Sonic Unleashed – WHAT TO REALLY BELIEVE!1!1!1one

Sonic Unleashed – WHAT TO REALLY BELIEVE!1!1!1one

Well, the last week has certainly been interesting. Especially in the world of so-called ‘journalism’, where everyone but GameSpot seems to have reacted like a complete immature child to the whole Sonic Unleashed debacle. You know, real journalists. Especially in reaction to our news piece collated from an inside source, which has been debunked several times by some other sources (hey, we never said it was fact), claiming their sources are more accurate (only for them to spread false information). I don’t know if we should be considered the ‘most reliable’ website or not, and frankly I don’t care, but I know my sources are definitely trustworthy.

And on another note, this thought appeared in my mind; Why is everyone so worked up about this point of ‘trust’ anyway? Where did this petty ‘e-Penis’ contest come from? All of a sudden anything else that isn’t an “exclusive” by “X Website” is obviously a fake and thus the entire site in question is riddled with ‘shoddy journalism’. This news has turned the best of community sites (particularly general SEGA ones) to backstabbing and gossiping washerwomen. Hardly professional don’t you think? Oddly enough, I’m standing by the wayside, wondering just why the hell everyone’s out to embarrass themselves by going on some crusade to “show that they are the most trustworthy and reliable source!!!!11!one1!”

Yes… well, a word to the SEGA community sites out there – leave that dead dog to die… er, more. Trust me, the Sonic community has been there before, many years ago. Even TSS was a righteous “proper journalistic source” wannabe for a short period back in the day (despite the fact that I am, in fact, a journalist). Communities don’t survive on that. Communities survive on each other. Regardless of what you think, you’re not GameSpot or 1Up. You’re a fan community. And as such should be acting like one.

To everyone else, as an FYI to anyone interested, spoken from an actual games journalist (i.e. me, and not you):

  • Making news stories that “iron out” details in spite of other websites is bad journalism and makes you look bitchy and unprofessional;
  • Writing commentary and light-hearted opinion in a news article might pass for bad journalism – but only in ‘serious’ mediums. Nobody is qualified to call out such practices on a gaming blog, fansite or video gaming website which house style calls for such written prose. You don’t expect opinion in BBC News stories. You do expect opinion in video game magazine news stories. It’s all about context.
  • The only thing you could assume to be true in Sonic Unleashed is that a werewolf is involved. Everything else – even TSS’ articles – can be laid to pure speculation until officially confirmed by official sources, and nothing less is accepted. It’s one thing getting a scoop, but scoops are obtained through unofficial channels, however true or false they may be.

I hope that the Internet is somewhat wiser now after reading this, and would kindly ask that everyone would just calm down and enact a little bit of humility in this torrent of undoubtedly exciting Unleashed news. The Sonic – and somewhat more SEGA community – have been acting extremely childish of the whole affair, and it’s time we put a stop to all the madness right now before somebody embarrasses themselves.

EDIT: Oh, and for some of our own SSMB members, shame on you. Can I ask all the plebs who mistook my article to go and re-read the news piece now to save some silliness. This is half the reason other websites are selfishly bitching at each other (and attacking me by default) as it is. Like I have enough on my plate as it is without some deranged fanboy yelling in my left earhole.

Whatever happened to just having fun?

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