Sonic & Knuckles for XBLA To Feature Lock-On Ability

Sonic & Knuckles for XBLA To Feature Lock-On Ability

Old technology becomes new as ‘lock-on technology’ has been reported to feature on the Xbox Live Arcade version of Sonic & Knuckles, according to Netherlands Sega Online Website which holds pictures of the feature in action. This would allow you to couple Sonic & Knuckles with any of the previous Sonic XBLA titles to unlock their ‘& Knuckles’ feature. The lock-on feature was missing from the recently released Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection.

Sega developed lock-on technology for the original Mega Drive/Genesis cartridge as a way to basically split the game in half to release two Sonic games in 1994. Combining Sonic & Knuckles with Sonic 3 created ‘Sonic 3 & Knuckles’, basically the complete version of Sonic 3.

Sega were also able to make Sonic & Knuckles work retroactively with Sonic 2 placing Knuckles as the sole playable character, something that was never though of on Sonic 2’s release in 1992. Finally coupling Sonic & Knuckles with the original Sonic game gave you access to a vast number of ‘Collect The Blue Spheres’ special zone

No news is available regarding a release date for either Sonic 3 or Sonic & Knuckles on XBLA at this time

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  1. That’s just sad. A third party developer can include ‘lock on’ to S&k yet not Sonic’s “Ultimate” Genesis Collection?

  2. If this is by Backbone Entertainment, like the XBLA versions of the other Mega Drive games have been, then it’s the SAME developer who handled the Genesis Collection.

  3. Just wait. a year down the line they’ll release another collection (most likely a pure Sonic one) and support for lock-on and maybe toss in Sonic CD again and say without all those other games from the previous collection taking up room we have plenty of space to add lock on support.

  4. well they said the only reason for no SK&3 in ultimate collection was the lack of time.

  5. YES!
    I’ve never been able to experience any ‘& Knuckles’ games, most importantly Sonic 3 & Knuckles so I’m absolutely thrilled! Definitely gives me a reason to download now 😀

  6. @ENVY 16:
    yeah it is really great! just start thinking about Hyper sonic…
    yeah brings back memories

  7. Finally. I love the whole Sonic 3 & Knuckles game, so having that “”& Knuckles”” lock-on feature definitely scores points for me. But I have a question: Say I get this, and then I get bored of playing Sonic 2 with only Knuckles. Is it possible to “disable” the lock-on feature without having to delete the save files I have, or even to play Sonic & Knuckles with no lock-ons at all?

  8. “cool, can u play as him in sonic 1?”
    No. S1 + S&K unlocks a S3&K Special Stage Game.

  9. I own the games like 5 times already and I still can’t wait for some lock-on action. It’s about time, I’ve been wanting to blast through Sonic 3 & Knuckles with all three characters for a while now.

  10. Did they actually ever discuss/ or reveal if there was going to be multiplayer capability for these games? Especially for the 1 on 1 racing part of Sonic 3/ Sonic 3 & Knuckles?

  11. Ive got S&K on megadrive cart but not sonic 3
    but Ive got sonic jam so i can play i t with the lock on version in that
    and playing them with a saturn pad is the next best thing too playing them with a megadrive pad

  12. Seizures! Seizures! Seizures! Seizures! Seizures!

    Hyper Sonic!

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