Sonic Rivals 2 to enter Greatest Hits range

Sonic Rivals 2 to enter Greatest Hits range


Sony has announced that the second title in the PSP Sonic series Sonic Rivals will be one of a new group of games to enter their ‘Greatest Hits’ range in the U.S.


No this isn’t a brand of video game nostalgia music albums but a range of classic games released on Sony’s consoles. To enter the ‘Greatest Hits’ range a game has to have sold over 250,000 units and be out for 9 months. The game will now retail in the U.S. for $19.99 from April 5th.

The ‘Greatest Hits’ range is very similar to the ‘Platinum’ range Sony has over here in Europe where Sonic Rivals is already among titles in the range so should we expect to see Sonic Rivals 2 enter the ‘Platinum’ range soon? I’d say so, we shall let you know if it does. Until then you can pick the standard copy up pretty cheap in both the U.S. and Europe if you shop around. Go on, you know your PSP is begging for some Sonic.

Source: Kotaku

Sonic Rivals 2 is already in the Platinum range in Europe. So, if you want a new Sonic game for your PSP on the cheap during the credit crunch go get it now! Thanks to BADavid in the comments section for the heads up.

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  1. I didn’t realise Rivals 2 did that well.

    Of course, in my mind, any game where you play as Tails is an instant win.

  2. Sonic Rivals 2 is already out on Platinum here (England) – my brother got it about a month or so again and it’s definately the Platinum version…

  3. I like the game. It was my second PSP game, and I love it. The music is awsome and there are some new stuff like battle, tag(hate that!) and much more! And Epsio! I was so happy to see him in a new Sonic game.
    Anyway I like the game.

  4. I’m glad games can still have platinum versions and stuff during the economic crisis. Don’t know much about the game coz i don’t own a PSP. I heard it was pretty good.

  5. saw some and a game with a lot of charas you can choose from bi#ut the main gameplay stays the same worked ever for sonic.maybe i ask my buddy with a psp to buy it

  6. I wondered why it was taking so long for the price to go down. I got mine for $23.99 at a local Circuit City that was closing down. And just yesterday at Gamestop, I saw that they had Sonic Rivals 2 and Sega Genesis Collection being sold together as a “Sega Fun Pack for $29.99 (the same price as just getting Sonic Rivals 2). They also had one for Wii with Sonic and the Secret Rings and Super Monkey Ball.

    Personally, I liked the original Sonic Rivals better. The second one feels bloated with all playable characters (you have to play through story mode 8 times) and the extra game modes (none of which are that fun), and even the racing itself isn’t as good because of the odd character physics and the excessive number of gimmicks per stage. Still, if you’ve already finished the first one, this one might be worth it if it’s only $19.99.

  7. ….

    I still have my copy wrapped up as if I barely bought it… yeah… my PSP died T.T

    oh well, I can wait 😀

  8. If I ever get a PSP…which I actually might, if it doesn’t take much to mod a few emulators onto it, then I might purchase both Sonic Rivals at their cut prices….that is…IF I can even find Rivals 2.

    At least my search for the rivals series lead me to an American release of ReCOM.:D

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