Editorial: Paging True Sonic Fans

Editorial: Paging True Sonic Fans

tsfWhy do people in the Sonic community take such offense to low review scores?  Anything 69% and lower is like a kick to the nuts to some.  I’ve seen people react like the reviewer had just murdered their parents.  While video games are an expensive endeavor, cashing in at $50 or $60, that doesn’t seem to be the point of contention with the “true Sonic fan,” which, by the way, is a derogatory term to the lot of us here.  The “TSFs” are more concerned with the reputation of their furry, blue idol than whether or not it’s worth a purchase, rental, or pass.  They probably have already bought the game and have beaten it three times over before the review is out, so they could care less for a recommendation.

It begs the question: Why do the TSFs care so dearly about other people’s opinions, especially the dissenting ones?

The TSFs have played the game and absolutely love it, so what does it matter to them that everybody else hates it?  If I could capture one of these creatures, put on a lab coat and study its ticks, then I would know the answer.  Sadly, it remains a mystery why these embarassments of Sonic fandom do what they do.  We can only assess from the asinine things that they post in forums and comment boxes.

A recent trend in the community is this obsession with whether or not a reviewer finished the game or not.  While I agree that a reviewer should play the game thoroughly, the need to 100% complete a game is asking too much.  How many review sites finished Grand Theft Auto IV before reviewing it?  I doubt that any of them did.  Most times, if you’ve seen first half of a game, the second half is bound to be similar.  Does IGN’s Matt Casamassina have to play the final moments of Black Knight?  Would the game’s true ending redeem all of the game’s shortcomings?  I highly doubt it.

A much more prominent argument of the TSF is the necessity to call people out on their preference to the classic titles, going as far as stating that the Genesis Sonic titles “suck.”  It’s always amusing to read that comment, as it lacks any context whatsoever.  Without Sonic’s successful Genesis days, which were popular for their innovations to platform gaming and contrasting attitude to Mario, the new-generation Sonic wouldn’t exist.  By referring to those games as “absolute crap,” one basically erases Sonic’s current lineage of games.  Sonic would be lost in the 16-bit generation, like Bubsy, Sparkster, and other attitudinal, platforming mascots.

What’s funny about the TSF’s cries for respect to the new-generation is that us editorial folk have to love every Sonic game.  When the TSFs preach that to us and follow up with “the Genesis games suck,” they’re contradicting themselves.

The “classic backlash” from the TSFs could also be attributed to the perspective of the authors of the Sonic-related articles and reviews.  The people who are articulate enough to write for these “important” websites are in their late teens and beyond.  Most of us are in our twenties.  As a result, we grew up with this character.  It’s something that has to be understood by the chronic complainers.  When they’ve reached a point in their life when they’re old enough to have a firm grasp on their respective languages, they can write articles about how Sonic Unleashed was a triumph of this generation for TSS, IGN, or some other video game website.  Secondly, the “too old for Sonic” argument doesn’t really work.  The charm of the character is supposed to appeal to everyone, regardless if you’re 12 or 40 or whether or not the game is “designed for kids.”

Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion.  If IGN does not like the game, that’s their prerogative.  If you like the game, then that’s your prerogative.  Telling a site how to do its business is an exercise in futility.

Not everybody is going to be happy with Sonic all the time.  One cannot coarse a fanbase so large to think uniformily.  So, if you like Black Knight, then good for you.  Don’t go looking to pick fights with the opposite viewpoint, because nobody wants to see that.

Better yet, nobody cares.

Brad wrote this review not in defense for IGN or review sites, but for the sake of peace and sanity.  Picture credit goes to “Sonic-Fan-Rater” at DeviantArt.

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Slingerland is a staff writer and editor for both The Sonic Stadium and Sonic Retro. His area of emphasis is the inner-workings of the games and laughing at everything.


  1. I also think there is a faction of the classic fans as well that consider anyone who likes the new games as well to not be true Sonic fans. Just to be fair, new-school fans are not all to blame for this whole True Sonic Fan thing. Either way, I hate the term and I dislike both the side that is constantly attacking others because they feel anyone who likes the new games is going against what Sonic was in the first place, but I also dislike (and I hate this term) the Sonic Defense Brigade just because they feel that Sonic can do no wrong. The reason I hate that term is just because I’ve seen people who just express opinions on why they liked a certain game, but then get lumped in there anyway.

    My point is, I think all these stupid terms should be dropped, classic fan and new-school fans included in this. Why can’t we all just be considered all as just ‘Sonic fans’? It might save a lot of trouble and a lot of hate towards others, because there would be no grouping of anyone (which tends to give a negative vibe to others). Nice article though! I definitely agree with review scores.

    Besides, I find any score within a 6-7 range is STILL nothing to get super upset over, seeing as that means a game is decent. Nothing special, but decent =). Personally I’ve stopped using reviewers scores on any game I buy, since I find I like to be more or less my own judge when it comes to games. But then again, I know what I like, so I’ll just go off that heh.

    Once again, great article!

  2. I hate those people who argue over games and stuff. I mean, I know the faults of the recent games, and I know all the good parts worth defendng, but people should just have fun playing and leave opinions that hurt others to themselves.

