SEGA Announce Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing!

SEGA Announce Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing!


Well, you’ve been waiting for this one folks!

SEGA have just announced the follow up to last year’s SEGA All-Star’s Tennis with their new title: SEGA All-Star’s Racing! Once again the huge line up of famous faces from SEGA’s past are pitted against each other on the race course for some high-octane action! Don’t expect to be confined to the ground though! It looks like anything goes in this racer, with the line up of vehicles including cars, planes and…bananas?

The game looks set to include the obvious multiplayer title, but with a few twists, as Gary Knight, European Marketing Manager at SEGA states: The team have pushed the boundaries on what you would normally expect and created a different and unique party racing title whereby you really can’t take anything for granted!”

The game looks set for an early 2010 release, and will be heading to the Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, XBox 360, PC and Nintendo DS!

Be sure to head over to the Official Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Website to watch the trailer, read up on the game and see some nice flashy in-game screenshots!

So, the next question is, which characters will be making it into the game, and what will they be driving?

Personally, I’m hoping for Big the cat in the Froggy Mobile…

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  1. Saw this about an hour ago, it looks promising from the trailer, especially liking Eggman’s 4×4 =D
    I just hope that Sega won’t do what Nintendoes by putting it’s mascot through loads of sporting genres.

  2. …I can already hear the fanboys moaning.

    Anyways, it looks kickass!
    How is Nights going to race?

  3. wait what?! Cars? ahh not Sonic Drift all over again. This looks good though, Sonic drift got a rating back in the day anyways, I think :/

  4. I wish it could be strictly Sonic characters. I mean, who honestly gives a flying fart about the other Sega characters?

  5. I’m pleased ^^
    Two of my favourite spin-off games have been Sonic R and Sonic Riders, simply for their fast-paced gameplay. So I’m looking forward to taking Sonic and friends (and… familiar faces I guess) around all those pretty race tracks X3

    Online and Local Multiplayer please =D

  6. @Annie-Mae: ‘Cos Sonic runs at the speed of sound.

    Am interested in this one, seeing as I enjoyed SEGA Tennis. Wonder if Extreme Gear will be involved…

  7. It’s confirmed that you can race up to 8 people online and 4 players split screen.

  8. Looks like Sega Superstar Tennis except they are imitating Mario Kart instead of Mario tennis.

    I kind of agree with Stan, Aiai, Amigo, too many monkeys taking up spots that could be filled by our favorites like Jet, Vector, knuckles and wouldn’t it be great if Fang (knack) came back.

    I like that Sonic’s name is in the title this time. I think Sega figured out that he sells better than all their other franchises combined.

    Since it is Sega Superstars I’d like to see Toejam and Earl as playable characters, also Ecco the Dolphin, and how about Knuckles for crying our loud.

    I love racing games, but Annie Mae is right, Sonic doesn’t need a car.

    This looks better than Zero Gravity, so I’ll probably get it.

  9. Of course Sonic needs a car! He’s in the Grand Prix!
    But this still looks awesome.

  10. @RaphieL

    Its for Wii PS3 360 and DS

    Im buying it on PS3 and DS

    @ the people who are already bashing the game in the comments

    OH NO THEY PUT SONIC IN A CAR! HE RUNS! Yeah well you didnt complain when drift was out and you didnt complain whenever he was on a hover board so just shut up and quit bashing a game that hasnt even been announced for about a day!

    Well I personally love the idea! I cant wait! tennis on the DS put me to sleep though… it was kinda boring but this is racing!!!! I also hope big is in it with a froggy car

  11. I think this sounds like an interesting idea BUT I won’t buy it if it’s made by Sonic Team (or at least less likely). I will consider it if it’s made by the guys who made Outrun or Amusement Vision as they developed the excellant F-Zero GX.

  12. This game may suck… alot… like Sonic Drift or Riders (okay game)… dosn’t make much sence.


    Sorry, I just had to since no one else had. But seriously, why drive a car if you can fun faster than one, sheesh.



