Current SAGE Schedule released, confirms times and more

Current SAGE Schedule released, confirms times and more


Pink slots are workshops, red slots are SAGEcasts, skin-tone (wtf color is that) slots are interviews in the chat room, and baby blue slots are concerts.  Other colors are just random events.

Well, now we can finally confirm the first SAGE workshop, as Chris Senn, the developer of Sonic X-Treme, has agreed to hold a workshop on game design on Monday, August 18th at 6 PM EST! His regular interview time in the SAGE chat room has been changed from the last post.  He is now appearing at 6 PM EST on Thursday, August 21st.

The other guests now have slated time slots, as well.  Richard Jacques will be appearing on Wednesday, August 20th at 6 PM EST, Mike Pollock will be arriving at 9 PM EST on August 21st, and Ryan Drummond will be there on the last day, the 23rd, at 6 PM EST.  Mike Pollock will be doing the game show with me over the SAGEcast channel.  The chat room trivia champion will go one-on-one with Pollock LIVE!  Also, something worth mentioning as well, Richard Jacques’ interview segment will be conducted over the SAGEcast channel.  Questions will be asked in the chat room and then forwarded to Richard via moderators.

The concerts are now placed in a time slot with The Polites hitting the air waves at 8 PM EST on Monday, August 18th, DOM’s Video Game Concert debuting at 10 PM EST on Friday, August 22nd, and Riker Out performing at 9 PM EST on Saturday, August 23rd.

A new event added to the lineup is a Sonic Robo Blast 2 tournament!  People will sign-up and be placed into teams at random.  The team that emerges victorious will win…something!  The tournament will start on Wednesday, August 20th.

Finally, anybody with Phantasy Star Online is more than welcome to join the SAGE PSO party conducted on Monday and Thursday at 1 PM EST.

I am your source for SAGE blah blah blah pretentious crap.

The SAGE homepage now has a new splash site, so check it out!

(P.S. I bet you’re really fucking tired of me saying “confirm(ed),” aren’t you?)

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