  3. I definitely agree with review scores.”

    Agh, I made an error, just to save myself someone possibly mis-interpreting this, I should have written it as “I definitely agree with the review scores issue that you brought up”.

    Just tryin’ to save myself from any unintentional things that might come out of that heh. Sorry!

  4. Ahem….Today’s Sonic games suck…why? Cause SEGA does not know what Sonic is. Sonic is Mario’s rival…,nuff said…the idea is to make a Mario game but better with Sonic, just like they did on the Genesis/Mega Drive days. Heck they should put Sonic on collecting power rings on different zones like Mario does collecting Power Stars on other worlds. They should also put Sonic’s power ups back just like in Sonic 3. I would also like to see Sonic underwater, and if you stay too long the paranoid water warning begins. The game should also be like Mario in the sense of free roaming (like Sonic Adventure but a bit bigger, and the stages should also be a bit the same. At least…that’s my opinion…and if I ever get the chance to make a Sonic game I would make it not for the purpose to please fans…but to beat Mario…which is Sonic’s true purpose in life.

  5. I’m personally sick of Sega constantly trying to do something new. I thought the Sonic and Shadow gameplay in Sa2 was the most enjoyable out of any of the modern Sonic titles. Sure the homing attack had some kinks to work out, but it felt fast, and I felt I had full control over Sonic’s movements instead of being forced to run straight all the time. If they made a 3d Sonic based on that again, perhaps with some branching pathways for replayability, that would definitely be enjoyable in my opinion.

    And to people who bad mouth the classics, lol.

  6. Man, great editorial! 😀

    If someone considers themself to be a “true Sonic fan”, then they would NOT, I repeat, NOT NOT NOT NEVER EVER EVER, say that the classic Sonic stuff “sucks”. Screw that. You can’t call yourself a true fan and hate what came before you; that’s just stuck-up disrespect to me, be it SatAM, the classic games or whatever. You may be able to dislike it, but a true Sonic fan would never scorn it, but instead, respect it. It’s a real shame when some people can’t even respect what came before them.

    Also, if a bad review of a Sonic game could get under someone’s skin that much, to the point that they feel like they have to damn the reviewer, then they really need to GET A LIFE. I don’t think that Sonic should be the center of anyone’s universe. That becomes a little, ah, overly-obsessive, no? lol

  7. Secretchaos, I think you’re dead on. If Sonic Adventure 2 had been Sonic and Shadow only, I think the game would’ve been better… the other sections were fun, but not Sonic. Throw in Tails and Knuckles as unlockable characters after you beat the game, and you’re golden.

  8. Finally, someone tells it as it should be told.

    If you liked the game, why let someone else’s opinion rub you the wrong way? Enjoy the game and just accept that not everyone will have the exact same opinion as you.

    Kudo’s to Brad for writing this editorial.

  9. Even when it comes to knocking on review site’s scoring and professional writing style, is there any point? If we had the Internet this readily available back in 1992, you’d probably have people spitting on GamesMaster Magazine’s review of Sonic 2 (they gave it roughly 60%). Sonic 2 is one of the most important games in the franchise to some fans, yet here’s a magazine saying it’s rubbish and “just the same as Sonic 1 and boring”.

    You may disagree with some reviews but taking arms and having a go at the writers won’t do any good – all that will happen is that the fans will be perceived as ‘rabid’ and IGN will do a podcast and take the piss out of their target audience. You just have to let them eat humble pie if the game is universally considered to be good – and at the moment, Black Knight isn’t coming off as bad as IGN makes it, so…

  10. Kind of hypocritical yourselves, you make out the Genesis games as the absolute best and according to another news post I read, anyone who disagrees must be stupid. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so don’t belittle those who think the classics were clunky rubbish. Sure, the series wouldn’t exist without them, but that doesn’t mean they’re automatically good to everyone, and those that don’t like them aren’t automatically stupid, nor “TSF’s”.

  11. @Anon: Wrong, actually. We’ve never said the classics were the ‘absolute best’, but anyone with an objective way of playing games has to accept that Sonic the Hedgehog 2 plays better than Sonic The Hedgehog 2006, right?

    You take what we say when we assess games on an objective level and twist it so that we’re “classic fanboys”? Classy.

  12. The reason Sonic fans (I dunno if TSF is the right phrase to use here) constantly defend Sonic? Noone wants to be the butt of the gaming community, yet Sonic and his fans are quickly becoming just that. At the same time, it seems that Sonic fans are the ONLY ones who can see the games for what they may well be, just a decent fun game, without the needless comparisons to Sonic 1-3&K.

    Some Sonic fans remain in hiding, because admitting to liking games like Black Knight, Sonic 2006, even Sonic Unleashed, can make their opinions on other games “void” in the eyes of some gamers, simply because “they like shit games”. That doesn’t sound right to me.

  13. I think it’s probably more to do with the idea that if a game they loved and thought was going in the right direction got uniformly bad reviews (eg. Unleashed), then Sega might consider it a failed idea and never revisit it again.

    Now, the whole classic VS. modern thing? I’m 22. I’ve been with the series since the beginning. In fact, for the first five years of my gaming life, I didn’t own a single game that DIDN’T star Sonic. But, to be perfectly honest, I don’t think the series is any worse now than it was then. In fact, as far as character design and storyline goes, I much prefer what we have now. Only a certain few recent games (namely Shadow, ’06 and Secret Rings) have failed to live up to my expectations of them, and that’s very few compared to the number of times I was disappointed by classic games (which was near enough everything outside of 1-3&K and CD).

