Crush 40 gets an Official Myspace

Crush 40 gets an Official Myspace

For those of you who have spent several years frustrated because you just can’t get updates on what the band Crush 40 are doing, rejoice! Crush 40 are the definitive Sonic Soundtrack band, who blasted their way into the Sonic Universe with incredible riffs and powerful vocals way back in the day on Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast.

The front men of the band, Johnny Gioeli (Vocals, most of the time!) and Jun Senoue (Guitarist extraodinare) have finally put together a Myspace page, on which you can go and listen to a selection of their tracks, look at pictures of the band, and even leave a message for them should you be signed up yourself!

There’s even a link which you can follow to order the new True Blue album from Amazon Japan.

Follow this link to the Crush 40 Myspace

There is also a Jun Senoue fansite that has been going for a few years, which can be viewed following this link:

Jun Senoue Fansite

With Jun having recently reworked tracks for Super Smash Brothers Brawl, it’s definitely going to be a page for Sonic music fans to keep an eye on to see what will be coming next!

Thanks be to Animegirl for the heads-up on this!

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