  14. Maybe Sega have already hinted of the possible characters from the Black Knight website.. WonderBoy, Alex Kidd, Golden Axe.. Tyris on a Chicken-Leg anyone?

    (Just found out the Dwarf from Golden Axe was in the tennis game.. well, I’ll be damned)

  15. For the record, I complained when they put him on a hoverboard, I complained when Shadow got a motorcycle, and I wasn’t aware of Sonic Drift until a few years ago, but I would have complained then too had I known. I’m complaining now too because putting a character known for his speed in a vehicle that is most likely slower than he is (if they make the cars faster than Sonic then actually it’s much worse because it means nothing about him is “super”) sort of defeats the purpose. Sonic R was very celebrated, but thats another story. Maybe Sega will have anticipated this though and running is an option in some of the races, or certain modes or some such.

  16. this looks like they’re trying to do a next gen version of the worst game of sonic drift

  17. *headdesks at the complaining* Seriously, if this was a Mario Kart title, people would be lining up down the block for it.

    Sarcasm aside, this sounds like an interesting game. I’m not a racing gamer myself, but I guarantee you, if the gameplay’s successful, and if Sega can pull off a good marketing strategy, this game could be a rather big moneymaker.

  18. I am so excited for this! I am going to get it for the wii and ds first. then I will eventually get it for all the systems but if the wii dosent have wii wheel support then that will just be retarted. but I can’t wait! omg this is so exciting!!!!!

  19. -plays a Sonic Shorts segment-

    Sonic: Why am I in a f@$!ing car?!?

    The true reason why Sonic Drift sucks

    -end segment-

    I hope it’s not another Sonic Drift thing. XD

  20. Wahey, I just knew it was going to be a new Sonic game [after the ‘no surprise’ titbit, my hope of Shenmue I-III died, again].

    Surprisingly enough, this interests me more than the M&S Olympic Games [games] ever will. I’m hoping this has Diddy Kong Racing-que like elements too.

    And I can’t wait to see what Knuckles drives… [if I could I’d give him one of the Floating Island’s Guardian Robots from STC], or hell just give him a mini Floating Island to drive. :-p

    I can’t see Ryo Hazuki [from Shenmue] in there with the visual direction, sadly, though.

    Though, now that I’ve got a 360 I have no idea which title I’d choose atm. The 360 will have more content and look prettier but the Wii version could be more fun [with better controls] and look decent anyway.

    Hmm, decisions, decisions…

    Random track ideas – Guilin from Shenmue II and Sky Sanctuary from S3&K anyone? 😀

  21. Dudes, Ristar so has to have a hovercraft in this game, am I right?

    I dig Tails’ little plane.

  22. HOLAS: ™

    ohhh i can already feel the sunshine =D

    and i would die of joy if i get to see:

    1) eggman in a classic eggmobile model 91 xD
    2) tails doll, the sega counterpart to weegee….
    3) Kiryu Kazuma, nuff said

    this game is going to be so lulz worthy :____D

  23. It looks good 🙂 can`t wait for it hoping Knuckles , Blaze , Metal , & Big make it in the racing & blaze needs to be in more racing games

  24. HOLAS: ™

    oops, wrong game…. when i said Kiryu Kazuma i tried to say… Ryo Hazuki (still watch kazuma would be awesome….)


  25. I really hope they include anyone from Crazy Taxi riding that famous yellow cab. I mean, it sounds so obvious. I really hope they put in B.D. Joe.

  26. “Sorry, I just had to since no one else had. But seriously, why drive a car if you can fun faster than one, sheesh.”

    That sorta defeats the purpose of fair game.

    Besides, aside from the “why is Sonic in a car” questions, I think it’ll prevent future stupid questions like “if Sonic’s faster than the speed of sound, then how come I beat him as Eggman”. Okay, that’s not stupid, but it’ll be very annoying beyond the point of caring.