    Kind of forgot what my point was there. Oh, right. Both sides are stupid. Classic VS. modern is a dumb argument, neither one is better. They’re just… different.

  14. “Even when it comes to knocking on review site’s scoring and professional writing style, is there any point? If we had the Internet this readily available back in 1992, you’d probably have people spitting on GamesMaster Magazine’s review of Sonic 2 (they gave it roughly 60%). Sonic 2 is one of the most important games in the franchise to some fans, yet here’s a magazine saying it’s rubbish and “just the same as Sonic 1 and boring”.”

    Knocked on the head right there, I think; As far as online goes, I’ve been in and around the Sonic community for the best part of 11 years (…Good Lord I’m old.) And the one thing I’ve always noticed is that there are a very large percentage of Sonic fans that are far to hyper-critical about review scores, and- on a more specific level- changing their opinions so that it matches that of their respective groups; I can sit here and say that on a personal level, despite Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 being one of the worst 3D Sonic games I’ve ever played, I still enjoyed a large portion of it for the simple reason that it had Sonic the Hedgehog in it, and nothing more. I’m also pretty sure that a large portion of people who played this game felt the same way until they logged on, realised their little companions hated it, and felt compelled to hate it because their favourite little websites and magazines gave it a low score. And thusly ripped on it continously. It happens with EVERY game! If people didn’t feel the need to side with other people on these aspects, and chose to play these games, buck the trend and actually- God forbid- expressed their own opinions about the game and how much they enjoyed it, without rabid ‘hedgies’ ripping on them for it, we’d have less problems.

    And to the people who posted simply to reply what they hate so much about the Sonic series thus far: You’re kind of missing the point about this article. It’s the forceful opinions that people post about what they think the fandom should be is what makes the rest of us look like complete idiots.

  15. first off i will love any sonic game that comes out i been with sonic since day one so …………… i will always love sonic

  16. “Kind of hypocritical yourselves, you make out the Genesis games as the absolute best and according to another news post I read.”

    Hey, Anon, did you not read?

    “Without Sonic’s successful Genesis days, which were popular for their innovations to platform gaming and contrasting attitude to Mario, the new-generation Sonic wouldn’t exist. By referring to those games as “absolute crap,” one basically erases Sonic’s current lineage of games. Sonic would be lost in the 16-bit generation, like Bubsy, Sparkster, and other attitudinal, platforming mascots.”

    If there is no solid foundation, then we wouldn’t be here today.

  17. “Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion. If IGN does not like the game, that’s their prerogative. If you like the game, then that’s your prerogative. Telling a site how to do its business is an exercise in futility.”

    THANK YOU!!! 😀

  18. If you’re a real Sonic fan, you should be able to sit down, play any one of the games – even 2006 – and not feel like you’ve wasted time. That’s what I think. You should be able to just enjoy them for what they are.

    SuperLink: “No-one wants to be the butt of the gaming community, yet Sonic and his fans are quickly becoming just that.”

    The thing is, there are an incredible amount of trolls for any series. The Sonic trolls just appear to be more prominent than the ones of the other game series around because more people concentrate on them and not the ones that actually type in proper English. Simply because it’s the easiest way to give us a bad name. Every series has bad fans, whether it’s obscure, cult or mainstream.

  19. Many people are fine with Sonic’s modern endeavors, many are not. Whatever people think of the series, good for them. Everyone can judge the same thing in different ways. There are only two types of fans that get on my nerves.
    1. The “TSF”s for the reasons you mentioned.
    2. People who say the series should just end or revert to the exact style of the genesis games. That would benefit absolutely no one; a series has the right to change and progress. I don’t think the series is without its many problems, but that does not mean there aren’t things that have been or can be improved on since the early 90s.

    Just because a game is part of a particular series (case: Sonic) does not mean it is utterly flawed or flawless.

  20. Umiyuri, you missed the point of the article.

    “If you’re a real Sonic fan, you should be able to sit down, play any one of the games – even 2006 – and not feel like you’ve wasted time. That’s what I think. You should be able to just enjoy them for what they are.”

    You just referred to yourself as a “true Sonic fan,” but substituted the word “true” with “real.” Judging a Sonic fan is based on the appreciation of the character and it has nothing to do with the games. If we go by your suggestion, then we all have to like “Sonic Labyrinth” and nobody wants to like that game.

  21. I’m not saying that everybody should enjoy them, I’m just saying that anybody should -be able- to enjoy them. Nobody should have to be shot down and forced to think they’re all shizen for liking a game.

    And I don’t think I ever called myself a ‘real Sonic fan’ or a ‘true Sonic fan’ in that statement. Or anywhere at all in my lifetime. I actually feel like the one person in the fandom who doesn’t deserve to be there because I can never find any reason to say I hate a Sonic game, when all the obviously proper ones such as Svend and you can’t ever seem to find anything you like.

