New “M&S: Winter Olympics” Scans from April’s Nintendo Power

New “M&S: Winter Olympics” Scans from April’s Nintendo Power

msowgart1The latest Nintendo Power (#240) has some new information and images of the upcoming sequel to the popular summer Olympiad game that the two iconic characters competed at this past holiday season. The issue talked about some of the sports that Mario & Sonic will be participating in later this year in Vancouver, such as alpine skiing, bobsledding, and speed skating.  In addition to the titular characters, all characters that participated in Beijing will be returning for the Winter Olympics, in addition to some new faces.  If you ever wanted to see a purple, morbidly obese cat ride a skeleton luge, this game may make that dream come true.

Co-Op and competitive multiplayer will be available for the Wii version, while the DS will only receive the latter.  The Wii version will also put your unused Wii Balance Board to use.  When it comes to the DS, you might want to invest in some screen protectors for this game.  All that rubbin’ and scratchin’ will obliterate your touch screen.

Oh, and here are some scans, I guess:


[From BlueBlur]

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  1. I wonder if new characters will be added. And I hope online multiplayer will be added. I’ll probably collect this game, but I doubt it’ll be any better than the first.

  2. I’d say it’s just a collection of mini games, and that no one in the right mind would pay the full asking price for it..

    ..and yet, there it is. The sequel to a mini game collection that sold a shit-ton of copies. Just further proof that taking an otherwise mediocre video game, and then slapping an iconic character onto it- is almost always wildly successful.

    Well, financially speaking, anyway.

    Ehh, cynicism aside, I’d rent it, at the most. I doubt it’ll be much different from it’s predecessor though. :/

  3. Sports games are bet on Wii I think, and for me it is even funnier to play those “mini games” with Sonic.
    So I’ll buy this, or I hope I’ll get it for chirstams if it comes out before the 24th december.

  4. Well, Mario and Sonic wasn’t too bad for a family/party game. It could turn out to be interesting. Will be funny if it dominates the charts for the next three years like the original M&S seems to be doing.

  5. The graphics look amazing but, I pretty much spent an hour with the first one and never played again.
    50$ for something that can be sold for 20 on the gamecube (in the form of Mario Party) seems like a waste.

  6. you guys are all crazy. The first olympic games was amazing. A Dream come true. I played it for months, it was so fun earning all the emblems and all the trophies, the medals, the music, the events. It was great.

    I can’t wait for this new one, everyone should buy it. Show SEGA and Nintendo we want more of Sonic and Mario together. Maybe we’ll get a cross over adventure out of them.

    This new game also finally justifies that skiing Sonic action figure that they made back when Sonic Adventure came out.

  7. I wish, 4 more characters by side.something like
    Sonic team: Silver- Jet -Rouge – espio.
    Mario team: Donkey – rosalina – didy kong – dry bones, or something like that.

  8. well different opinions sonictoast i dont like the 1st one either so i wont buy it (My first sonic game not in my house O=)
    ahh but do some more charas like silver and marine it would suit that game

  9. I got the first one and i am gona get tis one to and yeah it whuld be nice if Silver and Marine and some oder charakters whas on it:D

  10. Seeing Big in this game would make me very happy. As would seeing Mighty, Nack/Fang…and Bean. But we all know that’s not gonna happen. Just as long as Silver and Jet and his little “posse” don’t show up, it’s A-OK with me.

  11. AnonymousSonicFan: There’s nothing wrong with Silver!

    I think the reason so many people dislike him is because he debuted in such a crap game.

  12. Damn you Sega, you had to put Big in, sure he has an interesting design but I don’t know how people can defend this character. Well this game should be at the higher end of min-game fodder but I still won’t get it. And Humble Fellow I think the reason not many people like Silver is because his voice is awful.

  13. Since Silver and Jet were scrapped from the roster of the first game (for unknown reasons) I feel they are pretty worthy candidates for this new one. Same with DK and Birdo.

    I’m with you Anonymous, Mighty, Knack, Bean, Bark, Ray, Tails Doll. Those are the old characters who have yet to make their comeback. Some day though.

    These are my predictions for new characters: *Strength -Big and DK *Speed – Jet and Diddy Kong *Skill – Rouge and Bowser JR. *All Around – Birdo and Silver

    I’d also like to see Scratch and Grounder come back some time soon. In Black knight sonic ate chilli dogs again, so who knows, maybe Scratch and Grounder aren’t too far behind.

  14. It would have to have Wi-Fi, wouldn’t it?
    Come on Sega, no point in releasing it without Wi-Fi.. no one has anymore real life friends

  15. Humble Fellow: I’m glad you like Silver, I respect that. But I still don’t want Silver, Blaze, Marine, Cream and Cheese anywhere near me. Or the Babylon Rougues. To me, Silver is an annoying noob. Then again, everybody else in that game was fed crappy lines too, so I’m willing to give him another chance. Him in his pyrotechnic girlfriend. Marine is pretty cute, but she still gets on my nerves…And Cream and Cheese? Don’t get me started…Well, until then, I will still make fun of the shape of his head and use him as a reminder that kids shouldn’t do drugs.

    Sonictoast: OMGS yes, BRING ON THAT TAILS DOLL! And yes, Rouge would be awesome too. Scratch and Grounder might be okay, as long as they don’t have the same voices from THAT OTHER SHOW. Anybody from the DK series would be awesome too.

