Sonic Mega Collection + Rated for XBLM

Sonic Mega Collection + Rated for XBLM


European ratings board PEGI have rated the Xbox Original title Sonic Mega Collection Plus for Xbox Live Arcade. We can only assume they mean the ‘Originals’ section of the Marketplace, and not the Live Arcade itself. For those who don’t know, SMC+ is an Xbox re-release of a Gamecube Sonic compilation, with added Game Gear titles as well as a few hidden non-Sonic titles.

PEGI have rated the game 7+, which is odd because they rated the original Xbox version 12+, so could we see some cuts in this port? Another thing that’s odd about this is that the original Xbox version is backwards compatible with the Xbox 360 anyway, the Mega Drive games will soon be released in SEGA’s newest compilation (SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection) and two of those Mega Drive titles are already on the Xbox Live Arcade.

Oh well, if it’s going cheap and people can’t find the original Xbox game and want some added Game Gear action, this will be a good buy for them.

Source: PEGI

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  1. And yet Wii owners can only get the games one by one for inflated prices. I’m going back to my GameCube.

  2. What we should remember is that rules and regulations of ratings organisations can change over time. But there’s still a possibility of some cuts. This is going to be downloaded after all, so we don’t really want to download more than 100MB.

  3. Idiots! They’re better off taking back all the copies of sonic’NEXTGEN’ and redoing them… Why bother unless they are adding knuckles chatiox and sega sonic arcade though that would be wishful thinking.

  4. Heh, i’d like to see that 😛
    A 4.7GB ‘patch’ ‘fixing’ Sonic 06. Basically replacing the entire game with something playable.

  5. its better if you have the disk because.. you know you can actually look at the cool picture 🙂

  6. I’ll be getting it, heck I didn’t even know about all of them till now, so theres a good chance many others wont either and will buy it. As for repitition, I think Sega is thinking more about the money….. (then again thats an obvious statement in itself…)

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