  22. I’ve read not only this article, but most of the comments on it and well…..
    wow, I have nothing really to say. I love sonic. I ignore video game reviews.
    I love the classic franchise, and my fav sonic old-school game is Sonic 3 and knuckles.
    I agree and disagree…

    Sonic Fans are Sonic Fans, whether true or not they love the characters. Now I read some say that a true sonic fan must appreciate all the games. Thats a load of doggy dung. You’re only a rue sonic fan if you enjoy atleast the majority of the games, or you have a love for sonic or the characters. As long as you love the character you’re a fan, whether true or not.

    I refuse to play sonic the hedgehog 06, because I thought it was a horrible game. I won’t waste my money on Shadow the Hedgehog. But I’m still a true sonic fan because simply…

    I love sonic.

    I won’t go complaining to IGN because they hated a sonic game. I rent or purchase the game and I see for myself.

  23. Here’s something I have after reading the opinions and analyzing the comments.






  24. Agreed.

    Also I’m tired of this whole thing like old school Sonic game lovers v.s. new school Sonic game lovers. Okay… just because one person like only 2D doesn’t mean you have to attack him/her to make sure they like the new games. That also means they don’t have the right to attack you for not liking the 2D games. I’ve seen a handful of people form both sides do that… here, in Deviant Art, EVERYWHERE.

    Okay… I liked Sonic ’06. I thought it was a good game. Guess what? I even get flamed on and people say, “You’re NOT a true Sonic fan for liking a crappy game!” Okay…. it’s MY opinion not yours…so I don’t give a crap what you say.

    This is one problem with the Sonic fandom. “Fans” are forcing each other to like the exact same thing.

    Okay.. like Sonic ’06. I know many of you didn’t like it. Okay… that’s fine with me. That’s all of your problems not mine. Although if you offend me for liking the game then that is where the whole war comes from.

    Since when opinions became facts? Since when everyone has to have the same interests? No one told me about that.

    Also about the opinions as “facts”. I’ve seen people saying, “Oh, that game sucked so all the new ones sucks!!” How do you even know? Have you even tried the new games? Yeah… there is a crap load of those people today since Sonic Heroes… no… since Sonic Adventure. Just because one game was stupid to them, they didn’t even bother for the rest. Doesn’t this seem familiar?

    Also what pissed me off was that people were quickly to judge the game when it was just barely announced, discovered, or when seeing a leaked image. Doesn’t this sound familiar too? Oh yeah… Sonic and the Black Knight. Okay… some of you thought the sword idea was dumb but please… DON’T go offending others thinking it was a cool idea.

    Also I get people saying, “I HAVE COLLECTED EVERY SINGLE SONIC MERCHANDISE!! I’M SURELY THE TRUE SONIC FAN!!” okay good for you… Let’s just hope you didn’t use that money you spent that was meant for your family’s food. Although, to my belief, having every single game…having every single toy…plush, everything doesn’t mean anything. It just mean you have spent probably thousands of dollars on stuff. That’s all… materialism doesn’t work here…

    Like what this article said, a true Sonic fan is someone who is worried for the reputation of the character and the franchise not deciding on the games and such. In which I agree completely.

    Unfortunately, other fans who claim themselves “True Sonic Fans” doesn’t see that… they say, “YOU’RE JUST ANGRY BECAUSE OF THE CHANGES!” “YOU’RE JUST MAD BECAUSE !”

    I grew up with Sonic since I was only 3. I’m 18 so I basically know how that feels. Also I prefer the 3D games over the 2D… it’s because that’s just how I am. I honestly don’t enjoy just moving left to right. I have to be able to explore, go around and so on. Sonic CD is my favorite ((also my first game)) 2D game because it allows you to “explore” the place ((even though with the 10 minute limit)). That’s why I like Shadow The Hedgehog, Sonic ’06 and other 3D games because that’s just how I am.

    Honestly, I see Zelda fans more of a stronger fandom than us, Sonic fans… unfortunately.

  25. Wow people, just…wow… Might I remind everyone that this is JUST and only just a game series? Contrary to popular belief, there is more to life than just Sonic. Yes, I’ve been a Sonic fan for a long time, but I’m not so obsessive over it that I need to force my love of all things Sonic, and my ideals and beliefs of the series onto others. Yeah, I’m tired of getting weird looks from people when I say I’m a Sonic fan or being told right afterward that Sonic sucks and having to defend my opinion. But that’s the thing. Opinions are like butts. Everyone’s got’em but they might not always be the nicest looking butt, but that butt is important to that person either way. Yeah, weird metaphor but still people. You like classic stuff? That’s nice. You like next gen stuff. That’s nice too. You like it all? That’s nice, my point? Just don’t rag on anybody else because they say, “Liek, omgs! ’06 was liek teh best dood! Sonik 1 sux!!!11!1” or “OMGS, classics rule, next gen phails!!!!1!!1” or “I LUV IT ALL BABEH1!!11”. I mean, so what?

    Let us all have our own opinions! Yes, you may give the comment a weird look through the computer screen, but commenting on it is just pointless. Yeah the reviewer didn’t like the game. SO FREAKING WHAT? Am I going to let somebody I don’t know tell me what video games I should play? They don’t know what games I like. They don’t know what I am like. So no. I ignore reviewers because their opinions are not mine. I choose to make my opinions about a game by playing it myself. Here’s a computer example. Just because all the reviewers on a piece of software say that it’s awesomesauce on a stick doesn’t mean that in the end, it will fulfill all of your needs. Same thing vise versa. And a “true” Sonic fan? Seriously, there is no such thing. Can’t we just be all Sonic fans together as a community and not separate ourselves as “True Sonic Fans” or “SegaSonic Fans”? Why can’t we just all love Sonic together?

