M&SATOG & SEGA Superstars Tennis Still Selling Well

M&SATOG & SEGA Superstars Tennis Still Selling Well

This weeks UK sales chart has now been released on Chart Track.co.uk and in All Formats Top 40 we can see Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and SEGA Superstars Tennis are still holding on strong.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games was released 23-11-07 on Wii and 08-02-08 on DS but still very much enjoys great UK sales across both formats especially now the sequel is on its way. The game is 26th in the chart this week.

SEGA Superstars Tennis PS3

SEGA Superstars Tennis was released 20-03-08 for PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and DS and also continues to enjoy UK sales across all formats especially on Wii despite the recent release of SEGA’s newest tennis title Virtua Tennis 2009. The game is 33rd in the chart this week.

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  1. Yup, I’ve got both those games, they are great. I can’t wait for Olympic winter games and All-Star racing.

    Notice both are cross-over titles. Maybe they reach broader audience that way.

  2. @ Sonic the werehog: Check out this youtube channel, youtube.com/digiharrison, for ideas if you want to add custom music.

  3. I just bought Superstars Tennis on saturday, and i’ve pretty much beaten it already. But it’s so addicting! I’m great with NiGHTS and Tails. I’ve been wanting to buy M&SATOG since it came out, but where I live the game’s still expensive 🙁

  4. I both games S.S.T is fun with or without friends & M.S.A.T.O.G is fun but mostly fun with friends over… but I wonder M.S.A.T.O.W.G will go ?

  5. Yesterday I bought Sega Superstars Tennis fpr Xbox360 and I simply love it!!! I wish I could have a Wii just for playing mario and Sonic at the Olimpic Games… I barely can’t wait for SONIC UNLEASHED 2 or something like that 😛


  6. Well two enjoyable but underwhelming games rake Sega in the big bucks for Sega…….I guess I’m happy but I want Sega to release a great game that blows away expectations, like they used to.

  7. @ProjectZuel: The problem is, when Sonic was new, people didn’t have high expectations. Now, they set them too high, and inevitably, they get disapointed.

    Seriously, the fanbase needs to lower it’s sights a little bit.

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