Sonic receives broken arm by a Mitsubishi

Sonic receives broken arm by a Mitsubishi

The diabolical Dr.Eggman has finally damaged our beloved hero Sonic The Hedgehog with his latest vehicle contraption designed with a Mitsubishi car theme.


This was the moment Eggman reversed into Sonic who was posing for the media for upcoming game Sonic and the Black Knight…


The incident has left our spikey blue hero with his arm in a sling but he refuses to let it get him down because he’s cool like that.

After hitting Sonic, Eggman jumped out of his vehicle and ran off (as best an egg shaped man can) laughing like the evil villain he is. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Sonic is recovering well after Princess Elise of Soleanna happened by and treated his arm with one of her thin white sheets she always carries around handy(see Sonic ‘06) which she made into a sling for the injured hedgehog.

When asked about the incident Sonic said “It’ll take more than a Mitsubishi to beat me Eggman! Next time you won’t be so lucky!”

Sonic has since given the Mitsubishi car to Tails who is now tinkering with the vehicle and plans to build a flying car called the Tornadobishi. More on that at a later date.

Joke’s aside, this is obviously a giant Sonic The Hedgehog statue like the one TSS’s own Brad Flick reported on last month. That particular statue started life on ebay at £500.00 and sold in the end with the winning bid at a whopping £620.00. Well, now we have another one on ebay at the cheaper starting bid price of £200.00 which is no doubt because, as the owner states –

Right arm original fixing broke, temporary repair made (bolted & mastic).

You can also ‘Buy It Now’ for £300.00.

The owner ronb8364 has taken plenty of photo’s of the gigantahog by his garage and Mitsubishi car which if I may say, Sonic is alot taller than as shown in this pic –


ronb8364 – Sonics head alone half filled back of Mitsubishi pickup.

The statue currently has no bids and ronb8364 although preferring collection is willing to deliver upon agreed costs, well everyone needs costly petrol to get places :p

You can bid for this bad boy here

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