More Metallic Madness! Metal Sonic Action Figure Planned

More Metallic Madness! Metal Sonic Action Figure Planned

metalprotoFor those of you who simply havent had their fill of Metal Sonic this week with the announcement of the Jazwares’ Metal Sonic chibi figure, then fear not, as it looks like we have more shiny goodness on it’s way!

Pick up August’s copy of Toyfare magazine and you’ll find a nice feature on Jazware’s currently lined-up selection of Sonic toys, which not only includes a super-articulated Knuckles figure to join the host of others on the market, but that there is also a 10″ Metal Sonic action figure in the works too.

The figure looks to be in it’s prototype stages, but hopefully this high level of detail will be retained in the product – if so it’ll join the list of must-have items for hardcore fans to own. The other good news is it doesn’t look to be a San Diego Comic Con exclusive (unlike the JUVI chibi version), so you hopefully won’t have to pay collector’s exclusive prices for it! However it looks like it will be another Toys R’ Us exclusive, so us Brits will probably be forking out a fortune on shipping and handling from US ebay sellers once again.

You can check out the full article scan here.

Hats off to KururuSouchou on the SSMB for spotting this and scanning in articles!

So what do you think to these new action figures? Join the debate in the SSMB!

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  1. I must say I am extremely excited for this action figure – I think it’s been a long time coming, and I’m glad the industry has “wised-up” to the cult stuff the fans really want! Now all we need are Team Chaotix figures and i’ll be in Hedgehog heaven!

  2. Ol’ metal mouth is getting quite popular lately. Maybe this is a sign of things to come?

  3. @Humble Fellow

    You mean liiiiiike…characters that we havn’t seen since mid-90’s, like Mighty, OR NACK/FANG???

  4. I hope they release them in the UK! Also, it’s good that they put more articulation in the 3-inch versions! It could be possible that they might make a 3-inch Metal Sonic as well!

  5. @will
    he’ll probbably means that he thinks that in the next sonic game his long life clone returns.
    well as long as he isnt the monster of the month ,okay (=

  6. Thats a serious amount of detail o_o
    You just have to love Jazware.. it’s like they’re reading forums on the net and delivering on what fans want… We wanted a Super Sonic figure, they made one (kinda), people wanted a WereHog plushies, they made one, people wanted Metal Sonic, they not only made 1 , but 2 😮

    Blaze the Cat and Marine the Raccoon next please you good people @ Jazware!!

  7. Yay!!! I LOVE plushies and action figures!! You know, even if I can’t find a Metal Sonic, that Knuckles one is mine!!! He looks soooooooo adorable!!! ♡ BTW, I TOTALLY agree with Jix, we need Blaze and Marine plushies!!! (Oh, and someone made a Werehog plushie? I though he was only an action figure…) ☆

  8. Jix Hedgehog: I’d make a bet that Marine will probably return in whatever game will be the next Sonic Rush. I get the feeling that she’s going to be a sidekick to Blaze, like Tails is to Sonic, or Cream is to Amy.

    As for voice actors, if it’s someone from 4kids, then I reckon it’d be either Veronica Taylor or Rachael Lillis.

  9. I saw this about 3 days ago…

    All jazwares needs now are…

    The Babylon Rogues
    and Team chaotix

  10. Metal Sonic is becoming more popular by the minute.

    @Will: Fang was rumored to be in Sonic Unleashed.

  11. @Hudson: I heard that too, but he isn’t =/ I think they should bring back mighty and ray too, they need more love

    But yeah, the metal sonic figure and vinyl blow up looks awesome and I’m deffiantly getting them (waits for them to be released out then lurks Ebay)


    I really do hope this is a sign of Metal returning to the games again. Heros left it undeveloped, and Sega hasn’t picked it back up where they left it, yet.

  13. i just hope scalpers don’t go crazy over this. after all these years we finally get a metal sonic action figure. i’m so pre-ordering this

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