UPDATE: GamesRadar uncover the story behind Sonic Xtreme

UPDATE: GamesRadar uncover the story behind Sonic Xtreme

Regular visitors of GamesRadar.com will have noticed their site has been doing alot of features regarding Sonic the Hedgehog including ‘The rise, fall and deafening crash of Sonic’, ‘Retro reviews’, ‘Lost official artwork’ and most recently ‘The best Sonic moments ever’. At the end of the recent feature they explain that there is more Sonic on the way with another feature regarding the least-known chapter in Sonic’s past.

There’s more Sonic scheduled for next week too, including one extra-special story where we shed some light on one of the least-known chapters of Sonic’s history – something any Sonic fan should read. See you there.’

Sonic Xtreme would be the most obvious guess for this mystery but you can rest assured what ever it is GamesRadar willl have Sonic fans buzzing.

UPDATE: GamesRadar have revealed their extra-special story. They’ve made a feature uncovering the story behind un-released game Sonic Xtreme and also have also spoken to Sonic Xtreme developer Chris Senn himself.

Thanks to Casanova at the SSMB for the tip-off!

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