Pilot of AoSTH Better Than All 65 Episodes

Pilot of AoSTH Better Than All 65 Episodes

We got an interesting tip in our inbox about the pilot to that stupid “Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog” cartoon.  Now, The Nostalgia Critic recently tore it apart and I couldn’t agree more with him.  The cartoon was an incredibly pointless romp with abysmal production values.  It was terrible compared to the vastly superior SatAM series and cartoons as a whole.

However, this uncovered pilot episode is awesome.  One of the animators of the show, Milton Knight, uploaded it onto YouTube last week.  It’s seven minutes long and lacks any sound, aside from voice acting, but I found it more entertaining than the series’ 65 episode run.  The background landscapes are actually landscapes and are not ugly MSPaint-esque shapes on pastel colors. The art design is pretty cool!  Plus, there are many elements from the classic Sonic games that make an appearance.  Check out the video below and enjoy:

EDIT: Apparently, our YouTube embedder is all kinds of fucked up.  Click here to go straight to YouTube for the pilot.

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  1. Knew it! Bits of these appeared in the actual episodes and I knew they where parts of somethings more because the animation quality was alot better.

  2. still fails IMO way too much slapstick, you know its bad when all three mario shows are more accurate to the source material. I only saw two sections of landscape, the rest of the backgrounds are still regurgetated by kalidescope.
    Its funny the Jim Cummings went on the voice the only real evil Robotnik in the entire franchise lol

  3. That was awesome. It’s weird how the production went so downhill when making the series itself, but I guess that’s what you get with a pilot. And yes I laughed. Especially at the “No bull from a bull” line.
    The backgrounds don’t look like Jackson Pollock’s sticky love-juice on canvas anymore, and there are many more references to the game itself e.g. badniks, wrecking-ball egg-o-matic etc…
    I don’t want any of my friends to end up as road pizza either.

  4. I would have loved if he went super fast through that tube but stopes right in the middle by one of those bubble thing and was tapping his foot waitting for it. That would have been sonic freakin funny

  5. Pilots are always so much better than the rest of the series…

    (Much LOLs were had. I wonder what would happen if they tried to repeat the same tricks nowadays…)

  6. Argh! I knew this was big when I just randomly posted a random link to the video in the SSMB Forums. *sigh* Funny how a mod called it spam when I posted it though… lol

  7. Boy someone is a tool. Once that idiot NC says it sucks everyone jumps on the bandwagon. It was made for 6 year olds, and this is what they like. This whole series was far more entertaining then Sonic X.

  8. Hey, AoSTH was awesome if you were in the actual target audience!

    Yeah, I still have a tape of the thing from when I was reaaaally young.

  9. @Annie-Mae: I thought it was stupid as a 6 year old. I’ve hated the show way before the NC (hate him, by the way) annoyingly gave his comments on it.

  10. @Brad- well, you were a rather sophisticated 6 year old, and that’s from someone who was considered the sophisticated 6 year old when he was a kid. I ate it up. I’m just not sure what’s special about that pilot. I recognized plenty of the clips, but really it was nothing special.

  11. When you’re exposed to the production values of other 90s cartoons, this one is pretty lackluster and pointless. The WB’s Saturday morning line-up is still humorous to me today.

  12. Say whatever you want but I really liked AoSTH as a kid and I still do today, I’am not defending the show here, I’am just saying that it didn’t really bother me at all how cheap or badly done it was, I still got a few laughs out of it,one of the reasons being the Sonic Sez shorts because how many of them made little to no sense at all.

    I don’t mind the show being inferior to SatAM which was a good cartoon in its own right but I prefer AoSTH(and the OVA) over it, sorry but the idea of a dark and serious Sonic cartoon just didn’t sound right to me, other then that I respect SatAM and have nothing against it.

    Anyway I agree, the animation quality in this pilot is much better.

  13. Putting aside opinions of whether AoSTH is good or not, the pilot does show better quality, but I think the reason the other 65 episodes were “crap” was due to animation costs. That’s why the backgrounds appear to look bad and that’s why the characters looked wacky.

    Even so, the pilot seems bland with no sound effects, but it does seem to be a little less……..random so to speak.

  14. I used to watch AoStH all the time when I was four. In fact, this show was what got me started on Sonic. I now watch it on Youtube with my younger brother, soaking in all the laughs before moving on to SatAM, Sonic X, and the OVA.

  15. Looking at the pilot a second time it makes me wonder why they took out the elements of the games from the actual show.

  16. Umiyuri Says:
    “Pilots are always so much better than the rest of the series…”

    Not the Seinfeld pilot! XD

  17. Imagine is AoStH was done in a standard “characters stand still and backrounds are boring as s#!t” format that most toons at the time were. It would be a total bore-fest. What we got was excellent due to the fact that it was balls to the wall insane! You know the budget wasn’t at Ghostbusters or DuckTales levels, so it was either boring s#!t or wacky s#!t. I’d rather have the latter.

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