Sonic the Hedgehog and the Goblet of Awesome

Sonic the Hedgehog and the Goblet of Awesome

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When Sonic Adventure 2 was released on the Dreamcast, SEGA did a few promotions in conjunction with the hog’s 10th Anniversary. Three pieces of merchandise were produced in a limited series, alongside a special pre-order boxset – a ring featuring Sonic’s head; a high quality figurine and a wireframe model cube.

Today we’ve amazingly seen proof of a fourth. And it’s currently up for auction on eBay.

Apparently, unlike the other three pieces of merchandise (which were available for sale on Sega’s website), this goblet was given away to attendees of a special Japanese event for Sonic’s 10th, and the label includes Yuji Naka’s signature too. In mint condition, this is one prize posession for any hardcore merch-hunter. T-Bird?

At time of publish, the auction has 21 hours till close, with the bid standing firmly at £189.99. I’d buy it in a heartbeat, but alas I have a holiday to Japan to worry about first and foremost. As we may never see such a glorious item again, we’ll be saving these pictures here, forever immortalised for Sonic Gear to come and use.


Sega Sonic The Hedgehog 10th Anniversary Wine Glass New – eBay UK (thanks bcdcdude!)

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  1. Someone at a convention I visited was selling one of these and a Sonic 15th anniversary trophy. I was going to buy it, but then I wouldn’t have been able to buy one of those $500 Shadow dolls at the amazing price of $35…

  2. Sega held a number of birthday parties to celebrate Sonics’ 10th anniversary (with cake) and I believe Yuji Naka had to toast Sonic at these events using this glass. However I never knew they were mass produced for attendees. I stumbled on pictures of the event a long time ago whist browsing Google images. It’s amazing the amount of Sonic promo images that exist on the web that people just don’t know about.

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