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Dear Diary,


That is all. And no, it wasn’t me this time.

I hate Imageshack. Anyway, TGS is over, and we’re pretty knackered. I’ve got to do a few write-ups now, so you won’t be seeing me for a bit (plus holiday truly starts tomorrow – tourism get!). I can safely say that it was a pretty good experience, despite all the stress that came with having to cover the event. Highlights included:

  • Me helping the guys from Kotaku register at the event first thing Thursday morning
  • …Then them helping me this afternoon when I had internet problems with my Mac
  • A random guy shouting filthy words on stage in the middle of the Namco Bandai press conference (ending with the immortal phrase “Put THAT on IGN, you bastards!”)
  • The sweltering heat
  • Playing NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams and loving every second of it. It’s exactly like playing the original!
  • A booth babe dressed up as NiGHTS at the game’s booth (I never got a photo because she only turned up on the business days, and I forgot on both those days – bollocks)
  • No More Heroes on Wii (and interviewing SUDA51 about it on SPOnG)
  • Valkyrie: Gallian Chronicles (oh my God, SEGA know how to sell a PS3 ¬_¬)
  • The PS3 looking more commercially viable
  • My SEGA TGS07 press kit having a DVD containing the ‘Watch Your Gravity’ Riders 0G video – AT LAST.
  • Me wiping the floor on the Sonic Rush Adventure demo booth
  • Seeing Hideo Kojima on stage at the Konami booth, even if I didn’t understand what he was talking about
  • The dude in the Sonic suit, of course! He really had Sonic’s characteristics nailed as he was bowling his way around the SEGA booth waving people to come over and shaking people’s hands. He ended up posing a good half of the time though as nobody wanted to hang with him! I was filming and taking photos of this glorious event this morning (although I got a photo with him yesterday) but otherwise I’d have come over and hung out with him all morning. I’d be like his Chris Thorndyke, only cool. And more Danish.

FYI, Valkyrie is a very good game indeed. That and Kenzan is making me want a PS3 alone…

Photos (not all of them, as I have to save some for work purposes, but it’s mostly the SEGA/fanboyish ones anyway so yeah):

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