Sonic Chronicles enemy race named!

Sonic Chronicles enemy race named!

It’s been two weeks since SEGA opened up the final voting stage for the race to name a Sonic Chronicles enemy race and the finalised name has now been announced.

SEGA Nerds triumphantly succeeded over the rest with their very own name, The Zoah. The Zoah was up against such other names as Gravitus by T-Bird, Dusk by Blackarms, Psykore by Dreadknux and the in-famous Darknood.

SEGA announced the winner on their official Sonic City Blog located here while SSMB goer Urtheart was quick on the ball posting the link on the forums for all to see.

Congratulations to SEGA Nerds for winning the poll and well done to everyone else who made it into the Final round.

Fellow news poster here at TSS Nuckles87 has contacted me with some interesting information on the story behind The Zoah name;

“The Zoah was origionally a name from one of the best SEGA RPG titles ever made, Panzer Dragoon Saga for the SEGA Saturn (the lone RPG entry in a series of rail shooters.) Zoah is the name of a pivitol town and it’s surrounding forest, which was heavily involved in the storyline towards the middle of the game.”

You can fight The Zoah race for yourself later on this year with the release of Sonic Chronicles on the Nintendo DS this Autumn.

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