Summer of Sonic – VICTOLY!

Summer of Sonic – VICTOLY!

We’re back from the Summer of Sonic convention, held just yesterday in London. We will be posting roundup articles, photos and everything else we can imagine from the event over the next few days, but those who saw our live broadcast feed would have probably heard (as most of the time you likely saw a buttock instead of the action) it was a fantastic success! The first ever Sonic the Hedgehog convention was a triumph.

I’m glad to have met some awesome people, but am sorry if I did not hang around long enough to have a proper chat – I was running around like a blue-arsed baboon trying to make sure schedules and equipment were working properly.

The special guests enjoyed themselves very much – Richard Jacques was a star as always, TJ Davis was very happy to engage with her fans, Lee Brotherton was utterly shocked to have seen a circle of fangirls singing Dreams of an Absolution in front of the stage when the DJ played it (you should have seen his face), and Nigel Kitching is just about the friendliest, down to earth bloke you could meet.

An actual report of the day’s events will be online soon enough, and a second alternative report will be written by none other than the hatted meister himself, Adam Tuff. Yep, T-Bird’s officially back in action and will be writing some shizzle to wet your nizzle on TSS very soon.

In the meantime, chat amongst yourselves about how great the day was on the SSMB – plug your Youtube account to your hearts content or something,

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