embodies what half of the fanbase love (and for a small part of the fandom, he even comes off as paticularly sexy). Eh, Rouge is pretty much fanservice for the guys, right? I don’t think fanservice is meant to be understood by anybody except the people it’s aimed at. Kinda like how 2D fans don’t get fanservice meant for 3D fans and vice versa?

  19. A couple of things don’t fit –
    – How come we’re only hearing about this now when its dated Aug 5th?
    – UMD is mentioned, which Sony no longer supports
    – There’s a mention of the company Rare which is Microsoft owned.. and this is a meeting between Sony and Sega
    – There’s no such term as “exclusives” when it comes to gaming

    One thing fits perfectly thou, PS2 titles on PS3. The new & cheaper PS3 doesn’t have backwards compatibility, so this is Sony’s opportunity to exploit that by offering downloads.

  20. And man, I hope the picture attached on this article is NOTHING related to SSASR. Putting either one of them in that game and it looks completely off.

  21. Don’t read too much into the image attached to this article – read the name of the comic and you’ll see why I added it. 😛


    “How come we’re only hearing about this now when its dated Aug 5th?”
    Apparently the document has been online for a good few weeks now. It’s only until recently that some website discovered it on a random Media FTP surf.

    “UMD is mentioned, which Sony no longer supports”
    Sony does support UMD still, they’re continuing to sell the PSP 3000 right? And there are countries around the world where Internet broadband penetration is so low that introducing the PSPgo would make no sense (smaller countries in Europe for example). PSPgo is the DS Lite to PSP 3000’s DS Phat.

    “There’s a mention of the company Rare which is Microsoft owned.. and this is a meeting between Sony and Sega”
    Awkwardly written, yes, but ASR is multi-platform – very likely they’re specifically talking about Xbox 360 specific DLC as an aside.

    “There’s no such term as “exclusives” when it comes to gaming”
    Yeah there is.

  22. HOLAS: ™

    $99 seems too expensive….. but for some reason i think that game will came with some juicy merchandise (PRECIOUS BOOTY!!!1!) to make it up for the (probably) poor emulation and lack of “obscure” games 😀

    i really hope that exclusive DLC is for all the consoles (too bad pc will have nothing like that T_T )… masterchief for the xbox360 and mario for the wii… it would be awesome watch the king of mascot kart racing (no, it’s not masterchief, i’m talking about the italian guy) battling in some epic kart racing against the new challengers like sonic 8D…. or ryo hazu*crushed by a forklift*

  23. They’re going to put DC games on PS3? AWESOME! I hope they put SA2, JSR, and ChuChu Rocket on there. (I’d also like to see SoA or Shenmue as well but I don’t think they’d be able to do that because they would be a huge file size)

  24. I think Banjo would be great! He’s from a Rare universe, and has lots of experience in vehicles such as in Diddy Kong Racing and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts!

    Anyway, I hope that if Heroes and Shadow are on this disc, that they’ll be as good or better than the GameCube versions of the games. The PS2 versions of both of these games suffered from glitches and bad framerates, with Japanese voices the only plus to getting these versions.

  25. I can assume if there’s a Chao Garden on the unconfirmed Adventure re-remake that there will also be one on “Needlemouse.” I’m still dreaming.

  26. If it’s just a simple emulation like Sonic Mega or Gems Collection forget it, but I have a feeling that if the price point is $99 that it obviously won’t be, and as sonictoast said I don’t know how the Rush or Storybook series would even be able to be in it. There might be a remote possibility of the Rush series being on it, but definitely not the Storybook series because of their Wiimote capabilites (unless they figure out a way for them to work on Sony’s motion sensitive contoller). As for a Sonic Adventure remake, I really enjoyed the first one. Hell, it’s one of my all-time favorite Sonic games and many other’s favorite as well, but I’m not sure if they should. I personally think they should do a direct sequel and forget about making a remake. They could even make Chaos a playable character in the sequel and use it as a way to flesh out his backstory more and show his connection to the other deities. I remember seeing Chaos pop up in Sonic Battle and getting to play as him was one of the highlights of that specific game. That’s just my thoughts anyway.

