Sonic Unleashed PS3 out now in U.S….apparently

Sonic Unleashed PS3 out now in U.S….apparently

Sega of America have updated their product page for Sonic Unleashed. The page now has 2 copies of the China trailer and states that the PS3 version is OUT NOW. So U.S. gamers, how is Unleashed? Any good?

On a serious note though, what a mistake to make. Does this mean we’ll be getting a release date soon or are Sega of America’s web site staff as bad at noticing errors as Sonic Team are at noticing bugs in their Sonic games?

In other news if you run your mouse cursor over their Egypt trailer it says ‘Petra trailer’, I haven’t seen that name anywhere on the official Sonic Unleashed site so could this be the official Egypt stage name?

SOA Sonic Unleashed product page Discuss, if only for the lulz at the SSMB topic.

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