Exclusive: 14th Annual Sonic Amateur Games Expo DATED!

Exclusive: 14th Annual Sonic Amateur Games Expo DATED!

A long-standing community tradition run by Sonic Fan Games HQ, the Sonic Amateur Games Expo is an online showcase of the dozens of Sonic fan projects in the works.  This year’s event will be run by community oldbie, InstantSonic, along with KTZ.  The show will be a week-long celebration from July 25th through the 31st. With the show a little over three months away, that gives prospective participators enough time to whip up a project and a booth (website).

Submit all booth registrations to sageboothmania@gmail.com, along with a game demo to be displayed in a SAGE Attraction video.

Submit all SAGEcast radio show concepts to sageradiomania@gmail.com. If you DO NOT send InstantSonic a concept of what your show will be called and what it will be about, you will not be able to broadcast. Also, try to limit all broadcasts to 30 minutes to an hour.

The show will feature regulars like Sonic: The Fated Hour, Sonic Nexus, Emerald Ties: Crossing Fates, Sonic Nebulous, and much more!  I am truly optimistic for this year’s show.

Read up on the last few years of the expo at Sonic Retro’s Wiki. Ah, 2007… so many memories for me as director…

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  1. OMIGOSH YAY! Last year was FANTASTIC! I’ve been waiting so long to attend the next one. I’m so excited!

  2. Woot! Really looking forward to the new demos and stuff this year! Last year was my first exposure really to SAGE, and I really liked what I saw =D! It inspired me to start my own fangame, unfortunately due to school projects and life in general I have hit a stump in making my Knuckles fangame.

    Oh well, maybe next year! I can’t wait to see what you’ve got cooked up for Nexus next though =D

  3. Love the new layout of the homepage, I can skip all the community blogg’n bullcrap 🙂

  4. Why can’t you go? It’s an online convention. If you have internet access, you can go.

  5. Everlasting Song, “Nothing”, Emerald Ties: Crossing Fates, Super Mario Kingdoms and Sonic Rebirth were my favorites of SAGE 2008.
    Looking forward to SAGE 2009.

  6. Thanks for the details! I’ve been looking for the date of SAGE 2009 and such. Now I should get my game website done before it’s too late xD

  7. Maybe I’ll see a Sonic bastardized new demo, the director told me they use a totally new engine for this. Also, a project I was working on could’ve appeared here, but the director never appeared after some time and we’re stuck…

  8. I Made A Cool Game and I Entered It!

    It’s Called MKL: Deadly Brotherhood

    I Can’t Wait to see my reviews!!

  9. LOL I used to make tons of Sonic fangames but never posted them… They were the days 🙂

    This is why I’ve started my fangame social network.. so people can meet eachother and make good fangames.. I’ll have to check this expo out.

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