    So, like I said earlier fellow Sonic fans, can’t we all just get along?

  26. IMO a true Sonic fan would enjoy the game and stay with the series for better or worse such as sticking with your favorite team in sports no matter what.

    I’ve been with series since the beginning and its such a damn shame what has happened over the years. The fans should just stop overreacting to the negative feedback and just accept it. So I don’t get people confused, I’m not saying accept the fact sonic games sucks or something similar, I’m saying that if your a true sonic fan then you wouldn’t overreact to this nonsense. Play the game for yourself “if” you curious. If you don’t like it, simply return it, its not that hard. IGN has been proven to be unreliable to review sonic games lately so you people shouldn’t have been surprised. Am I saying it was a good game and you should buy it? No. I own the game itself so I know all the good points and bad. IGN’s review was flawed to the point in which I could describe other problems in the game they couldn’t have. All this drama is nonsense, you people should’ve been used to these bad reviews by now. As much as I would like a fair and just review from IGN, it seems very unlikely. Just remember, IGN doesn’t control you and you are your own person, you decide whether you like something or not.

  27. Actually, you know what? I’m sorry for what I said being so ridiculous. You shouldn’t even approve the previous comment if you don’t like what I’m saying because, to be honest, I don’t really like my own wording up there. I’m sorry for ‘missing the point’, as you’ve so rightly put.

    What I meant was that people can hate the games, but people can also -like- them and it’s up to them, not some official review website or some stupid fanboy who goes too over the top. Quite frankly, everything has some endearing quality to it (even Sonic Labyrinth, even freakin’ Superman 64). I would rather just buy the games I want to play and enjoy them for that endearing quality. It was basically reiterating the point you were making, which I shouldn’t have needed to do anyway if I’d read the article properly.

    Of course, it’s still disheartening when you’re told by everybody and their grandparents that the things you like are bad, so a lot of people do strike out. The unfortunate part is that they do it in such a way that people seem to hate them even more. That’s actually the reason I never really talk in real life. I don’t want to be one of those people you’ve labelled ‘true Sonic fans’.

    Like I said, I’m extremely sorry for what I wrote mainly because it seems to have pissed you off and, to be honest, I just want people to smile. Guess it doesn’t really matter why just as long as they do. Again, sorry. 🙁

  28. I liked this article… or post… or whatever. There has been a lot of problems with people getting so defensive over this kind of stuff. In school, I know a couple Sonic fans, and they get up on the high ground when you mention stuff like this. In a society that dismisses Sonic as “lame” and for “little kids” some emotional issues build up, but on the online community, we’re all Sonic fans, and we accept each other for that, because, if we didn’t, there’d be no real point in coming to TSS in the first place. We all need to accept that some of us like the classics and some of us like the next-gen games, because it’s still the same blue hedgehog we all love.

  29. There no such thing as a “true/real” Sonic fan, that’s a fact.

    Also I didn’t like Sonic’06 that much, because of the camera, controls, and gameplay, I like the story but that was about it.

  30. I like after posting this editorial (yeah, it’s an editorial, not a rant) that True Sonic Fans are coming in to comment on how we here at TSS should like all the Sonic games. I’ve deleted them accordingly, for the sake of No Drama ’09.

    Looks like some kids don’t know how to read.

  31. I do not remember who said that, but I remember this one quote I wish to share with everyone here concerning this topic:

    “I used to like Sonic games until I went on the Internet”

    Haha, that one struck me because it applies so well to many people, conscientiously aware of it or not.
    I remember the times when I was kinda bothered by reviews and other people’s opinions so I kinda understand these people. I just wish they’ll grow up eventually and be true to themselves.

    As for the other type of fan generating negativity, I simply request they’d respect the opinion of those (and more importantly the person) who liked the games they don’t. There is no right or wrong in taste, just preference.

  32. HOLAS: ™

    Draven’s Shadow sez: “Also, if a bad review of a Sonic game could get under someone’s skin that much, to the point that they feel like they have to damn the reviewer, then they really need to GET A LIFE. I don’t think that Sonic should be the center of anyone’s universe. That becomes a little, ah, overly-obsessive, no? lol”

    amy would like to agree xD

    anyways…. i have a question….

    after much time i could save some money and finally buy a better pc and sonic heroes…. and (despite some times i’m cursing the camera, and i’m looking at you lost jungle ¬¬) i’m actually enjoying this game….. the voice acting doesn’t sound bad to me (except some eggman parts and rouge)

    also i could find (after a lot of search) a store who still selling dreamcast games, got sonic adventure and i’m playing it right now… but the thing is….. i’m enjoying more heroes than adventure…..

    am i a monster? D:

  33. Oh Brad, like that’s new! rofl~ In spirit of No Drama ’09, I’d love to vote for having the use of the suffixes “real” and “true” in front of “Sonic fan” completely and utterly banned. They’re used to instantly tag people who we’d otherwise not want to associate ourselves with. That, and we’re all Sonic fans, just with (severely) varying degrees of rationality. >_<

