New M&S at the Olympic Winter Games screenshots

New M&S at the Olympic Winter Games screenshots


SEGA have released some new screenshots for both Wii and DS versions of upcoming title Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. In the screenshots we can see new HUD bits in both versions and some on-screen Wii Remote instructions displaying how the motion controls will work in the Wii version. Graphics are looking to be some of the best we’ve seen on the Wii.

In other sightings, Nintendo fans will be happy to learn that the course seen in the above screenshot is revealed in one screenshot to be none other than Mario Circuit from the famous Mario Kart series as has been speculated since the course was first revealed.


The new images of the DS version showcases more of its events too like the bobsleigh, skiing and snowboarding. It looks like the bobsleigh will control with the D-pad and buttons if the on screen controls in a screenshot of Metal Sonic and DK getting their bobsleigh started is anything to go by. New HUD displays reveal a gauge will play a part in the bobsleigh event too.

Snowboarding has also gained a gauge and items to attack your opponents with much like in the Dream Race event in the first DS game. Also like the first DS game SEGA aren’t holding back in the graphics department as they again look to be pushing the DS to its limits to make another beautiful looking game.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games will be released for Wii & DS October 16th in the UK and October 13th in the U.S. Check out more info and media at the Official Site.

Screenshot source : CVG

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  1. Here’s news for you: According to the site’s forums, It’s been leaked that Bowser Jr’s a playable character.

  2. Both versions are being released in two months? There’s only one word for this… AWESOME!!!!! β˜†

  3. People are saying that Silver has accidently been confirmed as playable (Because you can apparently see a flag with Silvers head on it in one screenshot) but since we have no official confermation or any screenshots of Silver himself, I’m starting to doubt it… <={

  4. Hot pink Amy is hot pink.

    They can use Sonic’s DS model in a Sonic Unleahed DS. They should. FTW.

  5. @Humble Fellow and Will
    We reported on both of those already. Hopefully we’ll get some media of them soon.

  6. I still want to know whether there will be any sort of storyline for this – I’m not expecting anything epic, but seeing as the games getting a fair bit of publicity I’m wondering whether it’s all just hot air. We’ve got plenty of party games, and though this is a lot more than your average casual game due to the prescence of THOSE TWO, but we all want to see some interaction between the characters.

    @Jix: Yay!

  7. What I want to know is why are there laps in skiing and snowboarding? Last time I checked, gravity doesn’t exactly let you board uphill, and most skiing and snowboarding races are either time trial or slalom. Even then, both are downhill.

  8. Im so sick of this kind of crap flooding the video game industry. The day Sonic and Mario were finally in the same game together, it should have been an amazing platformer, not a crappy sports compilation. The Wii already has enough crap flooding store shelves and this is just adding to the mess.

  9. @ FS : The voice actor and the pictures of his flag
    @ stuhp : The stage will probably shoot you back to the top of the hill ala Mario Kart Cannon

  10. But wouldn’t a ski lift kinda take up time? Precious time for time trials? Because that’s what I’m seeing here in the screenshots, what with Tails holding a world record on the course.

    The cannon is a good suggestion, Jix, but I’m fairly certain now that the only way this could work is if this was actually a rally.

    I could be thinking way too much into this, though.

  11. @ stuhp:
    A temperary stop of the timer, super sonic fast ski lifts, some other mini game on the lifts, special movements to get on and off the lift faster, maybe? I just think the cannon wouldn’t work at all, though it would be cool. I suppose it’s for an educated reason, but it’s kinda funny how we’re discussing how there seems to be laps and how you would get up hill.

  12. Sorry, just noticed
    @ Jeremy:
    I hate it when people like you, or what’s been sadly denounced as obsessive fanboys, complain when you don’t get exactly what you want. Just be happy they’re in a game together. I to hate how most games on the Wii today just seem to be a bunch of mini games, but this right here is a few steps toward seeing them in a platformer together. Heck, the skiing shown here seems to be more of a Mario & Sonic kart then anything. Who knows, the olympic game series could turn, or partially turn, into a platformer. Maybe not the one we, that includes you, would like to see, but it’d at least be there. May I suggest seeing Sonic Oddball Crack Ups, you would love seeing the Shadow’s Complaints spin-off. >:)

  13. Call me crazy, but I’m not sure a platformer would really work, what with the two vastly different play styles. In my mind, the only way a big crossover game like that would work is an rpg. Both Mario and Sonic have proved they can cope in a turn based enviroment.

  14. I’ve been trying to think how it could work to, but I haven’t figured anything out yet. I’m just happy that, as far as Sonic & Mario together go, there’s Brawl and the Olympic Games.

  15. Well, at least they’ve been in fairly good games together, maybe working on a true crossover game wouldn’t be the best idea (can’t please everyone)

  16. I would say that a platformer with the two will play rather a lot like Sonic Unleashed; fast and slow. And we all know how certain people found that game absolutely enjoyable and didn’t complain at all. Nor did they try and ram their hatred of the game down other people’s throats, oh no, they never did that at all.

  17. I like to see New 8 Mario Characters: Bowser Jr., Rosalina, Toad, Toadette, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, King Boo, and Birdo. and New 8 Sonic Characters I like to see: Rouge, Silver, Cream, Espio, Jet, Metal Sonic, Omega and Big.

  18. @ Golden Thunder:
    Yeah! Everyone plays it safe like Jason Griffith, especially with Sonic games.

  19. A cross over of these to wouldnt be a unleashed.
    the slow thing in unleashed was heavily about fighting and that wasn’t the thing most wanted.
    a cross over would be pure jump’n run

  20. But Mario would still be slow in comparison to Sonic. Even if that isn’t the case there will still be people who absolutely hate the game and can only talk about their hatred of it. I would say those people don’t deserve to express their opinion on such matters, if all they do is moan. Constructive criticism in, moaning out. Anyway hope this game is good.

  21. @Golden Thunder: ” I would say those people don’t deserve to express their opinion on such matters, if all they do is moan. Constructive criticism in, moaning out.”

    *Pumps fist* Power to you my friend!

  22. @ Golden Hammer:
    You’re probably right, all people want to do now-a-days is bitch and moan. They’ll most likely say something about Sonic not having any dignity (as if he was real) or Mario and Sonic losing their purity, almost like fandom is its own religion. I only felt like saying what I did say because why would someone read something about a game they hate and leave a comment about it. I could understand just being tired of seeing something you hated get the spot light, but this website is really for everything new or fun in the fan base.

  23. This thing better come out on time because I need some new Mario and sonic at the olimpic games action

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