Crush 40 To Release Two CDs This Autumn

Crush 40 To Release Two CDs This Autumn

Beautiful Sound Produce Team Unite!
Beautiful Sound Produce Team Unite!

Fans of Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioeli’s rock band Crush 40 will be delighted to hear that, confirming hints Senoue made on his website, there will two new records hitting Japan this Autumn.

An interview with Famitsu online has revealed the nature of the two CDs – one will be a sequel to their self-titled album with new non-Sonic material, while another will be a 10th Anniversary compilation of modern Sonic themes.

Additionally, Senoue has hinted that the Anniversary CD release may be released on multiple discs – although Deviantart user manaita translated the Japanese interview and suggests that there will be multiple releases over the course of three months, which leaves the possibility of a two-disc collection being sold in ‘parts’.

Jun Senoue has been trying to release his domestic works to the Western market, but so far success has been limited. If you’re after a copy of these CDs when they hit Japan, your best bet as always is to import.

Cheers to Snatcher2047 for the heads up!

Source: Famitsu Jun Senoue Interview

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  1. This has been on Jun’s backburner for a while – they wrote a lot of stuff a few years back during the Sonic Adventure / Sonic Heroes era but it never made it further than recording; when I spoke to him a few years back he was really keen to get this stuff done, but I think it was more constraints on his time, and Johnny’s tour scheduale with Axel Rudi Pell and his brother’s business.

    Glad we’ve got some confirmation though!

  2. Hell yes. I’ve been waiting for this news forever. Hopefully we’ll get more heavier stuff on the second Crush 40 album (as opposed to the more lighthearted tracks in SatBK), and some re-engineering on the ‘Best Of’ Cds (ala ‘True Blue’ versions of Live and Learn & What I’m Made Of).

  3. Oh My God I Cant Wait For The Sequel but a compilation album good too hopefully on the second disk will be remixes of classic crush 40 songs yeahhh 😀 😀

  4. Nice to hear Crush 40 work on some new non-Sonic material, or non-video game for that matter, since their other release was more closely connected to that Nascar racing game I believe it was. Since I have all the albums that houses the current Crush 40 tracks, I think I’ll step out on the 10th anniversary release, unless they remaster the songs much the same way they handled Live and Learn on the True Blue Album.

  5. Damn! News to me, and i help out on the website!! Still – brilliant news 🙂 – there have been rumours for a long time, so it’s great to hear confirmation.

  6. I’m gonna support them and buy their CDs.
    They are the best band I’ve heard. Not just because they sing Sonic music, it’s because they just rock.

  7. EW!

    Cool! I find Crush 40 to be decent, and I do hope they do well with their second CD.

  8. Oh yeah! News confirmed! I’ve sooo been looking forward for a non-video game Crush40 CD. Guess I’ll have to download it when it comes… I’d totally buy it if it was released here tough. Just as LegendaryEmerald, I really want heavier stuff. Wondering what the lyrics’ theme is. Like Metallica’s are all about death with some exceptions. Also some strong-yet-energetic stuff would be great.

  9. Has anyone ever considered tagging Bentley Jones and Crush 40 together for an album, not just remixes of old songs. Obviously all Sonic themed. It would be strangely nostalgic, also If Crush 40 used some of the 16 bit music and sampled it or re did parts. Yeah everyone knows what I’m getting at.

  10. YAY!!! Crush 40 is my fav band!!! I can’t wait ’till the CDs hit the western shelves (or import them myself, either way) !!!


    Now all they need is a tag-team CD with Bentley Jones… *Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge*

  11. Finally. I think all were waiting for this news. I understand that Sonic collection has no new songs? But remixes or covers, probably should be. Although I would like to note that the covers are obtained weak from Crush 40. Some people say that they wanted to see Endless Possibilities in their version – well, if Jun’s guitar I can imagine in it, the hoarse and deep voice of Johnny doesn’t match with that simple, fast and silly song… no waiting for that album.
    But non-Sonic album – oh the God, it took all my mind. I just can’t wait to see what it would have to name, see its cover artwork… and very much hope that the songs will be done in the style of first C40 album – energy, bright, light and kind, with the same melodic riffs and solos, and emotional vocals… however, their theme, it did not come to mind. Tracks of Trill of The Feel have been written for racing game NASCAR, and sung in most of the racing-car theme, but on the other hand they also can be seen as the tracks about our lives. Well… No ideas in general.

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