Sonic 1 Megamix hack officially discontinued

Sonic 1 Megamix hack officially discontinued

Sonic 1 Megamix has been at the forefront at the hacking community, considered by most to be somewhat of a gold standard when it came to adding content to Sonic ROMs. However, Wednesday marked the end of the Sonic 1 hack after controversy, unnecessary drama, and just plain bullshit permeated the project’s thread for the entire month of August. I’m too lazy to recall the whole story behind the leak earlier this month and all the stupid crap that ensued (and if you’re involved in the community, you already know about it), so let’s just get the project’s director, Tweaker, to comment on the end of an era:

We have chosen to release the work we have. The game has had many changes, including a port to the Sega CD by Stealth. There is one ISO for each region, and the game should work perfectly on hardware, with a few exceptions; a few Knuckles sections will crash the system, and the pitch adjustment in the sound test doesn’t work on hardware either. However, BRAM is fully functional, among other things. This is nowhere near what an ideal final release would be like, but there’s really nothing more to be said. The game is in a playable state, although it is stressed that this is by no means in an ideal state for a full release. There were many things we had planned but could not achieve, and these things will never be achieved.

To read his entire post, check the link below. Oh, and take some time off, Tweak. You’ve earned it.

SOURCE: Sonic Retro – Sonic 1 Megamix thread

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