  34. Wow, comments here are long.

    To be honest, like SOME reviews, I didn’t need to read the whole thing to get the message and endorsement of No Drama ’09. I was actually just thinking about something similar to this, and to put it short, it is in some human beings to be animalistic over a lot of things, especially if it’s different from them and what their used to. Such as opinions and how some of us will yell at each other over them by simply saying something like, “I don’t find Fred to be too funny.” Being alienated for liking the cool blue dude in this world that does label him as “for little kids, horrible games, and something the cool crowd doesn’t care for,” I’ve learned people just have their own opinion about things and you shouldn’t try to control them and change it. To some, including myself, Sonic just seems to be losing more and more of his luster with each new game as he’s getting sufficated by the vast sea of new characters in his universe, or that the newer games aren’t too consistent towards the Sonic universe in general. As a gamer, I was pleased by Unleashed and Black Knight, but as me with my Sonic fandom, I was disappointed for a good long list of things, such as charcters and their development, story, and the need to have a new character with each new game. Examples being, Knuckles replacing Professor Pickle for his knowledge of the Chaos Emeralds (Pickle is cool though), the short and made-up-at-the-last-second story of Black Knight, and the lack of character cast, that have become so dear to us, in Unleashed (Shadow and Knuckles any one?).

    I don’t mean to shot the blue blur down, or to dis any one whose opinion conflicts with mine, but that’s the way I feel towards him video game wise (I love the whole entire Scourge and evil Super Sonic thing in the comics right now). I have to agree with those who liked the exploration and chao gardens of the SA series, and I also agree that the classics had their good and bad times, but I don’t see too much wrong with Sonic today other than what I just stated.

    I might be guilty with the force your opinion on someone thing when their was this thing on a forum that someone started that basicall said not to get Chronicles because IGN gave it a horrible score. First thing, I hardly ever read reviews because they bore me and I’d rather play the game myself to see if I like it or not. I started to protest at him because he was shaping his point of view from a review and not seeing if he would like to play the game by playing it, and we all know that there was mixed views of Chronicles and overall I thought it was decent. He didn’t change his mind even when he thanked someone that they went and tryed the game. I suppose that it was very wrong of me to do that to him and that people will go by what the reviews say about the game, and maybe there’s nothing wrong with that.

    To sum it all up, we should probably just say things politely to one another and not forcably like the world seems to be doing.

  35. *sigh* Can’t anybody take things with a pinch of salt these days. I like reviewers. But don’t rely on one I rely on them as a collective group. I don’t use the numbers I use my brain. We should all relax, just because your favorite game got twiddle doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom. I got mad once because the critcs gave Spyro Enter the dragonfly scores between 4-6 but then I used my head. You see it’s the same with Sonic. I’d reckon all the games thus far are decent. To me the reason why every one goes silly is over-hype. SEGA can’t set the bar that high. Why? Because when the reviewers play it they get a HUGE SENSE of disappointment. What we should all do is be careful and not get sucked it.
    Think about it Sonic and the Secret rings wasn’t over hyped and it did quite well. Where Sonic 2006 was over hyped and it became commercial and critical failure.

    Well that was my two cents. Enjoy.

  36. Interestingly I believe just before Mario & Sonic was released a group called the “True Sonic Fans” made themselves known to try and get people to ‘boycott’ M&S and Zero Grav and to (quote) “Force SEGA to return to making real Sonic games which only include 2D side scrolling platform games exactly like the first series.”

  37. I want them to make SONIC UNLEASHED 2 the new game because they should put super were sonic on the game and make it ever one will be happy sega make that game.

  38. STULF the 20X6 Hedgedog Says:
    “the lack of character cast, that have become so dear to us, in Unleashed (Shadow and Knuckles any one?).”

    Yeah know? that made me chuckle a bit. Why? I remember back, then in the 3D games, people complained how there are too many characters. In Sonic Unleashed, the same people complained that the game needed more characters… hmmm….

    Anyway, yeah… just please… end the freaking opinion war and let us all get along for crying out loud…

    DUDE! Zelda fans aren’t like this!! You know? The CD-I games? I don’t see any Zelda fans b****ing at each other about that.

  39. Lets all join the No Drama 09: Sonic Loves you Club!
    All sonic fans must band together in harmony.
    We all have one thing in common anyways.
    We all love sonic.
    So lets band this “true” and “real” from the “sonic fan”
    We’re simply “Sonic Fans” for better or worse.

  40. @Umiyuri – “I actually feel like the one person in the fandom who doesn’t deserve to be there because I can never find any reason to say I hate a Sonic game, when all the obviously proper ones such as Svend and you can’t ever seem to find anything you like.”

    Cough. Can I ask you to read my reviews on TSS? My review of Sonic Unleashed has been praised as the most balanced review online. And I’m consistently making balanced reviews like this, since the site’s opening in 2000. I don’t like how people seem to think we’re always negative about the series when we have a pedigree of being the most fair and positive.

    You guys honestly think Brad and I keep ‘harping on’ about games’ faults in our posts because we’re being serious? Heck no. We’re just having a laugh. We can write sniping comments about Silver’s stupid head till the cows come home, but that doesn’t mean to say we actually hate the character. You guys have just got to lighten up.

