Catch It If You Can: SDCC JUVI Metal Sonic Figure Now on Sale!

Catch It If You Can: SDCC JUVI Metal Sonic Figure Now on Sale!

MetalYup, it’s finally that time of the year again for the San Diego Comic Con, and for the handful of lucky, lucky American Sonic fans there’s a nice little treat in store. All attendees have their chance at picking up one of the Jazwares JUVI Metal Sonic figurines, which are exclusive to the event and will only be sold over the 4 days the event in held.

HOWEVER, if you’re quick enough, Toys R’ Us US are stocking a limited amount of the figure at $15.99 a pop, so even if you’re unable to attend the event you can still pick up one of these nice little additions. Unfortunately it looks like this is only open to the US, and only available to purchase for 4 days, so be quick about it if you’re wanting to snag one! Everyone else will have to open up their wallets and fork out for one (plus postage) on ebay!

You can buy the figure here at the Toys R’ Us Website.

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  1. Oh yeah, people can get there hands on an awesome figure at San Diago Comic-Con, and they even go on sale at Toys R Us afterward. Well done SEGA, I’m sure all of your American fans are having the best time of there lives. Oh no, don’t worry about those “few” fans you may have in other parts of the world, in countries like France, the UK, Spain, the UK, Italy, the UK, Germany, THE UK, it’s not like THEY matter, especially not the UK, one of the countries where Sonic was frggin huge in the early 90’s, and could be on the way to a comeback if somebody released any merchandise there. But no, that’s okay, just leave us Europiens with Unleashed and Black Knight, and if they’re lucky enough, Archie Sonic and Sonic Universe, if they can get there hands on them.

    Yeah SEGA, don’t pay attention to us SEGA, it’s not like we matter SEGA, YOU SELFISH FUCKING ASSHOLES SEGA!!!!!! Oh, I’m sorry, I dunno what got into me just there…
    (lol sry, I’m just in such a crappy mood right now, when I saw this, it just gave me the perfect chance to let it all out XD)

  2. meh dnt like it sonic made 163 million last year can they please put like 5 million of that and make sonic adventure 3 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    i want a good sonic game


    Too bad I still can’t get them even though I’m in the US. ๐Ÿ™

  4. There are triple the fans in Europe than there are in USA. Summer of Sonic is being held where? Screw SEGA.

  5. I’m here and I’ve looked and i’ve looked for this thing. Apparently jazwares isn’t here and neither is toys r us. I read somewhere that entertainment earth was selling it, but the only thing in the area I saw was entertainment ap and they had no idea what I was talking about. Does anyone know where this is?

  6. Hey Josh! It simply says that the figurine will be sold at booth #2343 – there’s only a limited number of them, so perhaps they are limiting them to a specific number each day. Keep hunting, or ask someone at the stand!

  7. @Will

    You guys also seem to get a lot of cool contests and prizes over there from SEGA Europe, on top of SoS. Not to say North American’s don’t get some merchandise or cool things either but if I had to say who got more – I’d say Europe most likely. Not that that is a terrible thing though really.

    However, Canada sure needs some Hedgehog presence up here besides just Chronicles xD;

  8. I prefer to have the Summer of Sonic thing… but they support the Archie comics…

    okay… I like having the Metal Sonic figure instead :3

  9. I don’t think anyone over in Europe can complain, but, who says there won’t be any of these at SoS?…

  10. To bad I most likely will never get a ticket for SoS, especially considering I would never be able to afford it

  11. Also, why are the contests such a big deal? There usually just a chance to win a Sonic game that you could just as easily go and pick up from GAME.

  12. @will

    As the song goes:

    “Don’t waste your time on jealousy. Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind.”

  13. I found it and I got I today! I was on the wrong end, it’s the opposite side from where you enter and it’s sold at entertainment earth. There is a sign above that says EE distributions. There are Dexter signs right near there too.

  14. @ Will

    Why are you being such an ass? For one thing, this isn’t even an official SEGA site, so maybe you should go register your complaints with somebody who actually gives a fucking shit?! How many times have I wasted a good chunk of my life reading comments from self-centered, moronic losers like you? Not to sound stereotypical, but don’t you British guys always boast about how much better you are at using the English language than we Americans are, and yet I, an american, am kicking your ass both grammatically and intellectually?! If you can’t restrain yourself from cussing out people who probably wouldn’t even bother using up their time to listen to your ill informed opinions and potty mouth, maybe you should just go back to 4 Chan and leave TSS out of your childish rants.

    Anyway, the figurine looks awesome, I think I’ll get one, y’know, because I live in America and can (haha, Will). I like the chibi look to it and the reviews on Toys ‘R’ Us are very positive. Go SEGA of America!

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