  27. Look interesting! I never picked up Superstar Tennis, but I’ll get this if it turns out good. I want to see Billy Hatcher over anyone… and give him his actual voice instead of weird sound effects like in Zero Gravity. That really made me sad. 🙁

    Also, obscure and old Sega characters like Toejam and Earl or Ecco would be awesome beyond belief. Too bad I bet they skimp out on the Sega part of it and have too many Sonic characters. Sonic’s great and all and should obviously have three or four characters but I’d hate to see the amount of Sonic characters being close to the total amount of other Sega characters.

  28. Did’nt they learn from sonic R?Oh geeze,I hope it’s not a repeat of that.Well,maybe they’ll bring back tails doll if this is the case XD Well,at least his car is kinda cool looking.Not one for racing games like that,I kinda suck at them.

  29. YES! We Wii is begging for a cool racing games like this. And this is the same who made Superstars Tennis right. And Sumo Digital always give games good graphics, the tennis game had unbeliveable good graphics on PS2!
    And Sonic’s car is awsome, I think this game will be a good game, and ONLINE! Yes!
    I hopweShadow is in it…hehe sorry. He’s my favorite character, but also Knuckles and maybe Blaze.

  30. Hmmm. Intresting choice for the next Sega all-star game. Ok we all know that Sonic dosn’t need a car and that he could just dash through any race on his feet and win it in a couple of seconds or something, but Sonic has allways been the competative type so I guess he’ll roll with whats going on at the time.
    A blatiant atempt at a Mario Kart clone I’m sure, but if Sega can realy make a good effort on this and make it feel abit diffrent then I’ll consider getting this game.

  31. This breaks my heart. I had a much better idea for a sonic racing game. It involved sonic actually using is speed by running like he was ment to do. Why cant they just make a modern version of sonic R? or at least take racing tips from sonic adventure 2. Who is this person in charge of game concept at sega who is refusing to “get” sonic at all. Sonic is NOT mario. You cant just throw him into any type of game you see fit. The concept should actually make sense with sonic and his universe. He is fast and saves animals from Dr. Robotnik… Thats it! No cars, no hover boards, no warewolfs, no swords, no vehicles, no tennis, no apocoliptic monsters, no scavenger hunting, no olympics, no rpg’s, AND NO CARS! wtf? He is driving a car when he can just get out and run faster. Am i the only one who finds that so annoying? It just so obvious that the people coming up with these ideas just dont even think about who sonic is or what he has come from and its really starting to take a toll on me. I just want a game true to the essence of what sonic was in the ealry days. I cant stand that everyone is just letting this happen and keep giving these people the benefit of the doubt. IDK how good or bad this game is. This is not who sonic should be in this day in age. He could have been better than this… he should of been better than this… he deserves better than this…
    Im sorry for this long rant.
    ~a fan of the ghost of sonic

  32. Hmm… Sonic Drift comes to mind
    Looks good, but I don’t know what to think of Sonic in a car… I mean, he’s able to run past the speed of sound, so why would he need a car? Everyone else in the game should have one, but Sonic should just run laps around them (literally).

  33. Hmm… I do like that level art, for sure. 🙂 Keep up the wacky Sonic themed levels (Unleashed was good but it didn’t have the wacky inspired Sonic level factor that I wanted to see) and I’ll be most interested.

  34. The race course in that screenshot looks alot like the first level from Sonic Heroes =D

  35. Is the “collaboration” Pete Capella was talking about? If so, yay Silver in his PsychoMobile!

  36. I’ve uploaded the trailer onto my YouTube account and I do think it looks really cool! An awful lot of people have said “It’s just Mario Kart waa waa”. So? As long as SEGA pull it off like Unleashed and Black Knight then I’ll be happy!

  37. @ *SOS

    To be kind [and blunt], you need to get a clue on the Sonic being in a vehicle thing. It’d be unfair [like it was in Sonic R no less] if Sonic wasn’t ’nuffed’ abit [by putting him in a vehicle and thus balancing the race out for everyone else]. It’s purely for game practically, nothing more or less.

    A Sonic racing game with Sonic on foot would be terribly broken and thus unfun.

