Sonic Rush Adventure Confirmed!

Sonic Rush Adventure Confirmed!

Avast ye scurvy dogs!

Late this afternoon it was confirmed by both SEGA Europe and SEGA America, that development is now underway on a sequel to the Sonic Rush title, speculated a few weeks back on TSS. Sonic Rush Adventure is set to wash up on the shores in time for the Autumn this year.

Sonic will this time be pitted against a motley crew of Pirates, while fighting through 7 action-packed stages. Keeping in tradition of Sonic Rush, the game is pegged to “seemlessly Utilise” both of the DS screens once more. Not only that, but players will be able to assemble an Armada of ships to sail the seas, gathering rings, performing tricks and engaging in battles with other ships; all using the DS stylus control.

For those of you who where delighted to get some Pirate action in Sonic and the Secret Rings, rejoice! The new incarnation of the Rush series will pit Sonic against Captain Whisker (what, no mention of Dr. Eggman?) in an array of different stages, such as “an ominous ghost ship, snow covered mountains, pirate villages and a vast underwater sea cave“. These stages will see the return of the features such as the twists, turns and swings that made the first installation of Rush so acclaimed.

The players will also be required to gather items during these stages in order to build vessels, (including a Submarine and a Hovercraft!) in order to navigate around (See screenshot below).

More excitingly, Sonic Rush Adventure will also take advantage of Wi-Fi, allowing players to compete with friends online in a number of scenarios, set to include Racing and mission-based battles. All in all, Sonic Rush Adventure looks to be another smash hit for the Nintendo DS! For those who’s hearts fluttered at the thought of Blaze making a return, there’s no sign kids…

Thanks be to ye, Mr AAUK, for the heads up about this excitin’ new Treasure. I shall now go and put an apropriate hat on, grab a grog, and Keel-haul the first person I see. For more screens, Check this out!

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