  27. Sonic anniversary only for PS3? SEGA is kidding me! !that is an insult! but this notice is a small talk: IRRELEVANT. If you had better notices like a second part of Unleashed or the next Sonic Storybooks please publish right now, i can’t support this paparazzi’s improvised news. We have a lot of re-releases of clasic sonic games on Wii, 360 and Ps3 with SEGA packs, we don’t need more re-releases, we need Good Games like Sonic Adventure 2, the Secret rings, Unleashed and a Largest Sonic history book than Black Knight. This last game have: excellent graphics and history but the time of game is frustating for any videogamer. Will Sonic recover his reputation? that is my wish.

  28. @knuxtaben

    Yeah, the wii shop channel has a 40-50mb limit on game file sizes i believe.
    (luckily n64 roms are teeny tiny compares to the massive 700mb dreamcast ones)

  29. I am so glad i bought a 60gb ps3 for sonic next gen when it came out. The ps3 if perfect for watching shows and hd games! I really hope this is true because i would buy it.

  30. I always thought that the PSN should include re-releases from other franchises (SEGA, namely) and more game companies that were not exclusivities for a Sony console. I agree: this is very exciting news indeed if it turns out being true. I sold my PS3 but may buy one again for this game(s). I’m definitely buying that “$99 game” for collectivity-sake’s alone!

  31. But… but…

    WHAT ABOUT THE WII ??? Seriously, SEGA ! Don’t forget the Wii owners, too ! Good thing this is only a collection, and not a main series game, at least.

  32. ^i am not so sure if sega will continue the series on the wii.
    sega always want to show this “wow” effect with their games.
    thats exactly the reasen why they made the hedgehog engine.
    i just hope i am wrong for all the wii owners out there.,..

  33. Eggman123: What about the storybook series? The next one could have potential with Wii motionplus. And besides, wasn’t there an online poll for what the next one could be based on?

  34. Sony now owns a motion sensing stick too. SEGA might even be considering switching the storybook series to the ps3 now onward.

  35. And another thing: It would just be a stupid idea to forget about the Wii. Sega would lose a lot of money doing that.

  36. YES!!!!!, I knew that owning a PS3 would pay its dividends some day…..
    But seriously guys, the reason SEGA has probably chosen Sony, is primarily due to the recent MASSIVE success on the PS3 Slim, it has literally been flying off the shelves.

  37. Hahaha!!! the story book series will never come to the PS3 but we will wait… maybe they will put all sonic games on one CD. would be great

    can some one tell me what is the limit of the Wii Disk and what is the Limit of the 360 Disk?

  38. I don’t really care actually……nothing intresting here for me. It dosen’t really catch my attention. I go with Xbox this generationm, it have better games. But I have to say, 360 dosent have any inFAMOUS or Ratchet and CLank unfortunately.X(
    Anyway, hope you PS3 lovers out there wilkl have fun with this!XD

  39. I really want it to be true but I think its fake. Why would they charge 100$ for a sonic game. I don’t think they could get away with selling that in stores, maybe online only limited edition. I would defiantly buy it! Also downloadable characters in sega all stars? It sounds too far fetched…Although I could be wrong.

  40. @sonictoast – Sony doesn’t suck, they are the greatest. Don’t be such a fanboy. =3

    I’m so happy Sony is doing this. Hope it’s real. They need to sell more PS3s and this will probably bring more sales to their console IF it turns out exclusive. After E3 2009, I’m SO happy I chose the PS3 over the Xbox 360, when Microsoft seemed to own 2008.

  41. Some people here are a bit idiodic, I doubt they would put any of the story book series on the PS3, not going to happen. And other people think that this collection will contain EVERY sonic game made, doubt it, I think we will get all sonic games up to the DC era.

  42. HOLAS: ™

    BTW, the fact they have an agreement with sony doesn’t mean they aren’t doing the same with microsoft and nintendo…

    i mean….. “PSN exlusive features” doesn’t mean “PS3 exclusive game”

  43. @ Humble Fellow, imarafan, etc:
    As long as I get Chao SOMEWHERE! Though I am revisiting Adventure 2 Battle.

  44. Disappointing if true, given that Sega released the sequels to many of their DC/Saturn games exclusively to Microsoft (JSR, Panzer Dragoon etc.) it would be disappointing not to see those DC originals on 360.

    I *still* don’t want a PS3.

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