New Riders 2 trailer released at IGN

New Riders 2 trailer released at IGN

Image captured by UltimaHedgie.

IGN have updated their ‘Sonic Riders 2’ media section today with a new trailer showing off some brand new in-game footage, CG movie scenes and an updated (or simply remixed) theme song.

Check out the trailer right here!

The trailer also shows Eggman, Silver and Cream to be included in the game as playable characters from what the members with sharp eyes on the forums have spotted, with more footage of the others in action too racing around some of the new funky courses that are to be included in the game. The lyrical theme that was featured in the first trailer has changed greatly, but still the voices don’t sound very understandable in my books. Have fun decypering those ones guys. =P

There’s currently much a discussion going down in the SSMB forum topic, so be sure to check in and see what’s going on when you can!

Big thanks to Chaoscontrol14 for the information!

Sonic Riders 2 will be in American stores early next year.

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