  16. AnonymousSonicFan: Yeah, Silver did sound like an idiot. But I think he’s got loads of potential. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Sonic Team started making a Silver the Hedgehog game. At the very least, it could clear up the whole Blaze/alternate dimension/Eggman Nega/future confusion.

    I think I’m the only one in the fandom who doesn’t hate any characters. You’re talking to someone who ADORES Marine! There are some I like more than others, (Charmy and Chris being prime examples,) but I don’t hate any of them.

    Except Omochao… Annoying git…

    sonictoast: I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there! But I think that Nintendo hates Rouge. When you think about it, the only game on a Nintendo console she’s been in recently was Chronicles.

  17. Humble Fellow: I would support a Silver game if they hired good writers and cleared up that whole mess. That would be pure awesome. But, if Chris appears in a game, I seriously plan on hanging myself. *Twitch* Thanks a a lot guy, like I didn’t have enough to worry about. I swear I’m gonna have nightmares tonight because of you. But yes, Omochao needs to go die in a fire, but for some reason, I gotta say, the game wouldn’t be the same without the joy of throwing him at enemies or bashing his head against the wall just to shut him up…Ahhh…good times…

    On another note, you are absolutely right! I hadn’t really noticed that they aren’t putting her in a lot of games recently…I’m pretty sure she was in the Rivals series though. But yeah, I have noticed I’ve been seeing less and less of her. I wonder why…

  18. @AnonymousSonicFan: Yes, Silver is definitely an annoying noob. After playing Sonic Rivals 2, I even started to find Metal Sonic to be a more sympathetic character. I was especially bugged by how he was always going “I’m better” during races. It just made him sound like an insecure bully.

    Oh yeah, is it just me or does this game have better graphics than the last one? I liked the last game, but I’m still not sure it was worth the $50 I payed for it. Maybe I’m just ticked off that I pre-ordered the Wii version and didn’t get a pre-order gift but people who pre-ordered the DS version did. 😛

  19. I hope Marine and Silver make it this time around! They’re pretty cool and I would love to see them snowboarding along with everyone else! ^-^

  20. Halo the Hedgehog, you genius. I think you just solved all our problems right there. “It just made him sound like an insecure bully.” is what you said. “Insecure bullies” are also known as TROLLS! Silver is the one trolling the website because we keep calling him Cannibis Head! Maybe if we were all nicer to Silver, he would go away.

  21. Let me first say I am not a furry when I say this. Nintendo doesn’t like rouge became of her charcter model. She’s a whore and she’s got clevage. Also think about this. You ever noticed how peaches brawl and main series models look different. In brawl I mean she’s a real full bodyed women but in the series she’s shrunk 2 feet and hers are as flat as a day old soda. Theres something to warp your mind.

  22. AnonymousSonicFan: Err… I didn’t mean that I LIKED Chris. I’m kinda neutral on him. And Charmy’s okay, but I swear, if I hear “I’ll take the lead!” one more time…

    Furry fists: I think her current voice actress might have something to do with it as well. When will Caren Manuel learn that Rouge ISN’T a chain smoker? She’s 18 for crying out loud! Rouge’s current voice is perhaps the only 4Kids actor that I can’t stand.

  23. Humble Fellow: She doesn’t sound like a chain smoker! She sounds like the sexy woman that she is. In fact, I like her new voice better than her SA2 voice. I’ve heard women with deep voices. Besides, she’s been more like 19/early 20’s to me. Besides, if she did sound like a chain smoker, her voice would be a bit more gritty sounding, like Captain Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager. Kate Mulgrew actually used to be a chain smoker so she does sound like one. Rouge does not sound like that.

  24. I was worried about the Wii Balance Board part… *sigh* that means I will have to buy it T.T

    GOODY!! More characters to be added!! xD I hope it’s Silver… or hmm…. uh… er… hmm… Jet… then Espio ((not as a referee))…

  25. AnonymousSonicFan: Okay, maybe not a chain smoker. But it still sounds a little too deep for my tastes. If you’ve played Sonic 06, (God forbid…) You’ll agree with me in saying that pretty much every one of her lines sounds like she wants to have sex with whatever she’s talking about

  26. I didn’t play the first game, but this one looks great! I hope the Wii Balance Board isn’t mandatory to play the game, since I don’t have one, lol. They should add online play and the option to choose different outfits – that would be a good idea, no?

    New characters:

    – Mario’s side: DK, Diddy, Birdo, Dry Bones, Rosalina, Baby Mario, Bowser Jr.
    – Sonic’s side: Espio, Charmy, Big, Cream, Jet, Wave, Storm.

  27. I want to see Big in that skeleton luge. D: Now. My imagination is having to much fun with it.

  28. I don’t think Nintendo really has a say in weather Rouge and her busty self are in or not in a game. I think she was just a flavor of the week and now her time is passed. When SA1 cames out, Big was popular. Cream had her moment in the sun. Right now Blaze and Silver seem to be getting their fill of Sonic appearances. Every game introduces new characters who get to join the cast, do their thing then take the back seat again to the regulars (Sonic, Tails, Robotnik, Knuckles, Amy).

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