eBay Watch: Giant F&%kin’ Sonic Statue

eBay Watch: Giant F&%kin’ Sonic Statue

Who would buy this statue?  Most likely, somebody at TSS (and by somebody, I mean DiscoPonies), so that’s why I’m telling all of you broskis.  eBay user, Luxmans40, is selling this magnificent specimen, starting at £500. Considering that Luxmans40 states that this thing normally goes for £1200, £500 is a steal of a deal.

Check out the specs on this bastard:

Figure Height: 186 cm

Base Height: 25 cm

Total Height: 211 cm

The figure was only open for photo purposes, so it’s guaranteed to not have any residue on it from a confused furry on a Saturday night.


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  1. I´d so gonna buy this one O___O but my limit is 534€ and I don´t believe shipping this dude to Germany is cheap ;____ ;
    Lol, he´d look SO nice next to my giant plush Sonic xDDD

  2. Move over TV. And most other living room furniture.
    There are a couple of these standing around in SEGA HQ, and one in my local Gamestation, so there must be a fair few floating around. I guess if you’ve got £500 and lots of space…hey Phil, how about this for your babe lair?

  3. omg i so want that!

    but just imagine the shipping costs on that to australia -___-

    I can dream D:

  4. I think that might be the same one that they have in Gamestation in Southampton!! (Not the EXACT same one from that store, the same version).

  5. It really is awesome 😛 But at £500 its waaaaaaay out of my price range. Perhaps, PERHAPS even too much for Jay! O.o

  6. Ugh, I’m about £400 short, I’d kill for one of those! Though even if I did have the money…I haven’t the room I regret to say, oh well. Whoever gets him is a lucky lucky person!

  7. HOLAS: ™

    WTFZOMFGLAZ0r’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????? O_o_O_o_O_o_O_o_O_o_O

    my nephew would love that…. and i would love give that to my nephew T_T

  8. well 500 pound is like 1000 aussie 0.o, and as has been said before: that would be a whopper of a shipping price!
    But hey, do I want it? Hell yeah, look at the thing!
    Just need space and some dosh and I’m all set 😉
    Yeah right…..

    It was quite an exciting moment.
    It wasn’t thin and stretched like the one in E3 2006. It was a short version of Sonic, and has big feet. Although I love the old Sonic, the new one has bigger feet (sometimes) and I love it.

    ~True Blue

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