Box Art: Sonic und der Schwarze Ritter!

Box Art: Sonic und der Schwarze Ritter!

box-german-tiny box-spain-tiny box-aus-tiny

Enjoy these latest high quality images of Sonic and the Black Knight’s PAL box artwork, fresh from SEGA themselves. Taking a note from the book of Sonic and the Secret Rings, it seems that each territory’s title will be translated for their respective audience. We have images of the German (which once again always manages to sound cooler than the English one), Spanish and Australian packshots, but no UK one. Which is a bit odd.

We’ve got these in maximum resolution, so if you want a massive Schwarze then simply click on the images above, and select ‘Full Size’ to receive your prize.

Thanks to Hero of Legend on SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. No we don´t, it´s the Government that changed the rules, and now we have this messy, in my opinion, WAY to large (ugly) ratings logo wich ruins all the artwork on the covers (expecially on the DS games). Now we have heard that they will do that with movies aswell, sometimes I really love how the government treats us (not really!). -.-

    Couldn´t they just use stickers that can be removed from the packaging, but nooo they have to print it on the covers, great, many parents don´t even care about this, they play the “child wants the game, child gets the game” game to please them, like many others all around the globe! :/

  2. hahXD wonder if they’d also translate it to Dutch:P
    “Sonic En De Zwarte Ridder” HOPE NOT!=P

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