Interview: Mike Pollock, Voice of Dr. Eggman

Interview: Mike Pollock, Voice of Dr. Eggman

Last week, I talked to Mike Pollock, the current voice of Dr. Eggman and we had a grand ol’ time.  If you’ve got 21 minutes to spare, you can listen in as we discuss Mike’s work on Sonic Unleashed and other Sonic titles.  In addition, Mike talks about how he got into voice acting and he reminisces on his early days in New York radio and his work on his only film, Little Tug’s Big Adventure.  He also does some voices for us!

Mike is currently signed to do voice work on an upcoming, to be announced Wii title.  He recently was the announcer for AC/DC’s Black Ice album and has acquired credits for his work on commercials, Ultimate Muscle, and Kirby!  Right Back At Ya!.  For more information on Mike Pollock, visit his website.

Embedding and audio playback here at Sonic Stadium is wacky, so Jay (Disco Ponies) has hosted it at the Sonic Show website.


Do you have a question for Mike that was not asked during this interview?  Who do you think that the Sonic Stadium should interview next?  Post a comment then, dummy.  😀

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  1. YAY! I really do think that he’s the best replacement for Deem Bristow. I just wish Sega stopped feeding him such crappy lines…

  2. Yes, stuhp, it is. It was on Mike’s website and I thought it was totally badass. I’m sure that Psy won’t mind more free advertising for FIREBALL20XL.COM!!!

  3. It would be cool if you guys interview Jason Griffth or maybe Yoshihisa Hashimoto (if he can come over to Sega Europe to do a interview with you guys and he’s my new Sonic hero.)

  4. OMG, brad must have the SEXIEST voice i’ve ever heard!!! what a hunk.

  5. You should interview Jason Griffith. Then maybe people would stop hating him for no reason.

  6. Keydown, no Jason Griffith please. I don’t need more reasons to be angry with him. But if you guys do decide to interview him, ask him how he feels knowing that half the fanbase hates him.

  7. Mike Pollock is the one that inspired me to become a voice actor. Every since then I have been getting deep into the career of it and making immitations of certain cartoons.

  8. Wow! That was an awesome and interesting interview! It was egg-tremely informative and interesting ^-^ Awesome work! (I always did what to know a little about Mike Pollock’s early job history and how he got the voice for the ‘good’ doctor.)

    Also, for a future interview, interview Dan Green, please. ^-^

  9. @Keydown: *sigh*, Still, I don’t like his “version” of Sonic’s voice….it sounds…off…I don’t know…just the mention of his name makes me grumpy and makes me think of how all the other voice actors were just axed without warning. It doesn’t help that Sonic + rest of cast are fed lines of epic cheese.

  10. Dan Green is awesome, that’s pretty much all you need to know. Oh, he also does the voice of Mephiles, but that’s pretty obvious. And, if you listen close enough, you can hear that he also does the voice of Professor Pickle. Sorry for two posts in a row by the way.

  11. Dan Green -is- the originall Horstachio from the first Viva Pinata commercial. If he didn’t play the series one, nobody would watch it. Not to mention he is also the voice of Yuugiou! and the voice of Mewtwo as well. Trust me. Listen to his voice and you’ll never not recognise it afterwards.

    And you shouldn’t hate the 4Kids actors for stuff their company forces on them, really. The only real control they have on anything is that they can walk out if things get too tough, but since a lot of them have a bad reputation due to affiliation the company’s voice directors and script editors it’s gonna be hard for them to get another job. They’re basically stuck there, really. If anybody, direct your bad feelings towards the company name, not its voice actors.

    (Grumpy, argumentative moment: The problem is, from my ears, the 4Kids guys actually seem to have had more training and experience, while the only English actors in SA2 I can listen to for a long period of time are Deem Bristow and Lani Minella. It helps that Lani was the voice director and so naturally did her lines better than everybody else. Sorry that everybody feels differently… meh.)

    If Jason used a more natural version of his voice, once in a while, though… The one he does for Sonic is hilarious. Not to mention that hysterical laugh. XD I’ve started thinking of Sonic as the cute, slightly neurotic nerdy guy trying to be the cool guy because of that geeky laugh.

  12. Umiyuri, you are absolutely right. I’ve directed my hatred away from my true enemy onto a puppet of their evil. WHY 4KIDS WHY!? But still, I gotta say, Jason is fed some REALLY REALLY bad lines so I am unable to forgive whoever wrote them, either they may be 4kids or Sega. But, I still miss Ryan. I don’t miss the VA’s for Knux and Rouge though, I gotta say, I really like their 4kids VA’s better. But yeah, PLEASE INTERVIEW DAN GREEN!!!!

  13. You guys asking for Dan Green. I have my own podcast, Wha-chow, where many a voice actor has been on. Getting a hold of Dan Green is really really hard because he has ZERO contact information. I almost snagged Jason Griffith but he stopped replying to my my space messages. Ryan Drummond might not be doing voice interviews because I’ve asked him twice. You can ask all you want for Dan Green or Jason but getting a hold of them is EXTREMELY hard.

    We’ve only managed to start scheduling for Pete Capella, the voice of Silver, and that’s after jumping through every hoop known to man.

    If anyone HAS contact info for Dan or anyone else, then I stand corrected. But it’s not as simple as Mike. Mike is very gracious and loves to talk to the fans. I don’t know if I can say that for some of the others….~

  14. Sadness….okay…Jaleel White then? I personally loved his performance as Sonic in SatAM. I personally want to know how he feels about voicing Sonic, Manic, and Sonia in SU. And how he feels about the crazyness in AoSTH.

  15. Wow… what a coincidence, Mike Pollock lived in Syracuse, NY for a bit – that’s where I live! 😀
    That’s pretty cool how he worked on WSYR and WYYY too, WSYR is our main news channel, and we listen to WYYY once in a while as well.
    I wonder if I’ve ever seen him on TV/heard him on the radio before?

  16. lol, I agree with Kori-Maru. It would be awesome for you guys to interview Griffiths!

  17. I hope 4kids leaves Sega soon. Did you guys get the news on Ryan Drummond recently. Ryan himself confirmed this

    “I have always loved voicing SONIC. And despite EVERYTHING that you may read or hear, I would go back to voicing Sonic in a heartbeat. But unfortunately, it’s not up to me. I have called. I have emailed. I have even had a meeting with someone from Sega (not allowed to say who). But they are a mutli-zillion dollar corporation, and there are hundreds of people that have input on every move the company makes. There’s politics, contracts, favoritism, egos, etc that all play into this. So just “getting my job back” is FARRRRR from easy. And there’s only so much I can do to help that process. It’s a deep, deep issue. And DESPITE WHAT YOU MAY HAVE HEARD, I’ve been doing alot to try and get back into the game, as it were.”

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