Nintendo published Sonic game rating appears on OFLC

Nintendo published Sonic game rating appears on OFLC

A rating for a Sonic game has appeared on the OFLC’s website. The game has been rated G for General and is simply titled “SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Game (Multi Platform)”.

What’s odd about it is that the game’s publisher is listed as Nintendo. I guess this could be for Sonic Unleashed or Sonic and the Black Knight but Black Knight is supposed to be Wii Exclusive not multi-platform and Sonic Unleashed is surely being published by Sega because its being released on Sony and Microsoft platforms. Only conclusion one can come to is this must be referring to a new Wii and DS game as Nintendo are publishing it. Hopefully Nintendo/Sega will explain soon.

Thanks to Dan Hibiki for bringing this to everyones attention at the SSMB!


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