    I hope you’re not one of those who wants Sonic to continue to ‘run fast for the hell of it’ like in Unleashed in his future games, because that’s soooo a meaningful use of his speed…

  38. Sonic is going like phwee~~~~ while relaxing his feet at the same time. You know, sometimes he’s allowed to experience speed without running. I’m just kinda surprised nobody’s calling him on driving at fifteen and therefore being underage, considering what half of the community is like when it comes to that kind of thing.

    And I’ve mentioned this on the SEGA blog and I’ll mention it here. That is one smexy car. 😀 I can just about see Princess Sally stretched out on the bonnet in a racing suit.

    I’m sure somebody’s going to respond now and correct ‘Sally’ to ‘Rouge’ and ‘racing suit’ to ‘birthday suit’.

  39. @STAN

    Cause Sega’s other characters are just as good as if not BETTER sonic that s why you sonic fag.

  40. Hey you dan’t have to be mean yo, althought is is funny and you are right (to some extent, don’t know about the fag part lol!) but yeah sega has other franchise thats TEN TIMES better than sonic so stan you really shouldn’t down sega like that my man =D

  41. @umiyuri
    The driving limit where i live (NZ!) is 15. also this game looks great! i hope it doesn’t flop.

  42. Sonic Overlord UK: Well, I wouldn’t exactly call Satbk a success… Unleashed was though.

  43. So it’s basically a Sonic/Sega version of Diddy Kong Racing?


    One-liners aside this looks like nothing but harmless fun and I did like Sega Superstars Tennis just for the whole atmosphere of all the Sega characters today and the artistic style of each of them truly coming out. Sonic just doesn’t achieve that these days in any of his own games so I welcome this title with open arms. It looks fun. Also, wasn’t that an old tune in the tralier? I recognised it from somewhere….

    It interests me they’ve called it Sonic & Sega All-Stars though. Does this mean there’ll be a little more emphasis on Sonic? It would be good, because I would’ve liked to see Knuckles in Superstars Tennis so hopefully he’ll be playable here.

  44. I have to agree with most of the other replies, I definitely get a Sonic Drift 3 vibe. Especially since Sonic Tails Amy and Eggman/Robotnik’s vehicles look like redesigned/upgraded versions from Sonic Drift.

    What I’m hopping is that Amy’s car can switch into hover mode (that would definitely make my day), that and if there’s an option for some type of classic mode where you run (on foot) through the tracks solo while avoiding/bashing badnicks and/or enemies (Sonic spindashing some nightmarians comes to mind), it could even be some type of small minigame (probably asking too much though).

    I assume that the teaser trailer released will be the game’s opening cinematic (since the opening cinematic for SST was the original Teaser Trailer for that game).

  45. @ Dillz, Each to their own. I know my favourite Sega character is Sonic too. Ya know, thats why I hang out at a Sonic Fansite. I’m intrigued to see which other Sega characters make the cut though and what their cars look like.

  46. Sonic in Sonic Shorts
    “Why the hell am I in a car?!” “and that’s why Sonic Drift sucks!”

    Could this be Sega’s way of saying, “we’re making another Sonic R?” Could it also be a sign of the Tails Doll apocalypse?





  48. i think they are using the hedgehog engine for this game.
    looks intresting, i need a FUN RACER for the ps3.
    but i hope there are mostly sonic charas

  49. @ Edge : Finally someone said it ! Just because it has elements from Mario Kart doesn`t make it a rip-off there`s alot of racing games using items to take the other racers

  50. @edge: First, CALM DOWN AND STOP YELLING AT EVERYBODY!!! DON’T YOU KNOW THAT TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS RUDE!? Lol, being hypocritical is fun, but anyhoo, seriously edge you do have a point. But I don’t see why I would want a racing game where the only gimmick it has going for itself is that it is filled with Sega characters. I love Sega and all…but there are SO MANY racing games out there…it just doesn’t really leave them to bring something new to the table…Unless they get rid of all the cars and everybody gets airplanes or something like Tails does. Is there a airplane racing/dogfight game out there? I’d play that. If it had Sonic in it. Meh, I dunno. It just seems like another Sonic game that I have no interest in playing. UNLESS they add the Tails doll, then I’d be on that game like white on rice. OMGS that would be awesome…He could zap characters off the road or hypnotize them or something so that they can’t see temporarily…or he could teleport them to some random space on the track…PLEASE SEGA BRING BACK THE TAILS DOLL!!!

