Nintendo: Samba Wii 1:1? Hopefully In A Second Version

Nintendo: Samba Wii 1:1? Hopefully In A Second Version

We’ve played an early version of Samba de Amigo for the Nintendo Wii. Found it kinda inaccurate in places – but hopefully something that will resolved in the final version, when using two Wii Remotes instead of a Nunchuk. But that new Wii Motion Plus gadget coming out next Spring? Ooh, wouldn’t that have made Samba de Amigo play exactly like the Dreamcast original with no accelerometer guesswork?’s Chris Kohler thought exactly the same thing, and mentioned to Nintendo’s Cammie Dunaway how Sega could have benefited from the new technology – had they heard about it, obviously. Her response? If I was a developer, and I had a game that was in development that could potentially make use of this, I’d want to delay it until after this device came out. Just as an example, Sega is doing Samba de Amigo, which is a maraca-based music game. With two Wii MotionPlus controllers, you could play the game identically to the original arcade version.

Dunaway: And Star Wars Clone Wars. Hopefully there will be rapid second versions.

Not entirely sure SEGA are all that keen on re-releasing a re-release with technology the console should have arguably had in the first place. Especially since the Wii version of Samba de Amigo comes with Pay-to-Play features to download additional tracks. Could you see a second edition of Samba come Spring ’09? We personally couldn’t, but then nothing’s impossible – look at the Guitar Hero series. Or hell, even Samba de Amigo ver. 2000.

Nintendo’s Cammie Dunaway: I’m Not Faking It –’s Game | Life

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