Sonic Chronicles ROM Leaked

Sonic Chronicles ROM Leaked

Looks like loads of people are eager to play Sonic Chronicles after all. Following the news on SSMB that Australian game stores have broken the official street date for the title’s release, it was only a matter of time before the illegal ROM dump started appearing on the Interwebs. Thanks to some eagle eyed members on Sonic Retro and X-Cult, the dump didn’t seem to take that long to arrive at all.

Those with an R4 Nintendo DS cart (which are totally used for homebrew and nothing else, honest) have been having some problems getting the ROM to run properly on their handhelds, but some workarounds have done the trick – apparently the solution involves an ARM7 patch file.

The Sonic Stadium was able to play the game at length some months ago, and we have to agree that it is a pretty damn good game, with a good mixture of action and RPG fused with classic Sonic banter. Let’s just hope that any positive opinions gleaned from playing the ROM will translate into bona fide sales for SEGA. After all, it only makes sense to support the company when they finally get something right.

The game is on track for a European release this Friday. We’ve just received our copy for review, so you can expect us all to chime in and give the non-‘Knockoff Nigel’s a definitive assessment.

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