  51. I cant wait looks great could’nt care less if sonics in a car or not he still looks cool the characters i want sega to put in this are KID CHAMELEON and RISTAR they both had great games and were never seen again its time for a comeback

  52. Sonic & Sega all star racing = Mario Kart Wii
    I prefer Sonic Riders and the original Mario Kart
    Please, don’t make bad copies of mario kart and sonic riders, Thanks!
    From Caracas, Venezuela.

  53. Im probally the last person to hear the news lolz, just came back from my holiday in corfu

  54. All I can say is that they better have Nei or Rika from Phantasy Star, game needs some sex appeal! ^_^

  55. @Chosenoneknuckles:

    There are ways of making a racing game balanced with sonic running. At least i would hope so. Unless somehow, someway one of the people working on sonic games is just incapable of making the game balance for reasons unknown… like how people cant turn left…
    How about this one, sonic runs and he ISNT faster than everyone else? Or at least not that much faster. It would be purely for game practically, nothing more or less. Other characters would have abilities to slow others down and exc. Its not that hard to think of ways to balance a racing game without a car.
    But Its not just that he is in a car, even tho thats alot of it. Its the whole “lets copy nintendo and not be creative with sonic games at all” kind of mentality that sonic games represent now. People can defend how this isnt mario kart all they want, but the truth is… well..its a rip off of mario kart. Even if it plays completely different and everything its still just a copy of the same ol song and dance. Nintendo do this, everybody else follows. No SEGA use to be the ones who stood out and did different things.
    If SEGA actually grew some balls and made unique games again. The modern sonic would be much more to cheer about, instead of being split down the middle between love it or hate it.
    No i dont want sonic to run just for the hell of it. I want him to run because thats who he is. He is a free spirit, cant control him, gone with the wind, speed demon. And no one, stubborn enough to defend these new games, can take that away from him.
    All the bells and whistles about balancing the game, or appealing to a bigger audience, or pleasing new fans just make up for something that isnt true to the source material. Mario gets away with it because he was made that way. Mario was made in thought as an all around do anything and everything hero of games, but sonic was suppose to be the rebel and its sickening me to see him struggling to mimic mario and the rest of the industry. Just look at SA2’s 2player racing and tell me that wouldnt work with more characters and exc.

  56. “All the bells and whistles about balancing the game, or appealing to a bigger audience, or pleasing new fans, CANT make up for something that isnt true to the source material.”
    sorry, had to correct that.

  57. Sonic’s car looks quite cool. Cannot help but feel that the aero-dynamics of the car is going to be destroyed by his head though. Looks awesome though.

  58. *SOS: If you did that, there would still be a lot of fingers being shown to SEGA since Sonic is meant to faster than everybody and it’s completely illogical for everybody else to be the same speed. In fact, this was already argued about once before and the subject matter was the trailer/intro to Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.

    It’s also impossible to do ANYTHING in the industry anymore that Mario HASN’T done short of recreating Call of Duty and, trust me, that is exactly the last place SEGA would put Sonic. (I know people will point out ShtH to me at this point.) And besides, they don’t have to do something completely unique, just something that people like and buy.

    Isn’t that what everybody is asking them to do (which is rehash Sonic 2 in 3D but keep everything exactly the same)?

  59. Ugh. Guys. Seriously.

    I agree with *SOS all the way. And it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with “I want things to be like they always were”, because I didn’t like everything back when sonic was big either. I tried to, but when it comes down to it, I like a few ingredients when they’re exucuted correctly: speed and attitude. Which is, basically, Sonic himself.

    I didn’t like SA2 that much when it came out; I was disappointed in SEGA:s decision to cut down on the speedy action. I longed for sonic’s platforming skills, and felt cheated when the game kept going on rails (figuratively and literary speaking). I didn’t want to control a huge mecha, I didn’t want to look for emeralds (at least not in a set order!). I wanted good platforming, and that particular feeling of freedom that only sonic games could provide. SA1 almost had it! SA2 had some unforgettable moments as well, and that’s why it’s the last sonic game.

