‘Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games’ Teaser Trailer

‘Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games’ Teaser Trailer


They’re back!

You may remember not too long ago TSS reported a rumour concerning Mario and Sonic’s return with another Olympic Games compilation. Today, SEGA Europe have updated their official Youtube account with a HD teaser trailer for the upcoming game on Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS set for release ‘soon.’

The new trailer shows off some lovely CG quality movie scene footage and has Sonic, Mario and pals all snowboarding down a huge mountain in front of cheering crowds. The game will be out on shelves in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics, but for now fans of either series can check out the High Definition Youtube Teaser Trailer here.

What’s your opinion on the new trailer? Are you planning on picking up Mario and Sonic’s latest Olympic outing in time for Vancouver 2010? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. man^^ a big LOL when i seen the trailer^^ i wonder what kind of events and characters SEGA will use for this sequal? especially what sonic characters will make the cut.

  2. I enjoyed the original Mario and Sonic. I’ll probably like this one more, if it has stuff like snowboarding.

  3. We all know Sonic’s been snowboarding longer than Mario has… *shot*

    In all due seriousness this was pretty rad. As usual the CG is very beautiful, but let’s hope they improve the Wii controls, eh?

  4. I only marginally tried the last game on the DS and if that game was any example of the full console version it seemed like a couple of shallow mini games slapped together to me. If they go more in depth with each of the olympic game events in this next outing I’d feel a lot better about it. Since I never played the console version of the last game and only looked at videos, all i can say is that it’s predecessor looked just as shallow as the DS version and I hope they do a better job this next time around….”hope” being the main word as that’s seems to be the main thing that everyone clings to around here 😛

  5. I just got messaged from SEGA on facebook and there they listed the release date as “late 2009” as opposed to the “soon” TSS is reporting. THey also mentioned that the Wii balance board would be compatible, which is pretty neat!

  6. Listen to yourselves. One of the biggest problems I hear in terms of the Sonic franchise is that there are too many characters. Now, this sports title is announced and you WANT more characters! Hypocracy at best.

    Anyway, this game should be a good one. I’m looking forward to it.

  7. FLICKIES! FLICKIES! OH HOW I LOVE THOSE CLASSIC ANIMALS!!! … Oh, and I guess the trailer was pretty cool too.

  8. Oh wait… look at the scoreboard when the pig has the close shot… it appears Tails, Daisy, and Knuckles are confirmed. (though it’s pretty obvious they’d be in the game anyway)

  9. As I’ve mentioned before, as long as this actually has:

    Good music [unlike the first game]
    Good Character Line-up [no playable Cream or Babylonians please. I want Marine, DK, K Rool and Silver!]
    New / Old Dream Events [best part of the previous game really, other than the trampoline :-p]

    Then I’d definitely look into it, even if the first game lost its lustre pretty quickly. [And who knows, maybe we’ll get that Mario / Sonic RPG / Platformer, eventually…]

  10. Let’s face it–It’s another million-seller, in the aspect that casual gamers will pick this up. Honestly, this game will pick up a 6/10, which is not too good, nor is it too bad. However, we’ve already got Sonic & The Black Knight coming, and really?

  11. I haven’t even finished the first Olympic game! …Ack! I’ve gotta hurry before this comes out! *rushes to Wii to finish Mario & Sonic*

  12. NO NO NO NO NO
    *hits head against wall*

    Theyre gonna have to do something epic to prevent a repeat of last time ><

  13. Hahaha!!! Watching that made me LOL!!! But at least Sonic actually suits using a snowboard…?? XD

  14. They could do some cartoons of the team-up doing random competitions as promotion. It would be kinda sweet to see Sonic and Mario work together, too, to beat Bowser or Egg-for-brains, like the final battle of SSBB.

    And Nomad, if something works, you keep using it. That’s why Sonic the Hedgehog got a sequel in the first place. That’s also why every game has a different gimmick. They could just get worse and worse unless we suddenly all latch onto one and go, “Keep this! Keep this!” like a bunch of crows.

    In which case, I would continue to latch onto my copy of Sonic Riders: Shooting Star Story.

  15. I haven’t played the one on Wii, and I only sampled the one on DS. Though I liked what I played, that has nothing to do with me wanting get this game. That picture at the top makes me want this game. Epic.

  16. I only just noticed them, but I really liked seeing Porker and Flicky, two of the cutesy animals from Sonic 1 and the like in the crowd!

  17. Mmm… let me think… Do you like Cosmo, Vanilla, Shade, Donkey Kong, Shy guy and Rosalina for new characters? I love them!!

  18. @ Steel the Hedgehog:
    No Cosmo, let her stay in the anime so we don’t oneday have to play with Sora (Chris). No Shade, it would screw with continuity (even though this is a spinoff game, it’d still be wierd). No Shy Guy, this is just personally for me, I have always hated the no-name random enemies being playable. Plenty of other Mario characters to put in thier place, like Geno. I can’t say no to Vanilla so much as, “Why not Cream?”

  19. Oh SHIT!!! God damn game crossovers; I always hate them…

    Meh, as long as the snowboarding is IDENTICLE to Sonic Adventure’s Ice Cap level, there’s a minigame where you get to land direct punches on Mario’s smug grin, it has a better soundtrack than the original (preferabely, have Jun Senoue compose it) and the annoying characters are removed – I’m not fussed!

  20. Too short! The trailer for the first Mario & Sonic was epic…

    God dang I wish winter would go away. Im freezing my nips off.

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