    (This isn’t a dig at you, Umiyuri – you’re actually OK, but) I wonder if all the people who take pot shots at TSS actually have any reading comprehension over the age of 12?

    The point of the article – and something Brad quite expertly pointed out in his last comment – that there is no such thing as a ‘true Sonic fan’. As others have posted in this comments thread, every Sonic fan out there is going to have a like or dislike that differs to one another. I like Sonic Spinball, but I know people like Brad will likely kick my arse for it. But that’s OK, because that doesn’t make me any more or less a ‘true Sonic fan’ than him or you or Bob up the road. 🙂

    The people who call themselves ‘True Sonic Fans’ or similar are in fact closer to non-fans than any of us, because they exist to force you or others into thinking that “you must like all new Sonic games irrespective of actual quality” or “you must hate all new Sonic games irrespective of actual quality”. And as I stated before, that claim cannot be levelled at TSS because we’re funny with it, not serious.

  41. Well it really dosent bother me wether or not people like sonic. All i know is that if sonics in it then i like it……..with the exception of sonic riders YUCK! lol

  42. hmmm i think sega want to make something new because the new team doesnt want to copy evrything from the old games. This is one of the reasons for the werehog.
    Sega has now a lot of possibilities (nearly endless (= ) for the next game.
    they can do (finally) a sonic the hedgehog 4 (maybe like megaman 9 or with the hedgehog engine)
    they can do a real sonic adventure 3 (chao garden and optional charas)
    or they can do a unleashed 2, they only to make the werehog more sonic-like and other optionla charas ( like knuckles and shadow and please tails)
    so sega just needs to decide
    ahhh and probbably at the end of 2009 sonic rush 3 is coming out

  43. This is a point that I have been stressing to other Sonic fans through phychic powers, culminating my mental frustration into their thick skulls. Of course this doesn’t work as I would need to actually type this out for them to understand my thought pattern. The point is as you explain here, that everyone has a different perspective. I myself am more inclined to believe a professional reviewer than say, a Sonic fanboy who seems to think that every reviewer on the planet is against our beloved hedgehog. They are not, they are just analysing a game based on play experience and enjoyment in most cases redundant of its character.

    It almost seems that most hyper Sonic fans skip past critical comments on a Sonic game or just down right deny there excistance because a fan would rather take a knive to their throut then admit fault. It smacks of ignorance or most likely immaturity. Yes, perhaps you don’t have to agree with a review to enjoy a game but ignoring critic and flaming the author is downright juvenile.

    I don’t hate Sonic and I doubt most reviewers do (he’s hard to hate isn’t he?) but I myself admit that the mechanics and direction of his games in the last 10 years has been questionable; slight moments of grandness spoiled by awful design choices. Why did Sonic need a sword or to transform into a Werehog? Why did Sonic Team introduce new characters who don’t work like Big or Silver?

    So there you have it. Hope you read and perhaps reply in a mature fashion and not just disagree due to blinded love for a character.

  44. Wow, lots of comments. I just want to echo my statements above after reading some of the comments…why can’t we just all consider ourselves to be Sonic fans and stop dividing everyone up into different groups. Who cares what you like/dislike, obviously we’re all here on a Sonic site for a reason right? Yeah. That’d be because we’re Sonic fans 😛

    I don’t see people hating eachother on band forums I go to just because they like/dislike different songs by the artist than one another :P. The fact is they all enjoy some songs of the artist and consider themselves a fan, so they went looking for a place talk about the thing they like.

    Same thing applies here =)

    I also (from reading the comments above) don’t think this is an article about the quality of the games. A few people seem to be missing that, unless I am wrong. I think this is an issue more with the fandom than with the games, though people can say they go hand in hand I guess. It all depends on who you talk to ^_^;

  45. I don’t know what you consider a True Sonic Fan, but a TRUE Sonic fan would never say the classics suck. Those are blind Sonic fans.

  46. I’d respectfully disagree, since not everyone has to agree on what they like. Some fans grew up with the modern titles, and perhaps do not see the things that others love about the classics. Besides, the whole TRUE SONIC FAN thing is really stupid and just causes hate. We all like different things, I don’t know why that would be too hard to accept 😛

  47. I dont mind any game(except 06) but I really never played the genisis but I am just tired of people saying genesis is better you know?

  48. Keydown, considering the impact and critical reception of the Genesis titles compared to the newer ones, I don’t see why that would annoy you. Again, without the originals, we don’t have the new generation.

    If you say that you’ve “never played the originals,” then you cannot complain about them or people that talk so highly of them. It’s pretty simple.

  49. I’m sick of hearing that Sonic looks bad in review, then that game will be bad. Personaly, I love Sonic Unleashed, and NGamer (the mag I read) gave 55% (not so bad, as they say, but then) which I think that these people will think is a crap score and will uproar about it. These so-called ‘people’ are nothing but sonic extremists. If you want to know more, go on Concept:Mobius to learn about them.
    Don’t become an extremist, loath new era sonic games and keep on loving the classics . Instead, LEARN WHY YOU LOVE SONIC AND STICK TO IT, WHETHER ITS ARCHIE OR THE SHOWS OR EVEN FANDOM, JUST DO IT!