    Every single time, I have hoped to reach something that resemblances that feeling, and every single time I have been proved wrong. I have stood up and defended SEGA for such an incredibly long time, admitting defeat has never been an option. Until, maybe, now. Because I do not believe in them anymore. There is no way they will ever make a good game again.

    SEGA were geniuses, they were rebels, and they created a legacy back then. I will always respect them for that – but this is utter crap, and I’m not going to fall for it again.
    I believed in Sonic Unleashed; and I was wrong to do that.


    Dudes. Seriously. Calm down. It’s JUST A CASUAL RACING GAME. IT IS NOT Sonic’s “Next Big Comeback” that’s been prophesied and then denied us for years. This is nothing more than a casual game like M&S@ the Olympic games or its winter themed sequel. It is nothing more than that Sega All-Stars tennis game that I have yet to play. I mean seriously folks, stop taking it so seriously. It is just a game. I know that for me personally, the franchise is a bit more than a game series. It was a part of my childhood. I have come to terms with the fact that Sega is going to continue to disappoint me. I mean, it’s a fact of life like the fact that we need air to breathe, Sega was once awesome and now not so much.

    They are changing their audience towards the younger crowd, and quite frankly I don’t blame them. Why? Because looking at all these comments here, including mine, WE ARE ALL FREAKING HARD TO PLEASE BECAUSE WE ARE ASKING FOR A MIRACLE from people who are unable to provide us with it. The people who made Sonic awesome originally ARE GONE AND THEY ARE NEVER COMING BACK. I’m not saying that we should just bend over and take it. I’m saying that we shouldn’t complain as much. YES THERE IS A LOT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT. But still, it’s all been said before. Been there, done that, let’s move on. Please, I beg of you Sonic Community. People think we’re nuts anyways because we still love our little blue hero. Let’s try and change that. I’m not saying it’s particularly the fault of anybody here, it’s just every time Sega waves something “new”/another plan to whore Sonic out for money, we whine and say it’s not fair. It’s not fair. And neither is life, so just deal with it!…sorry about that…I’m just really disillusioned right now. It’s hard to be a fan of something when everybody around you says it sucks and you can’t come up with a good reason why because in your heart of hearts you know it’s true.

    I think we need to understand that there is a HUGE possibility that Sonic will NEVER be what he once was “back in the day” and that we shouldn’t nitpick at every new game release like it’s the messiah we’ve been waiting for but we don’t expect it to be so because it looks like fail. I’m not saying we should just say Sonic Sucks and walk away. I think we should just “cherish the good times” we had with our old friend because even though we don’t want to believe it, he died a long time ago. Whatever the heck is in his place is NOT the Sonic I grew up with. He’s not the Sonic I knew and loved and watched on Saturday mornings. We can either embrace the change or remember the good times because trying to find a balance is tearing us all apart.

    If this community is to come together or even CARES to come together in the first place, we need to put our differences and opinions aside and just love Sonic. You like Sonic X? Awesome. I hate it? Okay that’s fine. But I mean really people, I know it sounds silly, but “What would Sonic do?” Put your “imagination caps” on for a moment if you will please. If he were real, would he want us fighting like this over him? Would YOU like that? How does it make Sega feel? Yeah it seems like they don’t listen to us. I wouldn’t either if all i got was crap. You, as a person, do you have haters? Everybody does. Someone will hate you in your life. Do you listen to them? I know I don’t listen to mine.

    To wrap this all up folks, its just a casual game, stop the constant bickering like children, and what happened to “No Drama ’09”? I know some of you will probably just blow this off, but I just hope somebody listens…

  61. Tails Doll return, all the way! He can drive a Barbie corvette or something. Ecco the Dolphin would be awesome, driving a jet ski or something. Due to the racing genre, i think Jet would be a more than perfect character for this game. And how about Vector, Espio and Charmy together driving that atrocious car from “Sonic Heroes”

  62. “Mario was made in thought as an all around do anything and everything hero of games”

    Mario was made to jump, and swing a hammer around. One could easily argue that SMB broke his core principles by letting him land on things if they were idiotic.


