GameTrailers Explain ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’

GameTrailers Explain ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’

I’ve just got a quick update for you guys because I saw this and it made me laugh. Gametrailers as part of their ‘GT Anthology’ series has uploaded a video detailing what made the original Sonic game for the Mega Drive / Genesis tick. For instance, did you know that collecting 100 rings gave Sonic an extra life and finishing an act with 50 rings let you enter a special zone? Ok, so I’m not being fair as the video would probably serve as more use to someone who wasn’t a fan and was curious about what this whole Sonic thing was about. Plus the video gives a brief rundown about the people involved with the game and some of the things they did after which is kinda interesting.

Mostly though it’s a dose of nostalgia to fans who remember the game from the first time round and newer fans curious about the speedy blue one’s first console outing. Have a look for yourself below.

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  1. I suppose it’s good for the newbies, but there are one or two things wrong in that video; the only one worth mentioning is that Sonic loses up to 20 rings, not 40. 😛

  2. To Indigo Rush:
    Sonic loses all of his rings when hit but 32 (I paused and counted) appear on the screen. Sonic can pick up around 10 of them if he is fast enough.

  3. i think how many rings sonic loses varies a lot, possibly on some sort of time passed since last hit variable or something.

    the part about what else the people behind this game had done was interesting but other than that, its not even much good for beginers,

    Its a platform game so you press left and right on the d-pad to move and a face button too jump,
    not exactly rocket science, the rest you work out as you play through.

  4. Okay… In the first sonic game sonic looses all his rings. He can pick up 20 of them before all of the leftovers dissapear.

    In sonic rush he loses all but can only pick up 40

    In sonic rivals he loses 10(If my memory serves me right) and the same goes for shadow the hedgehog

    In sonic Unleashed sonic looses half of his rings until you get down to a certain number

    In sonic and the secret rings and sonic and the black knight sonic looses 20

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