  50. Its simple why fans hate bad reviews of games they like; if a game they like gets negative reviews SEGA wont make another game like it, duh simple >_>

  51. What annoys me is that IGN gave SBK about 4/10, which really pisses me off, most of the guys there are complete idiots though so I cant be to hard on them.

  52. i love every sonic game in my collection. (good ones xD)
    but i always ignore bad reviews so….
    oh! and i like black knight, so its good for my 🙂

  53. Well , it pretty simple In term of what sonic did for the industry during the mega-drive era he was equivalent to what gears of war and crysis is now in term of money and amount of capital and resources devoted to him . the best graphic the best possible game play in the limits of his time (Essentially in comparison is as if sony or Microsoft took billion of dollars and sonic was the Halo or MGS4 of today in cartoon form)
    . Now he’s fallen from grace , wither or not you enjoy the game or not the comic or what not ,is beside the point he no where near the Symbol of icon he use to be that warrants resources to devote to him anymore . Now like any other Fandom it worship of materialism for the most part , so when the status decline of your product the hardcore of the Cultist is like a religious collapse , hearsay provade the ranks . Whisper of the collapse of rome start filtering onto the forum (Japanese developer no longer ontop of the industry , Japanese developer market shrinking , send ever wapanese fan into a head spin .Oh No ! Sonniku-kun! ). Fanatical fans whole world collapses and they search for whatever scrap of followers and dignity they can string into there internet cults and shields themselves from the rest of the world (Gaming world/common sense)

    Let be realistic here without that high point in the industry Sonic is no different than any other small time plat former /furry character with furry pals .Honestly that perfectly fine from one standpoint there plenty of games like that on the wii ,but for a lot of people the amount of devotion the amount of merchandises bring calling that there was a greater past .
    . So People get upset with Reviews being bad , for one by definition a fandom forces obsessive conformity to opinion and forces you to worship something simply because they own the license to the property with a bible called “canon” So they review must be good because I must support sega Regardless of what they do , That not individuality that called being a puppet to the people who own your ass .So you don’t have any individuality to speak of , and the reviews are a reminder that Sonic is not as popular as it use to be he not the status icon ,he’s not a cartoon character that belong in the Ranks of Pixar or talked about in a higher cultural publication of society about the acceptance of video games. He doesn’t have the latest and greatest technology devoted to his game play or mechanics , the best programmer or the best artist. No he’s just another third party game that float between average and below average confined to the wii that makes a profit with a young audience , probably permanently at this rate ,and that hard for people to accept now especially for people who are Classic fans . And for the Teen it like the EMO mid-life crises

    . Sonic appeals mostly to Americans and Western that what he designed to (hell the damn colors where picked from the American flag originally ) , he’s like a Ego pumped Mickey mouse for this generation .lol and people cry when they see it slowly die a slow painful death. He has no value to Japanese Culture , So people have a mix of anguish and confusion and religious collapse of there blue deity

  54. wow, this is pretty amusing and interesting stuff.
    To me Sonic was always a character of style, attitude, and fun. To have a compilation of ” outside”gimmicks is kind of a push that doesn’t need to be taken, but at the same time it’s also
    unnessesary for huge groups who either love or hate the blue blur to bash and guilttrip the ones
    who don’t agree with their perspective. I admit that since Shadow the Hedgehog they taken constant
    turns for the worst. I also admit that I disagree with Sonic games obsessive need for constant speed.
    I know he’s fast, it’s been proven in far too many ways. Sonic games shouldn’t focus on the one thing that defines it. there should be a combination of speed as well as other interactive ways to
    make the game more fun,interesting and inviting.

    When I was a little child I would frequently Imagine sonic running though a world full of clouds free with nothing bothering him but his stomach. Tails would try as hard as possible to compare to him,
    Knuckles would do or say something to tick sonic off they’d then make up and unite.(this kind of happenned actually). I just want to sit down and enjoy myself. Sonic IS a lifeform he isn’t perfect
    therefore it’s only right that something screws with his journey.Lately Sonic games don’t even play as though they’re games. they play like books that you have no choice but to read, SU is the biggest example of this fact.Every sonic game will ALWAYS have good graphics and music(strings included)
    but not all of them have that inviting atmosphere that I long for. That’s all from me.

  55. Wow. so yeah, I decided to just sit here and read through ALL of these comments.

    I agree with the whole “there’s no such thing as a TRUE sonic fan” deal. I mean, i know a couple of people that consider themselves “true fans,” and all they do is bash the new games. Whenever I ask them something along the lines of “oh hey, did you play so-and-so game? how was it?” I usually end up hearing things like, “OMFG next-gen Sonic SUCKS” or “they should go back to the original games, THEN it would be awesome again,” or, the one that annoys me the most, “Eww, you like the NEW Sonic, OMG you’re a furry and a weeaboo, and a NEW-GEN fan. Eww, leave me alooone.”

    Honestly, guys, give me a BREAK! Just because we like the new games doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with us. And another thing, most of those “true fans” that only support the genesis games believe that those who play the new games completely hate the classic games, and are what I’ve heard some people call “BAD” sonic fans, and that we ruin the Sonic fanbase. Now, I agree, there ARE those “new” fans that can go kinda crazy, but not everyone is like that……

    Am I right?

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