  63. @ Max Gene:
    my key words were “in thought”
    And no this game isnt serious business. In fact id be happier if this game didnt exist at all.
    Im just upset because this takes away an opportunity to make a great sonic racing game.

    In Sonic R, the majority of characters ran the same speed. In SA2, sonic and shadow ran the same speed. All im saying is to take that and reincorporate it with some twists. sonic’s overall speed can be a bit faster than the rest, but other characters have the ability to slow him and others down. other characters may have better control, an incredible speed up, exc exc. There’s just a number of all kinds of things they could do to balance an on foot racing game.
    Mario has done everything except make a great onfoot racing game. M&SATOG was not a great on foot racing game. So in a way, that would be sonic’s way of standing out, being unique and true to himself.
    “Isn’t that what everybody is asking them to do (which is rehash Sonic 2 in 3D but keep everything exactly the same)?”
    Yes i would be very happy with that. Sonic 2 & 3 were platformers, but they had unique elements that define the sonic universe today. Those elements are also what set sonic aside from mario and other games. Nowadays sonic is turning into werewolves, chasing princesses, sword fighting and … driving cars? Well excuse me if thats where i draw the line, but i am. I draw the line at driving a car and racing monkeys in other cars. Thats not sonic to me and enjoy your wallet’s funeral to whoever thinks that is sonic, because its not and its just a way for them to steal your cash faster than the speed of sound.
    If they want to make another sega all stars game or even a sega all star racing game, thats great and all, but i cant stand that they want to throw sonic in it without thinking of whats best for the sonic franchise right now and what we the players want from sonic and sega. The last thing we need now is another gimmick to make fun of sonic for. Just another nail in the seemingly coffin for sonic the hedgehog and SEGA as we knew it.

    I just want to say thank you to Lisa M. for agreeing with me.

    what do you say sonic community? Stand up for your right to have quality games and games that are relevant to the source material.

  64. @imarafan – Its Daytona actually…

    this game looks like a classic mario kart title, with wacky designed cars, crazy power-ups, and strange booby-trapped tracks and islands, and Sonic’s car kinda looks like Mario’s he uses in Mario Kart Wii Lol, its funny hoe no one complains when other famous mascots are shoved in a driving game, such as Jak & Daxter in Jak X, or Crash Bandicoot in Crash Team Racing, or Even Diddy Kong when his racing adventure, so why the hell does sonic have to get bashed for even attempting to right the wrong since Sonic Drift?

    this could be promising if they use a similar physics engine to the Outrun series, along with catchy tunes, but if not, it’ll just be another fun multiplayer racer regardless.

  65. @ Umiyuri – if its so illogical, explain how Sonic Rivals worked then? i’m sorry but Silver keeping up Sonic and shadow just pissed me off, its got nothing to do with the fact sonic runs fast or not, its how the theme of the game is set out, and what the aim of it is, if thats the case the only rival sonic could have in an on foot racing game would be shadow, and that would be the shortest sonic game ever, its been Proven that SEGA don’t stick to the Facts at all, its a game, not reality your not really supposed to think about these things, you just play a game, that is obviously aimed at a less bitchy, and couldn’t care less crowd, Being Kids obviously.

  66. “this game isnt serious business. In fact id be happier if this game didnt exist at all.
    Im just upset because this takes away an opportunity to make a great sonic racing game. ”

    Congratulations, you have managed to completely miss the point and then prove mine AGAIN, all at once.

  67. Forgot something.

    “my key words were “in thought””

    But that wasn’t how Mario was thought of at all! Just an everyman who could do little more than the average Joe while trying to stop this gorilla. Doing anything and everything started in SMB with the ability to throw fire, and later to fly, etc.

  68. Wow, it could almost be Sonic Drift 3. If Sonic can run so fast, why would he ride on Extreme Gear or drive in a car? Sonic racing games puzzle me that way.

  69. I know this will be a best seller for kids & maybe racing fans I can see this game will at least get a 8.5 or even an 9.0 ah well have 2 wait until Spring …

  70. btw how comes that when mario does something besides his adventure like i don’t know maybe golf game, all the people are in line to kiss his ass saying “oh my godd!! that’s awesome”, but when sonic does the same kind of game or a new type of game, they’re all like “”teh g4m3 suXXX!!!1!, FU sega””. don’t immediately label this game as a mario kart ripoff when it hasn’t even been release, i think it’s going to kick ass, and it’s going to be 100%better than mario gay karts and it will be more like outrun. BTW: I hope this game has Metal Sonic, Kuckles, Silver, Blaze, Shadow, etc…

  71. “when sonic does the same kind of game or a new type of game, they’re all like “”teh g4m3 suXXX!!!1!, FU sega””

    Misguided purism. In the line of games like Sonic and the Black Knight, it’s because they were, in fact, flawed. Spinoffs like Sonic Spinball are given a pass because we’ve accepted them, but release them again today and who knows what fan opinion would be- some would be excited, others would scream about how pinball isn’t Sonic.

    In this case, it’s people looking at the “spinoff” styles of gameplay that they disliked, such as the werehog, and forgetting that this isn’t a Sonic game, it’s a crossover-racer that just so happens to have some Sonic characters in it. Don’t be fooled by the title, it’s just name recognition- similar to how even “Super Smash Bros” is still referencing Mario in a roundabout way.

    People upset about how Sonic being in a car is an affront to his speed are also forgetting that he’s the fastest thing alive. I know some of you like talking to your rides, but it isn’t healthy and doesn’t make them a living person.

  72. I don’t think I would mind all these sonic spin-offs at all if they were well-made and provided some enjoyment.

    Prime example: I liked spinball when I got it all those years ago. At first, I was puzzled because the playing style wasn’t what I was used to in a sonic game, but it sort of made sense because of Sonic’s design (he has the ability to curl up and become a ball, after all!) and the dark-themed levels worked well with me even though I was used to starting off in colourful landscapes with the blue blur. No checkered hills anywhere, no happy blip-blop music and no running. And still, in my mind, there’s no doubt that this game was a Sonic spin-off that worked.
    Why is that?

    After have read through the comments here and on the forum, I decided to take SEGA Superstars Tennis for a spin. A friend was kind enough to lend it to me, so I though it’d give me some relaxation. However, it made me feel frustrated and distressed by pretty much the same reasons AnonymousSonicFan writes about in his post.

    All these games, all these characters. Not even a decade has passed since Samba de Amigo, Space Channel 5, etc etc, were new and bold and shining. Five years ago, I was SEGA:s knight in shining armor. Beating the ball over and over, I remembered how it felt back when I had been looking forward to these games, how I’d played them with friends, and how amazed I was with the creativity, the innovation and the guts (!) that was SEGA.
    Thinking about it was painful, but then again, I couldn’t stop playing. I wanted to see more familiar blue skies, and more nostalgic faces, and I don’t even like tennis!

    The bottom line is: I agree with all of you! I don’t expect the next real Sonic game. We should just rejoice and look forward to what we get. I’m so happy the community still exists, and that there are more people who remember why we like sonic so much, even though there isn’t much left of him anymore.

    But there are never any good excuses for badly thought-out games. Money is never a good excuse, “trying to read the market” is never a good excuse. Game mechanics aside – quality is the only thing that counts.

  73. Nintendo has set the bar pretty high for wacky racing games. Mario Kart Wii was so so so so good. I’m afraid Sega won’t be able to match the perfect response time, low amount of loading time and overall fun gameplay that Mario Kart Wii has.

  74. The loading times and online service were the only things Mario Kart Wii had going for it. At E3, they said the idea of it was to place casual players with core gamers., ya, that didn’t work at all.. losing points because you’re in a group with nubs? No thanks.
    Anyway, who saw the Sega/Sonic Racing booth at E3? Looks sweeeeeet!

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